2019/10/29 11:00:07 PM UTC

@Ste1lar I think I've seen this before somewhere

2019/10/29 11:01:35 PM UTC

dee won't accept my follow and I'm afraid it's cause he (they?) thinks ima bigot or somfin

2019/10/29 11:06:07 PM UTC

@georgia @Ste1lar @georgia you probably have the best reputation of anyone on spinster

spinster just has an absolutely terrible reputation, like, worse-than-gab terrible reputation

2019/10/29 11:06:41 PM UTC

@Ste1lar @georgia @mewmew
I barely even sperg about feminism mostly I just talk about free software and cats

2019/10/29 11:09:03 PM UTC

if it makes it any better theres a schism now cause our admin said being gay is a choice :blobcatreeeeeee:
@Ste1lar @georgia

2019/10/29 11:10:14 PM UTC

I probably will move to fse or fosstodon or maybe spc
@georgia @mewmew

2019/10/29 11:10:31 PM UTC

@georgia @Ste1lar @georgia I saw that thread :blobcatlul:

you're the only person that I have a good opinion of whose on Spinster tbh

2019/10/29 11:32:24 PM UTC

I like having a dedicated catposting account. otherwise my main will be 60% cats all the times
@georgia @mewmew @Ste1lar

2019/10/29 11:39:51 PM UTC

@dielan @georgia @georgia @Ste1lar hey, we do have a few!

I wanna steal @fluffy entirely from fse though

2019/10/29 11:48:45 PM UTC

@lizzubee @dielan @Ste1lar @georgia @georgia you were the first :blobcatheart:

(ok well either the first or the second depending on how you count @kazuma)

2019/10/29 11:50:34 PM UTC

Hej, did you ever heard of nordvpn? keep your internet traffic protected and get now 70% off.
@lizzubee @georgia @Ste1lar @dielan @georgia @kazuma

2019/10/29 11:53:14 PM UTC

Oi you get a nice share of the sweet revenue so pscht, just speak after me:

NordVPN changed my life, finally i can watch all the hand holding videos without my neighbours knowing it
@georgia @mewmew @Ste1lar @dielan @georgia @kazuma

2019/10/30 12:59:29 AM UTC

@georgia @mewmew @Ste1lar @georgia a friend from school told me in confidence that he became gay because he couldn't get any tail.

so it at least some times is a choice :blobcatshrug: