favorite chat protocol/platform, and why?

@mewmew IRC because I'm old and I understand IRC.

@mewmew IRC, old school represent. (also easy to set up)



extremely safe from the feds so i can share my sexy nudes


also no xat

fucking shit poll

@mewmew telegram cos it "just works", attachments, group chats, text formatting, clients for every major platform, 3rd party clients exist, web chat exists, easy to set up, doesnt use hella battery or like record your life like facebook messenger, cross device history, forwarding and replying, themeing in most clients and has some amount of privacy to name a few reasons

@mewmew MSN messenger, email compatible and also allowed drawing on it and editing drawings others sent to you.

@mewmew Gonna have to punch in for IRC here too, as one of the last zoomers to use it during Rizon's heyday, I miss it dearly. Fedi helps fill the void somewhat, that being said.

(also, since no one is going to vote for it, but WeChat is incredibly slick as a platform and can do things like voicecalls over 2G/EDGE that I've seen no other platform reliably do. That being said, it's Chinese spyware and proprietary software)

@hakui @mewmew *nudge*

@mewmew additionally i use discord for voice calls and communities. just works, low barrier of entry, working client on most platforms, good integration of voice and text, good community management, popular, has fun stuff like custom emoji

@nerthos @hakui not before marriage! blobcatsurprised

@mewmew IRC>XMPP>Wire
Last one I use to contact family, mostly.

@whiteout forgot about Wire lol

> chat protocol
> email

@nerthos @mewmew *nudge* *nudge* *nudge*

@ivesen @mewmew my favorite chat protocol is asking people traveling to the receipient's area to pass along a message

@mewmew Discord because unlike every other option it actually works meowdab

@ivesen @mewmew It actually works really well on the user side! I was amazed actually, Delta Chat seems like the kind of thing that's an affront to all that is good and holy, but it works, works well, even on iOS of all platforms!

@mewmew @ivesen those better be gnu/microphones.

Other: Barrens Chat

@hakui @ivesen @mewmew Network of gossip grandmas

Telegram. Secure and easy/fun enough that Mom can use it too.

@ivesen @mewmew unfollowed

@nerthos @ivesen @mewmew fastest network in the land

@kazuma @mewmew i wanted to forget xat existed

@mewmew well I hope it's a multi-choice...then I'll pick irc, telegram and the two signals... basically for the anonymous and encryption... agummyconga

@mewmew irc because it's super easy, super versatile, and there's not an irc client in existence that takes up a tenth of discord's memory footprint

I'd vote for mumble too for the same basic reasons if this was a square checkbox poll

@ivesen @mewmew dont mind me just demanding your phone number out of nowhere

@ivesen @mewmew cute dabbing emoji check this one out @blobyoumu

@mewmew MSN messenger bolb

@mewmew telegram, discord. 1st because of most people I communicate with use it, 2nd one is just for voice calls and very rarely for chadding

@ivesen @mewmew >doesnt know

@mewmew Delta Chat actaully looks really interesting to me.
Email might not be the perfect way to do chat, but it is tried and tested and solves some of the issue with other chat protocals.

@Lainyboy @mewmew legally, yes. practically, no.

@mewmew I'm probably in the minority in this, but I don't much care for real-time chat. I used to frequently use IRC and IM services (AIM, ICQ, etc.) years ago, but not anymore. (These days I only ever use IRC to XDCC download stuff, never to actually chat.)

I chose SMS/MMS in the poll because I use it more like short e-mail. While I can and do sometimes have near-real-time conversations with people over SMS, it's usually more asynchronous, that is, we don't necessarily reply immediately. (It's still quicker than e-mail, though; most people I know will at least pay attention to an SMS notification, while they'll ignore their e-mail for days at a time.)

I've tried to convince friends and family to use Wire, since it would give me the option of using a real keyboard when I'm near my computer, but haven't had any luck so far.

@Lainyboy @mewmew yeah that's just legally lmao. telegram works fine without proxies or vpns most of the time, it's pretty censorship resistant

@mewmew Discord: Best-in-class RBAC and decent 3rd party integration APIs and policies.

@mewmew Tox. Drop in replacement for Skype, P2P/decentralized.

@mewmew I'm strictly not a fan of any chat network that hates third-party clients. After narrowing those out, XMPP strikes the best balance, IMO, between random nattering and more formal discussion (eg. event planning, or topic chat rooms).

@wowaname @mewmew

xat will never die!

This reminds me, did the rest of the world not use Yahoo messenger? Back in the old days, where I live, you were basically forced to use YM because everyone else in the country with internet was also using that. We didn't even call it by it's full name. Just "messenger", because no one knew any better.

@mewmew Also:

What, no telex machine? I hear they're kept so clean, and they type to a waiting world.

@mewmew why are there so many Matrix implementations? (except IRC)
Matrix is the new IRC deal with that

@kazuma @mewmew please god no NotLikeThis

@mewmew Oh, and to follow up on that, I'm hyped for Aenigma.

@mewmew IRC for being accessible

@mewmew windows live messenger blobcatgoogly

in all seriousness, i have no idea. i mostly use discord nowadays, but it's by no means my favorite, i mostly use it bc everyone else does. xmpp is alright and i like its decentralized nature, but it lacks quite a bit of features so idk

@mewmew XMPP because IRC is too dumb and others are either dumb(Dickscord), proprietary(Telegram, Discord) or isn't ready yet(Matrix).

@mewmew meanwhile, XMPP isn't easy to understand and handle protocol.

Compare writing a bot for Telegram, Matrix, Discord, even IRC and XMPP. Without any libraries(except network, json/xml parser, you get it).

@a1batross @mewmew since I am very blobcatcomfyuwu I used a library for each bot anyway. IRC would probably be easy, everything else not really

@mewmew I voted for telegram since its so easy to use, open sourced in a way.

and i can use it on anything!

XMPP and irc would win if they were updated a bit and easier for normies to drop.

@mewmew fax.

@mewmew I prefer and use moslty Matrix because it allows for flawless bridging with Telegram and IRC (tho not XMPP, a shame cuz I like that protocol too), it has a lot of more advanced features like formatting, stickers, replys, e2ee, reactions, calls, video calls and stuff like that. I also like to have my own server and it being free software. Matrix to me feels like a Discord (in the group chat server and videocall way) and like Telegram in the direct chat way

@mewmew If it had compatibility for bridges with XMPP it would be perfect

@mewmew I prefer @matrix because it is an open, federated protocol, Riot is a great, easy-to-use, open source client working on all major platforms, lots of other clients are in active development and it comes with E2E encryption...

Federation is a must for me. I would have liked for XMPP to gain more traction, but it is really missing good clients (except for Conversations on Android)...

@mewmew Discord because of its ease of use to non-tech people and widespread adoption amongst gamers. I know privacy there isn’t great, so I don’t use it for anything important, but it’s a large hub for a community I help manage. Favorite is SMS, just because everyone has a phone, a phone number that is very easy to remember and it works with all phones without exception ^^
But also, it's mainly discord, especially for friend and work, because everyone uses Discord

@mewmew @feld Threema, mainly because it does require the phone number but use qr codes for creating a relation.

@mewmew discord because it makes everyone angry

@mewmew Wire and Nextcloud Talk aren't in there.

I'm willing to take some privacy risks for actually helping content. The people on IRC are just way more helpful than any other chat I know (includes xmpp)