2019/12/20 2:58:10 AM UTC

The Mastodon documentation has been rewritten by @trwnh. It now has a search function and a different design as it's now hosted on GitBooks. Take a look!

If after looking you think a topic worth writing about is missing, tell me what it is!

2019/12/20 3:00:47 AM UTC

@Gargron @trwnh does this include the missing API docs for the last few releases? We were going to start publishing our own ...

2019/12/20 3:00:47 AM UTC

@Gargron @trwnh I was just taking a look at the older docs a few days back—these new docs look awesome! 🔥

2019/12/20 3:06:43 AM UTC

@Gargron @trwnh Did you like working with Gitbook for this? Was it a robust platform and good experience?

2019/12/20 3:14:20 AM UTC

@Gargron Wow, how convenient--I just joined today. Thanks!!! 👍

2019/12/20 3:56:32 AM UTC

@Gargron @trwnh holy shit that is so much better!

if only @trwnh's account's posts actually federated to my instance

2019/12/20 4:51:39 AM UTC

@Gargron @trwnh This new design looks great.

There is very little mention of user safety. Is this a sign that Mastodon will be changing their focus in the future?

2019/12/20 5:43:27 AM UTC

@Gargron @trwnh got surprise this morning because I've been reading this for 3 weeks :lol.

2019/12/20 10:59:52 AM UTC

@Gargron @trwnh Finally it is possible to actually browse it without JavaScript!

2019/12/20 11:11:49 AM UTC

@Gargron @trwnh There's some white on white background for the centralized/distributed/federated image, but from a quick look it looks really good, good job :)

2019/12/20 11:25:35 AM UTC

@Gargron @trwnh the "Centralized, Federated, Distributed" image needs a dark backgound, otherwise the white lines are invisible on white page.... 👍

2019/12/20 11:31:08 AM UTC

@Gargron @trwnh @tchambers @anna I don't know what happened.... She tooted quite a bit about her experience and it was useful.

2019/12/21 9:36:55 AM UTC

@Gargron @trwnh Still no explanation what the config variables do.