2019/11/03 9:40:49 AM UTC

Here's a flow chart of how the fediverse works.

You don't ever see all of the fediverse from one instance. The vast majority of what you see is people followed by people on your instance.

Hashtag searches are limited to that, too.

So if you want to make your bit of the fediverse good, you have to:

1) Boost cool stuff to all your followers on other instances, especially if they contain hashtags;

2) Use hashtags.

Public toot from @Foo. Am I following @Foo? Yes: Toot shows in Home timeline. No: Is @Foo on my instance? Yes: Toot shows in Local timeline. No: Does someone on my instance follow @Foo? Yes: Toot shows in Federated timeline. No: Did someone on my instance boost @Foo's toot or search for it with its URL? Yes: Toot shows in Federated timeline. No: @Foo's toot never reaches my instance. Extra notes of import: Your public toots will always be in your instance's local timeline. If even one person from example.instance follows you, your public toots will be visible in the federated timeline for everyone on example.instance. If you choose unlisted instead of public, your toots will be seen by followers and be visible on your profile but they won't appear in the timelines.

2019/11/03 1:52:48 PM UTC

@cassolotl this is good, but only accurate for Mastodon

There are
* Relays that show all public posts from some instances on other instances, provided they both subscribe
* Full text search on Pleroma (not limited to hashtags)
* Replies showing in timelines on Pleroma
* Posts you favorite get sent to all your followers on Pleroma

2019/11/03 1:58:10 PM UTC

@mewmew @cassolotl
> Posts you favorite get sent to all your followers on Pleroma
I believe this is true for masto as well

2019/11/03 1:58:49 PM UTC

@rin @cassolotl Nope, likes are intentionally only sent to the instance of the post that you liked and nowhere else.

2019/11/03 2:00:57 PM UTC

@mewmew @cassolotl oh, you are right. mastodon like activities don't even have cc/to for some reason

2019/11/03 8:54:57 PM UTC

@cassolotl Also a reminder: Unlisted isn't really a privacy option, but it's super useful if you're posting quite a bit of content at once and don't want to "clog up" public timelines.

2019/11/03 11:13:16 PM UTC

3) potentially get upset by some of the people you end up exposing yourself to and start blocking, reversing your progress


2019/11/05 4:56:39 PM UTC

@mewmew @cassolotl how can you make use of these relays? my timeline is pretty empty.

2019/11/05 4:58:42 PM UTC

@ewaf @cassolotl

each Pleroma instance has a relay (this instance's relay URL is ), which relays all of their posts

there are also dedicated relays like whose relay URL is but be warned, this relay will send you a TON of posts, probably more than you want, so I'd recommend just subscribing to instances instead

2019/11/05 5:03:21 PM UTC

@mewmew @cassolotl how can you subscribe to a url? (I'm somewhat new to the fediverse :( )

2019/11/05 5:03:53 PM UTC

@ewaf @cassolotl how did you install your instance? this is a task you have to do via the command line

2019/11/05 5:06:48 PM UTC

@ewaf @mewmew @cassolotl the easiest way to fill up your timeline is to follow more people. this will have a cascading effect on the 'whole known network' timeline. I would not recommend to use a relay unless you really need it.

2019/11/05 5:07:30 PM UTC

@mewmew @cassolotl i installed my instance following the official documentation ( (I compiled it from source) Sorry, I never read through all of the commands listed there, lol.

2019/11/05 5:07:42 PM UTC

@lain @ewaf @cassolotl is there a reason that relays are bad? or do you just think they're ineffective

2019/11/05 5:09:17 PM UTC

@ewaf @cassolotl ah. in the directory where Pleroma is installed (/opt/pleroma), using the "sudo -Hu pleroma" stuff, run mix "pleroma.relay follow" (without the quotes ofc)

2019/11/05 5:09:13 PM UTC

@mewmew @cassolotl @ewaf they fill up your TWKN timeline with essentially random post. Following people will make the TWKN fill up with their favorites, for example, which should be more relevant to you then just the random selection that you get through a relay.

2019/11/05 5:10:12 PM UTC

@lain @cassolotl @ewaf that's fair

I've found following particular instances I like usually ends up OK, since I like most of the users there (just too many to follow them all), but a general-purpose relay is going to be less useful

2019/11/05 5:10:41 PM UTC

@lain @mewmew @cassolotl @ewaf

i like using them to get kind of a neighborhood effect, but they are best used sparingly if at all.

2019/11/05 5:11:36 PM UTC

@xj9 @cassolotl @ewaf @mewmew they'd make more sense if we had a 'friendly instances' timeline or something where i could, for example, view the public posting.

2019/11/05 5:12:26 PM UTC

@lain @ewaf @cassolotl @mewmew yes, relays are wack af, all they do is fill your timeline with pedophile hentai and adult diaper fags

2019/11/05 5:40:53 PM UTC

@mewmew @cassolotl Another question I'm curious about: Is the Fediverse scalable? Would there be a problem if there were, let's say, 2,000,000 instances, each federated with each other?

2019/11/05 6:55:19 PM UTC

@ewaf @cassolotl shouldn't be a problem, as you wouldn't have every instance know about every other instance

2019/11/05 8:41:26 PM UTC

@ewaf @cassolotl because if there were 2m instances you'd need to have to have an interaction with two million users.

my instance only knows about ~23k users for reference

2019/11/05 8:46:16 PM UTC

@mewmew @cassolotl how many users are registered on your instance?