2019/12/29 4:37:25 AM UTC

I need a software recommendation: what #email server would you recommend for running on #linux?

* doesn't need a whole VPS to itself
* built-in web client
* easy to setup and admin

2019/12/29 4:39:56 AM UTC

@mewmew OpenSMTPd is pretty great (probably the one with the best config) and there is a lot of tutorials for setting it up with stuff like roundcube it could almost be considered bundled (tbh distros should get better at packaging webapps, and webapps should get better at being packageable).

2019/12/29 4:41:40 AM UTC

@lanodan ooh thanks - are there any drawbacks I should know about?

2019/12/29 4:43:14 AM UTC

@lanodan ok

I'm looking at the docs and it seems like you need to have a linux user on the server for every account? is this true or am I misunderstanding?

2019/12/29 4:45:55 AM UTC

@mewmew Uuuh wtf, no. It's the setup I use as I'm alone but nah, I'm sure you can put the credentials separately and IIRC there is also LDAP support.

2019/12/29 4:47:36 AM UTC

@mewmew Yeah, pretty much everything with authentication and a lot of users should support LDAP.

LDAP support is in the official extra modules:

2019/12/29 4:48:01 AM UTC

@lanodan ooh, that's very convenient then

2019/12/29 4:48:29 AM UTC


If there's something nowadays that comes all-in-one, like SMTP and POP and IMAP I want it now. I have a friend using a combination of postix+courier that I configured about 10 years ago and I need to help replace despeartely.

2019/12/29 4:58:20 AM UTC


*I currently use Gmail

2019/12/29 5:00:16 AM UTC

@mewmew No linux email server that I know of has its own webmail client. Most common and generally useful are postfix and exim, using dovecot for imap access and roundcube for webmail. If you're looking for a simple solution cPanel is great for web and email hosting, and is based on exim, dovecot, and several webmail clients including roundcube.

2019/12/29 5:01:11 AM UTC

@jelutz77 ah, that makes sense - as long as the webmail client isn't too hard to install it should be fine

2019/12/29 5:02:29 AM UTC

@mewmew I think roundcube is in PHP, so should use a basic LAMP or LEMP stack, and uses IMAP for access to the email server (hence the dovecot).

2019/12/29 6:03:24 AM UTC

@mewmew Yunohost (the OS I use) uses Postfix (SMTP), Dovecot (IMAP), rspamd (antispam) and has DKIM configuration. For webclient it has both Roundcube and Rainloop packaged.

I don't know how 'good' these are to set up because I've never had to set them up myself, but they definitely don't take much room. I used to run these together with an XMPP server and other stuff, including pleroma (that at the time used about 60MB), on a 512MB SBC

2019/12/29 6:38:35 AM UTC

@mewmew Easiest solution, however, is to get a shared hosting package at HostGator or my hosting at; email and webmail are already set up and easily administered via web GUIs. That is, unless you're planning to do something illicit...

2019/12/29 6:50:56 AM UTC

@jelutz77 not planning to do anything illicit but I want the experience of hosting myself, thanks for the offer though

2019/12/29 7:51:22 AM UTC


postfix/dovecot for smtp & imap, spamassassin for spam, use postfixadmin for administering users and i just have squirrelmail set up in case i actually need webmail (i rarely do but boy howdy does it save the day when i DO need it). this setup is very well documented and is, all-in-all, quite hands-off once configured.

you'll have more problems with major companies thinking you're a spammer than you will with the software.

2019/12/29 10:58:26 AM UTC

The better solution is to build your solution. But if you need an easy solution, mailcow is a docker solution you can run on your NAS or anywhere.