@xj9 hey thanks for the link back to 100R 👋

@neauoire @xj9 Another suggestion for a search provider to query: the Algolia frontend search for Hacker News. Lots of really good stuff there, even if it is a bit special interest

(and yeah, I think curated resource lists will win out long term over anything else)

@allison @xj9 I could serve you a plaintext API with the links if you want.

@neauoire @allison

the spiders should be able to parse html, but it might be a good idea to work out a simple spec for publishing curated lists like this.

@xj9 @allison Do you know what tablatal/indental is? It's the API format we use for our decentralized wiki in the webring.

@neauoire @allison

i've looked at it briefly, seems like it would be sufficient.

@neauoire @allison

as much as i like the stuff i'm doing in scheme, this will probably be written in python so there's only one language in play for search since i'm not planing on replacing searx any time soon.

@allison @neauoire @xj9 Yahoo’s been playing the long game