Tip: follow a heck ton of to make your timeline unmanageable busy and filled with glitchy art and queer jokes and nonsense

@liaizon Especially when they all post at :00 and :30

@Dee @liaizon if only they could post at :69

@oct2pus @liaizon I demand the General Conference on Weights and Measures set the hour to be exactly 70 minutes long

@Dee @oct2pus fediverse rule number 69:

bots are only allowed to post at :69 of each hour to cut down on spamming the tl with lewds

@liaizon @Dee could you imagine if every bot posted to the public timeline all at once and you didn't block

The timeline basically gets a few hundred bots all at once

@liaizon @Dee few thousand*

@oct2pus @liaizon I feel like at that point, bot instances would choke up trying to send out the activities

@Dee @liaizon this is the fediverse equivalent to when an RPG asks you to overload an enemy with its element to make it explode.

@Dee @oct2pus @liaizon I've muted all the picture bots and every twenty minutes the federated timeline is just a wall of collapsed posts

@Dee @liaizon actually wasnt there an issue where someone was sending thousands of fake followers to crash servers.

@Dee @liaizon i forgot to finish my thought this just sounds like the nuclear equivalent to that. Provided you have a strong enough server to handle that.

@oct2pus @liaizon It’s probably significantly less fun for the server sending stuff out, since if you’re a receiving instance, you have to get n posts, but if you’re the sending instance, you have to send n activities to every instance that has followers on it.

@Dee @liaizon it took them over a decade to build the atomic bomb so.

still an apt comparison

@oct2pus @liaizon just gotta be careful about those criticality incidents in testing