2019/12/01 2:11:19 AM UTC

following TERF logic, Nazi is a slur

2019/12/01 3:32:47 AM UTC

@mewmew Umm, isn’t “nazi” a slur though?

I mean; it sure is used like one.

2019/12/01 3:33:18 AM UTC

@erin no, not really

it being used in accurately doesn't make it a slur

2019/12/01 3:35:30 AM UTC

@mewmew But the n word didn’t start out as a slur. (I think)

It just became one over time. And now; it’s being used not as one by the very people it was directed at.

(I learned this in a history class, I don’t remember the source)

2019/12/01 3:36:39 AM UTC

@erin yeah, language evolves

"Nazi" isn't a slur because there's no one who it is realistically a slur against - the n word does have a group of people who it is a slur against

insult / name-calling doesn't make something a slur

2019/12/01 3:37:53 AM UTC

@mewmew 🤔 But, aren’t slurs just hyper discriminatory insults?

2019/12/01 3:39:14 AM UTC

@mewmew Kinda like “boomer” or “zoomer” both of which are ageist slurs.

2019/12/01 3:39:57 AM UTC

@erin they're on the edge, not really slurs though

2019/12/01 3:40:10 AM UTC

@erin don't really feel like having this argument tho, kinda tired

2019/12/01 3:40:53 AM UTC

@mewmew Ok, lol.

Hope ya have a good rest. :blobcatpat:

2019/12/01 3:42:44 AM UTC

@mewmew @erin Accurate use would not be a slur. Current use has it used as a slur way more often than it’s accurate

2019/12/01 3:44:17 AM UTC

@wolfie @erin it's becoming more like a slur, but it isn't one yet imo

2019/12/01 3:45:31 AM UTC

@mewmew @erin I can see the logic of that from a certain perspective. If I were the sort to be easily offended though, I probably would have decided it was one a long time ago. Having been called it more times since I joined fedi than previously ever O.o

2019/12/01 3:47:27 AM UTC

@wolfie @mewmew

I’ve only been called one by someone when they lost an argument and knew they were wrong but still wanted to deny it.

I think it’s a slur due to the historical context. (The murderous actions of he who shall not be named for example)

2019/12/01 3:48:25 AM UTC

Only on the Fediverse can cute posters be called a Nazi.
@mewmew @erin

2019/12/01 3:49:52 AM UTC

@canidaeportent @mewmew @wolfie More often called lolicons (and not in the good way) than not 😂

2019/12/01 3:52:57 AM UTC

People just need to post more cute things as opposed to getting upset over imagined slights.
@mewmew @wolfie

2019/12/01 3:56:27 AM UTC

Cute poster can mean two things.
1. Person who posts cute things
2. Cute person who posts things
@erin @mewmew

2019/12/01 3:56:28 AM UTC

@kick @mewmew Oi! I’m younger than you!

Who ya callin’ dinosaur? :blobcatgoogly;

2019/12/01 4:00:36 AM UTC

I can't remember Larry posting lewds?
@LarryFoulke have you been hiding lewds from me?
@mewmew @wolfie

2019/12/01 4:01:11 AM UTC

@canidaeportent @erin @LarryFoulke @mewmew Hmmm… Now that I think about it, I haven’t posted any such, have I?

2019/12/01 4:01:26 AM UTC

@erin @mewmew @canidaeportent @wolfie eh I suppose that works... not sure where to take this now just not feeling it today with my words.

2019/12/01 4:01:42 AM UTC

@canidaeportent @erin @LarryFoulke @wolfie you haven't seem what's occurred in certain... private posts

2019/12/01 12:10:03 PM UTC

@mewmew the 100% unironic national socialists think exactly that :blobcatgiggle:

the irony is real