Remember when the internet was supposed to improve things re: media and instead we’re in this weird siloed locked-off streaming media bizarro world

Basically the only good platform is Bandcamp

For real like Bandcamp is exactly the kind of service we *hoped* the internet would give us: “hey, people make things, they set their own price inc. free, we provide the storefront, you buy it and the money goes to the creator, you get it in a DRM-free format and can play it however you want, we just make money to keep going & improving and aren’t a VC-funded nightmare company of rampant reckless growth that will do something nightmarish and implode.”

We need more media platforms like that.

@kara if some albums weren't asking for like $10+ (trust me that's quite a lot of money to ask me for) and if lots of rather mainstream artists weren't missing I would absolutely just use Bandcamp tbh

@kara magnatune still exists too and they're pretty good

@kara is very similar, but for authors. Highly recommended.

@amsomniac I wondered about magnatunes – did you pay $300 for their entire catalogue?

@espectalll @kara If a band asks $10+ on a platform where they can set their own price, we can actually learn four things:

1. other places are too cheap.
2. we, the consumers, are used to that too-low-price.
3. for some, this is the price needed to survive.
4. some people are willing to pay that price.

I'm not anti-capitalist, but the capitalism we see is often a race-to-the-bottom, where prices of any goods (including music) are ever pushed downwards by a few large monoplist' platforms.

@espectalll I set all my music to Pay What You Want so it's free for people who can't afford it and if anyone wants to contribute, they're welcome to.

It's also Creative Commons - Share Alike so it can be used wherever.


@amsomniac @kara magnatune is incredibly selective and capricious about who they let into their platform though

@kara I love Bandcamp, and I'm always disappointed when I find a good song and they're like "hey listen to this on iTunes or Spotify or make your own illegal low-quality rip from YouTube, those are your only options ok bye"

@covered-in-pillows @kara > low quality
hey those come in decent quality opus these days blobcatpeek2

@fluffy @kara that sucks :/

@espectalll @kara I gues I'm in a lucky spot because most of the artists I like are on Bandcamp. It's not much more than a purchasing platform for me anyway - the album goes straight to my hard drive.

@kara they don't even attempt obfuscate or use DRM to protect their free online playback. The browser is just streaming a regular MP3 file.

Compare that to YouTube which has a complex system that is still easily scraped by one of several open source tools.

@marisa @kara YouTube doesn't have a complex system. It just uses HLS, which causes the content to be transferred in chunks. A real DRM system would be a lot more invasive (and cause some viewers to be locked out, which is why I think they haven't implemented it yet).

@solarkraft @kara it's definitely not just HLS. Although yes, it's not DRM either.

Here's how youtube-dl handles it:

@kara you've perfectly described why bandcamp is so wonderful. I can choose whatever format I want, too, and yeah, the best perk is that most of the $ goes directly to the creators, as it always should have. One of my favorite bands has all their stuff on there and I love them even more for that. Also, BC is nice for usually letting you stream preview the entire album before buying, which is important to me. Thanks for this!

@kara I've bought a fair bit off Bandcamp when artists I liked were actually there. Probably spent $100+

Really sad that the minority of services act like that

@kara If only Bandcamp weren't devoted to using Paypal to the exclusion of other platforms.

There are lots of ways to do it right, and that isn't one.

@kara is really cool too

It is a co-op that you pay double everytime you stream a song until you own it. The first stream costs basically nothing and it doubles from there until you eventually "buy" the song.

You can spend very little by only ever listening to new stuff, or listen to the same artists and listen enough times that you own the tracks.


You can tell immediately from the quality and density of music you have never even heard of that bandcamp is a place that is good for artists. It is a really great feeling to be totally blown away again and again by tiny bands that are putting out amazing stuff.