2019/11/13 3:14:55 AM UTC

how do you get gargron to follow you?

2019/11/13 3:18:19 AM UTC

@mewmew contribute a past to mastodon? (You know that volume slider on videos? I made that 😋). .. I really need to start contributing again.

2019/11/13 3:21:55 AM UTC

@mewmew He did at one point. I'm not sure if he does anymore.

2019/11/13 3:28:10 AM UTC

@mewmew btw how do you get lain to follow you?

You don't. It just happens.

2019/11/13 3:29:01 AM UTC

@a1batross when I moved to @mazuba lain would not follow me for some reason

it feels almost random whether you get followed or not

(I'm glad I got lucky this time)

2019/11/13 3:29:51 AM UTC

@mewmew @a1batross @mazuba ikr
lain follows me on my current main but not my old main or any of my alts

2019/11/13 3:36:11 AM UTC

@reitrace @mewmew @mazuba lain doesn't watch your fedi profile.

lain is watching you.

2019/11/13 3:55:01 AM UTC


listen to every single thing Devin Townsend has ever released, study it until you can quote all of Cooked on Phonics and then never mention it again.


2019/11/13 6:34:36 AM UTC

@mewmew take a # kitty but becoming a fediverse instance mod might get you on radar;)