maybe its my feemail soshulizashun speaking but I feeling kinda bad for elfie. the guy really wanted me to like him and I was all "I can't be friends with pedos." I wish he said up front he had never offended and not made it seem like he's consumed cp


On the internet it's harder to distinguish serious stuff from mere shitposting.

@georgia Honestly, it's probably for the best not to be associated with accounts like that.

@georgia so is he ornot

@nerdman he seemed really hurt by me and like I know what its like when someone you put on a pedestal treats you like crap
but also like, he admitted to being sexually attracted to children :<


I remember telling him that if he doesn't want to be hated he shouldn't talk about deviancies. ESPECIALLY pedophilia. If you got that, you keep it to yourself. ESPECIALLY your hands.

@oxblood he's a pedo but he's never hurt a kid. and like I don't think it's a choice.

@georgia I think it's still something that people should be aware that they are likely to be disliked for saying it. if he wasn't prepared to be disliked for it he should have kept it to himself.

@nerdman like I agree but I think he just wanted to be accepted
its not like he's like bahn and trying to nornalize it either, I think he wants forgiveness

@oxblood like that's true and all but it doesn't change that I hurt him :/

@georgia i I hi k you're being too empathetic, he's the one who disclosed it


You got to read the room, like. You don't go to nazi germany and start telling people about how your mom is a roma and your dad a jew and you yourself are a communist.

I know the parallel is gross but there are reveals you just DON'T do.

@georgia @oxblood If you care about being accepted by peers you don't air your baggage out in the open.

@oxblood yeah I guess

@Lennart thanks guys

@georgia unless he privately messaged you and expressed that's a part of his attraction and self awareness about he implications, and didn't pressure you to accept that, then I think it's his own fault

@Curarpikt @georgia @oxblood ...Hes one of those motherfuckers like Bahn?

@georgia @oxblood I mean up to you but we all have the choice of what we want to disclose about ourselves and what not. When it comes to something considered socially reprehensible it's wise to keep your mouth shut if you want to make friends.

@Curarpikt @georgia what I wanted to say but worded better lol

@MisterRogersSnapped @georgia @oxblood He's a lot less annoying that's for sure 🙄

@Curarpikt @georgia @oxblood that's a low bar.

@MisterRogersSnapped @georgia @oxblood He likes a lot of my posts so I'm inclined to like him lol

@MisterRogersSnapped @Curarpikt @oxblood we were shitting on bahn who constantly pops into convoys like people don't want him dead and was like "you just hate bahn for being a pedo?" and I said "and for being alive" then he said he was a pedo too. and I asked him if he meant like jailbait pervert pedo lite or like pre-pubsecent babyrape pedo and he didn't respond which made me think it was Pedophilia Classic

@georgia elfie is cool and funny idk why you are so mad at him. calling people pedos is pretty low

@MisterRogersSnapped @Curarpikt @oxblood yeah but I was splitting hairs as to why bahn who wants to fuck 4 year olds is worse than him
I also asked if he's consumed cp and he was evasive which made me think he had so at that point I was like die in a fire more or less
later claimed he hadn't "consumed anything" though

@MisterRogersSnapped @georgia @oxblood Age of Consent should be 40.

@georgia Elfie isn't a bad guy, and he definitely doesn't have the nerve to commit a rape.

@Curarpikt @georgia @oxblood million. 40 million, then only after arranged marriage.

@fluffy he is cool and funny. and I'm not mad at him just disappointed. also I'm not calling him anything he legit said he was a pedophile.

@georgia @MisterRogersSnapped @oxblood tbf when they're 4 you don't even have to drug them they just repress it.

@nerthos I agree but he's still a pedo

@Curarpikt @georgia @MisterRogersSnapped hot take from Steven the younger the kid the more moral the pedo lol

@georgia link the post then

@georgia Neurologically that's the same as being homosexual, is it really an issue if he doesn't act on it? It's not like it can be fixed with electroshock

He seems like he's consumed, because he is. Don't give him the benefit of the doubt. Child porn is illegal for a reason.


@SheChanges this guy is a straight up homophobe though

@nerthos yeah but gay love is good and pure, kid sex is rape.

@Curarpikt @georgia @oxblood *sounds of feds screenshotting everywhere*

Pedos are gross. Marrying age 22, age of consent 24.

Wait to Iran takes over, you will see your error, gentile.

@fluffy ugh fine I'll scroll down a ton for you, he might have deleted it though

@MisterRogersSnapped @georgia @oxblood I think most of Europe has it about right. At least from my town growing up, most of the girls were sexually active starting at about 14 or 15. A little older for men, but men have longer puberty so that's expected.

@georgia Arguable. The point is that a pedo is about as neurologically deviant as you are so it's fairly hypocrital to hate him for it if he's actively trying to not act on it. He's not a rapist or anything, he's a socially awkward baker that looks at a bit too much anime porn.

@Curarpikt @georgia @oxblood ...are you negotiating with my shitpost?!? :D

We can meet in the middle at, what... 18?

@georgia @oxblood Society doesn't call, gay, a guy who admits that he likes men and dresses but then gets married and has kids so you shouldn't call guys like this a pedo either.

@fluffy @georgia if he is gay and no attracted to women at all he is still gay

@oxblood @georgia justice has always been about the actions people perform.

maybe he "is gay" according to some textbooks or whatever but no society would ever punish under gay laws a guy like that. This "thought crime", "pre-crime" tier stuff is wrong and people who support and promote it are awful.

@fluffy @georgia nobody said Elfie deserves the be imprisoned or punished. but if you're a pedo you are a pedo, regardless of how others feel about that.

@fluffy @oxblood also fu I scrolled down for like five minutes and crashed my browser and I had to hard restart my phone

@oxblood @fluffy @georgia For the same reason I mute/block minors on sight, it is wise to disassociate with others at higher risk for criminal behavior, even aside from moral implications.

And, do you know how many homophobes later get caught with gay porn or paying a gay prostitute??? Even if he is truly afraid of homosexuals (that's what phobic means), how does that prove he's not acting on his lust for "love" with children?? Pedos never never admit they look at porn, but they are always busted with it.


@SheChanges I think its different, gay porn is far easier to procure than kiddie porn

@georgia @oxblood kek

It's fine I'll ask Elfie. It's easier to search your own posts.

@fluffy @oxblood tell him I'm sorry for the pain I caused him

@georgia @oxblood Apologies without corrective action are hollow. I will do no such thing.

@fluffy @georgia Georgia you have to post that you love pedos three times this week

@fluffy @oxblood what "corrective action"? I'm being honest. I'm not saying I wouldn't do it again but I do regret causing him pain.

@georgia are you sure they didnt mean copy pasta

@fluffy @oxblood I'm all about mitigation of suffering and the harm caused by normalizing pedophilia even slightly is worse than the suffering of a few pedophiles

@georgia @oxblood Well, it's just me, but I don't apologize for things, I make them better. So, if accidentally knocked something over and broke it, I'd buy a new one.

For some people, it also is necessary to say sorry. But to only say the words...

@fluffy @georgia the corrective action for saying words is apologising with Words . please suggest how she can "make it better". perhaps she could paint an Ode to Pedo

@Curarpikt @georgia @MisterRogersSnapped @oxblood
There wouldn't be pedos in the world if there weren't SEXY CHILDREN. Think about it... Chicken or the egg stuff? cirnoThink

@fluffy @oxblood yeah but most people only apologize when they do something wrong or under duress. I am choosing to apologize because I am an empathetic person of my own free will despite doing nothing wrong. in the same way I could say "I'm sorry your mother died" but there's no corrective action I would take

@RehnSturm256 @Curarpikt @MisterRogersSnapped @georgia excuse me we are shitposting here, Mr pedo

@RehnSturm256 @Curarpikt @MisterRogersSnapped @georgia @oxblood this tbh kids need to stop being so sexy

@oxblood @Curarpikt @MisterRogersSnapped @georgia
*Me and the boys when the school bus stops in the neighborhood*

@RehnSturm256 @Curarpikt @MisterRogersSnapped @georgia probably true considering the nastyass shit that you repost

@georgia @fluffy @oxblood

Hmmm. I don't think you can ever normalize pedophilia. Maybe people can come to accept that some people, through no fault of their own, have that deviancy.

But those people will never be nannies put voluntarily near children if they reveal themselves.

@oxblood @Curarpikt @MisterRogersSnapped @georgia
Someone doesn't like loli cuddles gyate_reimu_cry
More for me huwhuwhuwhu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

@nerdman @georgia @oxblood plenty of pedophilia going on in the world among the elites. just like with coke and other drugs, it's an okay for me but not for thee thing.

georgia has a reasonable enough point about normalization. this notion that girls only 18+ are marriageable is very new and fragile, and in a deep way linked to women's sovereignty. Many things can become normalized or not normalized, and there are some people who would benefit a lot from its normalization. I would expect women's rights advocates, which is not a negligible force, to be at the front of the defense against it.

Anyway , it's totally stupid to be into girls under 18, and beyond stupid to tell other people about it (honestly, keep your crimes to yourself, please). Men have very simple needs in the bedroom, unlike women, and I fully expect robot waifus to not only replace but actually outperform any gf needs we may have in this decade.

@fluffy @nerdman @oxblood lost me at robot waifus
just get an onahole and ducktape it to a roomba, maybe draw a face on it

@georgia @fluffy @oxblood what harm comes from normalizing it exactly? do you have any links to studies?

@georgia @nerdman @oxblood Yeah the things men are interested weren't really taught to western girls like you from your generation. Most foreign girls would understand immediately.

@georgia @fluffy @oxblood like to be clear i'm not saying the act of pedophilia is ok but i'm extremely interested in the concept of 'normalizing pedophilia' (aka not shunning people attracted to kids for existing) being harmful since all the articles i can't find on it are right-wing scare articles and not anything that lines up with what sex researchers say or suggest to do with this tpoic

@fluffy @georgia @oxblood with a good chunk of articles talking about how homosexuality acceptance is normalizing pedophilia

@jookia @georgia @oxblood jookia I am not aware of any researcher who studies pedophilia or its normalization.

I have some doubts that such a scholar would be admitted into any university.

I don't really think you should treat these "alt right" or whatever articles you read as anything more than entertainment.

@fluffy @georgia @oxblood i'm aware of a few, they're on twitter and talk about it often. it's often done on sex offenders or anonymous studies. i wouldn't see why they'd be barred from a university for doing science?

@fluffy @georgia @oxblood i'm probably rambling but i also am not quite sure what you mean by normalizing it- do you mean like saying it's ok to touch kids? if so, agreed. but if you mean agreeing to stop treating people badly for being wired wrong then that seems less like normalizing and more like ... we're the baddies? because we're the ones treating people badly instead of searching for humane options or balancing things as a society by having laws or due process around this. if we want to presume guilt, shouldn't there be a way to appeal it or something like that?

@jookia @georgia @oxblood > i wouldn't see why they'd be barred from a university for doing science?
we have always banned scientists who present inconvenient facts, and continue to do so. Now much more than even a few decades ago.

Boomers have really done a number on our universities. It is dangerous to do science on any controversial topic.

cf. James Watson
>Nobel Prize-winning father of DNA says he still believes in a link between race, intelligence. His lab just stripped him of his titles.

@jookia @georgia @oxblood
>i'm aware of a few, they're on twitter and talk about it often. it's often done on sex offenders or anonymous studies.
link? I will add it to my reading list

@jookia @fluffy @oxblood I just think "think of the pedo" can only be harmful when there are so many abused kids and formerly abused adults who suffer in silence. I can only imagine predators being all poor me and using it as a ploy for sympathy

@fluffy @georgia @oxblood uh, the top guy i think is james cantor: and they have some good papers out, you can read some online but i think cantor's current working theory is that it's brain wiring issues and he's shown MRI scans linking pedophilia to less gray matter

@jookia @fluffy @oxblood James cantor, funny guy he was snarky with me in reverting my edits to paraphilia on wikipedia, told me I was moralizing for distinguishing between homosexuality and paraphilias. my edits got reinstated though lel

@georgia @fluffy @oxblood i get that, and i really hate that whataboutism when one person's struggles are used to talk over another person's

@georgia @fluffy @oxblood i can kind of see his point, and i would imagine your edits got reinstated since wikipedia is explicitly anti-pedo

@jookia @georgia @oxblood james cantor seems to publish pretty frequently. He is in Toronto but part of his own institute, not UT. I'll look into his results. It is notoriously hairy to make statements about the brain and psych is full of hacks so we must be cautious.

McPhail has not even graduated yet so probably he is not a leader in the field

@jookia @fluffy @oxblood we can acknowledge that pedophilia (which I'm distinguishing from child sexual abuse cause not all csabusers are pesos and vise versa) is not a choice but I fear saying its "just thoughts" and therefore morally neutral. its evil.

@jookia @fluffy @oxblood more like since wikipedia is pro gay lol

@georgia @fluffy @oxblood maybe? wikipedia explicitly barrs pedophiles from contributing so we don't get to hear their voices

@jookia @fluffy @oxblood I've read TOS and wikiettiquette and don't racall any such prohibition. I see no reason why pedophiles shouldn't contribute to non-pedophilia related articles.

@georgia @fluffy @oxblood i can see that perspective, but i really personally find it hard to put moral values on things that aren't actions with bad intentions

@georgia @jookia @oxblood Usually when a world class scholar in the topic, perhaps the leading world expert, provides me some correction... my first thought will not be that I, an amateur, am right, and he is wrong.

I wonder where your confidence comes from.


Pedophiles should only contribute to fertilizing farmland. something I’d say if I wanted to fit in on #gab . blobhappy @georgia @jookia @fluffy @oxblood

@fluffy @jookia @oxblood i was only representing all the scholars who say homosexuality is a fairly normal and innocuous human sexual variation. and god you're a prick.

@jookia @fluffy @oxblood pedophiles can't contribute is different from self professed pedophiles can't contribute. its an attempt to protect minors from the "MAP" community.

@georgia @jookia @oxblood I wonder why you are so often irritated by guys like me and Cantor, while nobody else is.

Anyway, I don't really have any more interest in offering you help, so please untag.

@fluffy @jookia @oxblood its because of my vagina, clearly. you brilliant man, you.

@georgia @oxblood I can see that reading of it, though I think it's easily interpreted one way or the other.

@georgia @jookia @oxblood >every criticism of me is invalid because i have a vagina
just untag me from the inane dribble

Also, please do not gender me thank you.

@cowanon @georgia @fluffy @jookia @oxblood

I hope you have the same fervour 20 years from now when the powers that be will be calling you a hatemonger and start pushing "hello! It's mellow to be pedo".

LGBT everything should be peoples own business in their homes and nowhere else, if anything, but the over-politicization of this issue and indoctrination of it on our children is just a softening work for the undoubted forcing us to accept all sexual deviances as valid lifestyles.

My Red Light Saber will burn thru the weakness and corruption, oh yes my niggas.

Or they will kill me first.

you really love straw men. sorry, I mean straw folks.
@jookia @oxblood

@georgia @fluffy @jookia @oxblood yeah but his are more loveable Wizard of Oz-type strawmen rather than the scary Children of the Corn type