2020/01/04 1:51:42 AM UTC

@jane maybe, but my methodology is "the program that gives the most generous figures for that language without raising eyebrows at code review"

2020/01/04 1:58:01 AM UTC

@sir What's going on with Python 3 there? Surely it can't be that slow...can it?

2020/01/04 2:03:39 AM UTC

@sir woah, last I remembered, Julia was way more performant than that.

2020/01/04 2:47:32 AM UTC

some more in case you want them


print "hello world"

lua(5.3) 0.004s real, 133 (15 uniq) syscalls, 237KiB, 4.22MiB inc ldd

luajit(2.1) 0.003s real, 116 (15 uniq) syscalls, 503KiB, 4.08Mib inc ldd

(not sure how you are calculating size?
put both just the interpreter binary size, and the interpreter + libraries above. might not be accurate)

2020/01/04 4:53:30 AM UTC

@sir would really like to see a long-form blog post covering all this, with associated testing repo, etc, so I have somewhere to point people asking about language preferences. I already use your existing language preference article but this is too good.