2019/12/01 10:56:11 AM UTC

Well I guess I'm gonna sit here and wait for rsync to copy approx 1.5TB worth of data :blobfoxsleep:

2019/12/01 10:59:35 AM UTC

@NaiJi well I'm transferring any and all data from the server's 3TB data disk to the new 8TB one, the 3TB drive is gonna take over as the main backup drive. These disks are gonna be busy today.

At least this way I can run a multi-user pleroma instance and not worry about disk space issues for the time being.

2019/12/01 11:02:34 AM UTC

@NaiJi that said I should invest in some auto-pruning scripts to keep the disk tidy over time.

2019/12/01 11:03:07 AM UTC

@fristi so you literally have a local server for it?! This is actually damn awesome, we all pay for renting :awoo:

2019/12/01 11:07:16 AM UTC

@fristi I remember 2 months ago I added an if statement for Reisen bot for her to not completely ignore gifs and mp4 files, but to download them instead. I mean when she picks arts if it's not jpg on png she ignores them and pulls next art.

And then I completely forgot about it. Good that I remembered recently because my droplet has the smolest amount of space and she somehow saved damn lots ready :youmuhype:

2019/12/01 11:08:30 AM UTC

@NaiJi @fristi how much do you pay for keeping that reisen bot?

2019/12/01 11:12:10 AM UTC

@blobyoumu @fristi me and other admin both pay for super huge server where we keep matrix, mastodon instance, next cloud and vpn (and funkwhwle but I don't use it) and then I have a personal smol droplet for 5$ where I just run all my bots, not Reisen only.

And there will be more. Because writing bots is fun.

2019/12/01 11:14:25 AM UTC

@NaiJi I host it from home yes. The benefit is having perfect access and complete control over it. But I have no conveniently provided backup services and stuff, no easy ability of expanding space without having to worry over the actual hardware, so it all tends to be a notch harder. I also have to pay for all the hardware of course, instead of a monthly charge.

But the biggest thing I worry about is how to keep this thing safe from the elements, such as electrical surges, especially lightning strikes. It's currently powered by a UPS that grants some level of surge protection, but a full blown lightning strike can still take things out. Also, the network cable isn't protected from surges. I still need to go around fixing that stuff.

2019/12/01 11:14:28 AM UTC

@NaiJi @fristi DigitalOcean? :youmuthink:
This looks pretty decent

2019/12/01 11:16:36 AM UTC

@NaiJi I've had that with a streamripper I was running once. I set it up to run and then promptly forgot about it for several weeks only to find it had ripped some 500GB worth of music from a radio station.

2019/12/01 11:16:56 AM UTC

your cat:
"I am going to ruin this fcking weeb instance" :honk_chen:

2019/12/01 11:18:58 AM UTC

@fristi imagine having a cat just to call it "Chen". And then on Christmas and Halloween you make it to wear a smol touhou bonnet :blobawoo:

2019/12/01 11:30:47 AM UTC

@NaiJi @whiteout @fristi lmao i thought you were on pleroma when was on niu

2019/12/01 11:33:30 AM UTC

On our first month I said to @.inexcode "WHOA THEIR PAGES ARE SO COOL CAN WE DESIGN THEM TOO?"
and he said "ah... it's pleroma"

And then i was like "what's pleroma?" :youmueh:
@whiteout @fristi

2019/12/01 11:40:28 AM UTC

@NaiJi @blobyoumu @fristi You will pay less at Hetzner with almost same performances :)

2019/12/01 11:48:49 AM UTC

@duponin @NaiJi @fristi but Hetzner is weird german name :youmueh: