@einzbern this is probably caused by your webserver (nginx/apache) misconfiguration.

@einzbern I say this only because webserv is what handles redirects. Not mastodon.. Your issues is most likely caused by it.

@einzbern error is different

@einzbern @whiteout blobcatgoogly

curl: (35) OpenSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to

@einzbern @whiteout blobcatgoogly what are your https options in nginx?

@einzbern @absturztaube can you post a config snippet? 02wut

@einzbern @absturztaube blobcatgoogly can it be because of the broser cash?..

@whiteout @absturztaube I cleaned it like 6 times 🀣

@einzbern @whiteout i mean the https config specificly. looks like client and server failed to negotiate encrypted connection

@einzbern @whiteout blobcat3c i wonder if you let me sign up on your instance

@einzbern @absturztaube Mastodon sounds like a dark magic smh

@einzbern @whiteout blobcatpat just take your time~

@einzbern @whiteout blobcatreach you can do it, you clever cutie you!

@einzbern @whiteout blobcatgoogly prΓΆΓΆΓΆΓΆht

@einzbern @absturztaube
> root
Is this going to be okay? blobcatgoogly You aren't running mastodon as root, are you?

@einzbern @whiteout nice prΓΆΓΆΓΆΓΆΓΆht blobcatcheer

Tooting is forbidden here.
@einzbern @absturztaube

@einzbern @whiteout blobcat3c and you got your first follower~

@einzbern @admin @whiteout blobcatshrug no idea, i never touched masto before

@einzbern @admin @whiteout (i mean as an admin)

@einzbern @absturztaube @admin but pleroma has mastodon frontend blobcatgoogly

@einzbern @admin @whiteout > no offense
non taken blobcat3c

@einzbern @absturztaube @admin it lacks the colorscheme switcher, though.

@einzbern @absturztaube @admin this is an account from FAB.. blobcatgoogly

@erin @admin @einzbern @owo @whiteout also: i love that avi blobcatheart

@absturztaube @whiteout @einzbern @owo @admin Now the question is, how do I import emoji packs :blobcatgoogly:

@erin @whiteout @absturztaube @einzbern @owo added you to the family tree

@erin @whiteout @absturztaube @einzbern @owo I'm trying to map out the genealogy of Fediverse instances - so you're listed under the las instance you had your main account on

@mewmew @erin @einzbern @owo @whiteout blobcataww awwww am so honored

@absturztaube @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout look at the whole Niu family blobcatanime

@mewmew @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout i get the feeling that this is by far not the complete tree from niu

@mewmew @erin @absturztaube @einzbern @owo @whiteout note: has shut down, I'm gonna replace it with later this week (or somewhere next week) so feel free to replace it.

@absturztaube @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout it isn't but it's all I know so far

@fristi @absturztaube @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout ah so that's why you're back on absturztaube

@mewmew @fristi @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout yeah and that's why fristi is now demanding bigger emojos on here too blobcatgoogly

@mewmew @absturztaube @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout I posted a few announcements about it but I guess not everyone managed to get the memo blobfoxgoogly

@absturztaube @mewmew @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout I'll probably steal that piece of css you know blobfox3c

@mewmew @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout blobcatgoogly wow, you unbroke it

gotta love federation sometimes. that just looked as you replied to a deleted post

@absturztaube @einzbern @erin @mewmew @owo @whiteout also I constantly have to manually load all of mewmew's posts, they don't appear automatically for some reason :blobfoxthink

@fristi @einzbern @erin @mewmew @owo @whiteout nvm, federation just catched up.

the post that mewmew replied to hadn't reached me yet. that just looked like mewmew replied to a deleted post

@mewmew @fristi @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout do you really want that?

@mewmew @absturztaube @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout I'm viewing the thread tho blobfoxthink

@absturztaube @mewmew @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout this, please consider carefully if you want me to sta-eh follow you around.

@fristi @mewmew @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout also you are in the mentions

@fristi @einzbern @erin @mewmew @owo @whiteout blobcatglare do you or do you not want your rug back?

@absturztaube @einzbern @erin @mewmew @owo @whiteout you can keep it, it's probably half-way digested by now.

@fristi @einzbern @erin @mewmew @owo @whiteout

blobcatthink hang on, lemme check


blobcatuwu nope, it's still in complete shape

@absturztaube @einzbern @erin @mewmew @owo @whiteout so is giving back the rug a valid option now or is this just gonna devolve into another thread of me pulling shit out of you like I'm pulling vegies out the ground in smb2?

@fristi @absturztaube @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout posts only automatically appear in a thread if you're following the person who made them

It's a weird quirk of how PleromaFE works

@fristi @einzbern @erin @mewmew @owo @whiteout blobcat3c idk, what do you want it to be?

@mewmew @absturztaube @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout well this post appeared just fine actually.

@fristi @absturztaube @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout in the thread?

I guess because you're tagged it does the same

@mewmew @fristi @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout shouldn't they already appear if you get mentioned?

@fristi @mewmew @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout (because you are in the mentions)

@mewmew @fristi @absturztaube @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout pleromaFE has no "Expand option to post in Notifications, which is really sad on mobile, you can't really know what you got response for unless you either open post link or search through TL which on active TLs with lots of subscribers is near impossible

@absturztaube @einzbern @erin @mewmew @owo @whiteout should work if mentioned to, considering those result in notifs as well.

@fristi @absturztaube @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout it's not about notifs, it's about what shows up in your home timeline

@absturztaube @einzbern @erin @mewmew @owo @whiteout what I want right now is cofe actually blobfoxcofe_w_

@mewmew @absturztaube @einzbern @erin @fristi @owo @whiteout it opens up text input for replying to post, not opening thread

@mewmew @absturztaube @einzbern @erin @owo @whiteout as long as I'm mentioned, a post shows up in my timeline. I didn't enable the option to collapse conversations like how mastodon has it.

@blobyoumu @absturztaube @einzbern @erin @fristi @owo @whiteout no it shows what post it's in reply to

Also tapping the timestamp will open the thread

@mewmew @absturztaube @einzbern @erin @fristi @owo @whiteout i mean yeah but let's say someone posts 'OK' it appears in notifs
clearly the context is not self explainatory so i can' assume it which your post OK was a reply to.
Well i guess opening thread by tapping on timestamp is one solution, but still a little tedious

@blobyoumu @absturztaube @einzbern @erin @fristi @owo @whiteout it says "Reply to blobyoumu", click / tap the "reply to" text.

@mewmew @absturztaube @einzbern @erin @fristi @owo @whiteout ohhh i was not aware of that feature blobcathappy

@blobyoumu @mewmew @absturztaube @einzbern @erin @fristi @owo what is this thread and why do I have over 9000 notifications? 02teehee

@fristi @whiteout @absturztaube @blobyoumu @erin @mewmew @owo

Oi! No throwing good in here. (In New York accent)