mastodon on the front page of this print mag in

@liaizon и что там на мобилке?

@liaizon which mobile client it is?

@shura @liaizon
It's not said directly in the article.

@liaizon This could result in a large influx of users. India is a big country, and I guess we'll know if the Mastodon infrastructure is ready to handle it.

@liaizon cool!

@liaizon please don't...

@liaizon guess that explains shit

@liaizon would you share the pdf version with me if available for me to read? preferably on mega as it's easy to just put it safely onto my computer.

@liaizon oh my god we're a german social network now apparently

@liaizon "german social media"

what what_cirno

@liaizon German??

@vala @liaizon german technology

@liaizon @kraehenpost Woah, Malika is pregnant?!

@liaizon @kaniini Proven right almost immediately.

@vala @liaizon first thing I thought. Is Gargron from germany? Because if not, then nothing checks out - biggest instances are from Japan <.<

@liaizon incoming a lot of Indians!

@loke @liaizon Actually, this article is a consequence of a large influx of Indian users ^^

It's also riddled with the usual inacurracies: mastodon is not an app; "it should learn from twitter […]" from ppl who don't know jack-snip about the fediverse and think it's a company; "it's gonna die soon"… No big deal, we've read that a dozen times over already X-)

@gourgou @liaizon Oh I agree. The few times the Fediverse have been mentioned in media before, a lot of those inaccuracies were always to be found.

If I recall correctly, there was an Indian newspaper that interviewed @Gargron recently. I'd expect that to have been more accurate.

Mainstream media is a meme.
@gourgou @liaizon @Gargron

Brilliant! This is the type of exposure the deserves.

Quick question: Aren't there instances with a larger , though?

(Answering only the OP due to a #'fedilabBug')

@liaizon Wow that's cool! Is it also online?

@liaizon Is Pavan Duggal a tooter?

@vala @liaizon

The original developer, Eugen Rochko is German.

@popolon @liaizon i know that gargron is german, but that doesnt make the network inherently german.

its like calling the world wide web swizz because it was first launched by cern in switzerland.

@liaizon Some ppl may not realize that they can middle-click the image or right-click and choose 'show image' to see the full, readable size:

Please stress to new users to pick something from here:
and not all flock to the same instance, which will add a lot of server strain to people who are hosting mastodon out of their pocket and donations, which is ALL INSTANCES.

No big corporate advertisers here. Only people.

@liaizon Hell yeah!! Cheers. 🍺

@dsfgs every instance can pick their limit. there are ones where its 10,000

@liaizon this is essentially just moving the problem from twitter to mastodon.

@Beiz the network topology is completely different though and thats what makes it exciting. Mastodon is not one website like twitter is.

And by the way, he's not German, not really.

@popolon @liaizon

@liaizon doesn't change the fact that malicious interests will come with the people. the bigger mastodon becomes, the harder it will be to avoid them.

@vala @popolon

@Beiz were you here through the gab influx? we have actually faced alot of bad actors coming over.

@liaizon nope. just made my account. and my main concern is how mastodon can essentially be destroyed by this since there aren't resources to maintain a huge staff of counter-measure operators like twitter and facebook does (and still fail to manage).

@Beiz @liaizon the biggest difference which I don't see being touched on is that "failure" is subject to each instance's interpretation rather than engagement metrics being pelted at VC executives. The idea that this network responds the same way to these kinds of infiltration attempts by large corps begs the question of what the mechanistic differences are, and any discussion leaving them out would not seem compelling.

@liaizon ah, Malika is pregnant!

@liaizon @Elijah__ mouhahahaha
Do you think this guy is speaking about @Gargron Vs jack o_0

Yes, as we thought. Thanks for clarifying.

Its common for journalists to make small mistakes like this. We are simply grateful to see an article like this, regardless.

The sooner we can re- the internet, the better.

@dsfgs there are a ton of inaccuracies in this article. But I am also glad to see the fediverse getting some press. Especially in countries outside of "the west" whatever the fuck that means

@vala @liaizon
I totally agree, I just noticed that was probably the source of the mistake.

crowd intelligence (in social networks for example) is still more efficient to describe things that so called "specialists" in mainstream medias, that mainly just write . They should at least ask review for comment by people that work on subject of their articles.

The article obviously knows nothing of Mastodon, other than it's an alternative to Twitter (it's presented as a German social media platform whose code of conduct is Open Source 💢 ), but hell, it's not everyday FOSS makes its way to the papers 🎉

@contact we got to celebrate the little things. this is possibly the first time a free software project made front page in india.

@liaizon fantastic, good to see a shout-out to alt tech in more mainstream media, should drive interest ^ ^

@contact @liaizon also apparently "The Mastodon" needs to "improve their app".

📝 blobcatthinking

@polychrome @contact @liaizon fortunately The Pleroma wasn't mentioned here, so I'm fine blobcatuwu

@mewmew @contact @liaizon Pleroma Ltd. has a long way to go before it can get the same attention as Mastodon Inc. in the stock market.

📈 blobcatmlem

@polychrome @mewmew @contact @liaizon IPOs are why we can't have nice things. mewsad

@polychrome @mewmew @contact Who came up with the name Pleroma btw? I don't know the back story of that one. Its been 2 years and I still have trouble saying it out loud. Though that might be because I dated someone name Paloma for 4 years so my brain gets them tied up

@polychrome @liaizon @mewmew @contact dunno, sounds like some kind of cancer

@vala @popolon @liaizon
masto: german
pleroma: german
friendica: german

@lain @vala @liaizon @popolon pleroma-fe: FINNISH flag

@hj @lain @liaizon @popolon @vala Wasn't GnuSocial Nordic in the end as well?

@hj @liaizon @popolon @vala still lotsa german

@lain @liaizon @popolon @vala yeah, yeah, "made with german equipment"

@lain @mewmew @polychrome @contact @liaizon

nevertheless the indian hype is finished ...

and nobody cares about mass media ^^

@lain @popolon @vala isn't Friendica Australian?

@liaizon @popolon @vala it as started there, but by now its mostly germn devs