2019/12/26 6:54:17 PM UTC

$5 they forked Matrix

2019/12/26 6:56:05 PM UTC

@mewmew Just for the record. Matrix is a total piece of shit and gab running matrix sever makes is so much worse.

2019/12/26 6:56:48 PM UTC

@mizuki well, they forked Mastodon, don't think they have a track record for choosing good software do they

2019/12/26 6:57:51 PM UTC

@0x00 yes but

Matrix :blobcatfacepalm:

2019/12/26 7:05:34 PM UTC

@mewmew See the problem is they couldn't possibly make Matrix shitter so they wouldn't do that.

2020/01/02 11:24:26 PM UTC

@mewmew why even delete shit after 30 days if it's so secure

2020/01/02 11:24:39 PM UTC

@Ste1lar @mewmew @icedquinn kinda, it's more like taking someone else's code and (in Gab's case) branding it.

They basically did the same with Mastodon (iirc, I don't think they forked misskey)

2020/01/02 11:26:25 PM UTC

@mewmew also if they're gRiNdInG on christmas it sounds like they have really shit management and really shit lives

2020/01/02 11:46:45 PM UTC

@mewmew The grand entrepreneur is at it again! We shall be blessed with another piece of software from the Torba Software Factory!

2020/01/02 11:47:58 PM UTC

@mewmew didn't they make that app to get away from people who say "hola"?

2020/01/02 11:52:46 PM UTC

@mewmew I don't want to raise the tensions, but did you expect anything else after they forked Mastodon already and maybe a few other OpenSource services too (but I don't know, just a guess)

2020/01/02 11:57:58 PM UTC

@alayna can't afford storage space I guess

2020/01/02 11:58:33 PM UTC

@AstroBadger @mewmew @icedquinn but doesn't mastodon's license prevent people from changing the code and not posting the changes?

2020/01/02 11:59:00 PM UTC

@Ste1lar @AstroBadger @icedquinn They did post the changes, it's still kinda a shitty thing to do though

2020/01/02 11:59:45 PM UTC

@Seafoam666 @mewmew isnt torbas wife hispanic actually? she sure looked it last i saw a picture

2020/01/03 12:02:49 AM UTC

@mewmew oh boy, at least it isn't like a brand here in brazil that """"created"""" an app and a network using the telegram client AND, yes, network.

Like, it uses the official telegram servers, its just a rebranded client made as a new thing.