Kdenlive 19.12 is out and it's a huge upgrade.

@art hell yeah!

Kdenlive remains my go-to video editor on Linux. It always makes me happy to see new progress.

Incidentally, isn't it interesting that some of the best libre creativity apps are all KDE/Qt-based? Krita, LMMS, Ardour, and Kdenlive are all excellent.

@art Nice!!!

@sean @art It's because Qt isn't a total bear to work with. Even many proprietary apps (Maya and Mathematica come to mind) base around it heavily

@allison @sean @art Don't forget about parts of Photoshop and Autodesk.

@sean @art IMO the reason for it is that Qt is really decent framework for any kind of tasks. I was working with Qt for some time, it has *already bundled* adequate standart library, that includes graphical toolkit, application lifecycle objects and bindings for different hardware interfaces.

And it has really nice documentation for all those bundled parts. The only one I know is better was Delphi7 VCL docs. But they are already irrelevant for 20 years 😂

@art good to know:)

Is stability better in the 19 series than 18 that's on Debian buster? Not happy with the package in buster at all.

@Flubscrumper Stability has been good but I'm also using the Flatpak build.

@art oh heckers I'll have to try it out. Been looking to move out of Blender video editing.