Chinese: we want free speech so we can talk about how awful our authoritarian government is
Mastodon users: free speech is a dogwhistle used by authoritarians looking to oppress others

blobcatthinkingglare it seems like people who are actually under oppressive governments like free speech - how unexpected

@mewmew I got into that very argument on reddit earlier today. haha. These people, you can't make this stuff up.

@shebang what's worse is that some of the people on Mastodon probably think China actually has a good government structure, if you ignore the "western propaganda"

@mewmew this is a pretty bad take
usually what is meant by "free speech" will differ depending on what people think is being """censored"""
in china that will be a lot of things since they have an actual auth government
in the US it's probably incredibly edgy stuff considering just how unregulated speech is over there

@mewmew C'mon, you're smarter than this. Hong Kong protestors flying American flags is why its worrying. "Free speech" is an American concept, and a crappy one at that. They want freedom from oppression, they're not gonna feel less oppressed just because they can say the n word.

@FloatingGhost I'm not so sure... there are some arguments for restricting speech more but that doesn't mean that calling for free speech is an inherently bad thing - which is what a lot of Mastodon users argue.

@mewmew @shebang

i've seen some legitimate pro-china "ancoms" over in

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@kaikatsu how is free speech an American concept? look at an article like - Chinese people want freedom of speech. Calling people the n word has nothing to do with it.

@kazuma @mewmew @shebang anarcho-communism: a classless, stateless society with no unjustified hierarchies? definitely sounds like china to me!

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@kaikatsu @mewmew "Free speech" is an American concept"
Holy shit.

@mewmew Even if someone wants to argue that legal restrictions on speech are a good idea, the claim that it's a /dogwhistle/ is just asinine.

@mewmew there is a correlation that is pretty hard to ignore between people calling for total free speech and those that would shout hateful stuff
because the only real regulation on "free speech" in the US/UK is stuff that veers into hateful
whilst i don't disagree with you that freedom of speech is a good idea in principal, it's somewhat hard to say that in certain crowds it isn't used as code for "we want to hurl abuse at people"

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@mewmew America doesn't have "freedom of speech" in the way you're thinking of. You have the freedom to shit on your fellow working class, sure, but talk about Trump going on certain private planes and your car will appear at the bottom of a river. You have the freedom to pretend you have power, but if anything you said actually did, you would be disposed of.

@mewmew @shebang But some speech is bad!! ... What about the speech I don't like? If I don't like it, it must be hurtful and we should stop it. It's not just speech. Bad speech is violent 🔪 because speech is literally violence and literally Hitler. If you support speech you must support Nazis, Gandhi, Hitler and Islamic Extremism .. in that order.

. If you disagree, you've obviously had a little too much to think. Sober up woke-soy-boy.

Oh So crazy.

I'm super shocked they don't ban everyone though, it seems like the place where they would get down with that kind of thing.

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@kaikatsu America hasn't always upheld freedom of speech but that doesn't mean it's something we shouldn't try to uphold.

@FloatingGhost I'm not arguing that.

@mewmew that was rather the equivalency you drew up

@jookia @mewmew @shebang

they take the enemy of my enemy is my friend waaaaayyyyy too seriously

like when lgbt folks were pro-iran (you know, the country that forces gay men to go under GRS if they're found out [wait, nvm, gay men should be killed and it's actually a good thing]) last month

@FloatingGhost I don't think I communicated my original point well then

@FloatingGhost @mewmew I'm kinda sympathetic to both of these -- I think some of it is "left" type people adopting enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend rhetoric that gradually blurs into a sincere position. I also feel that many kinds of hateful speech can be protected against in private spaces through private means, though this obviously doesn't transfer to work, school, [...]

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@mewmew America upholds no real freedom of speech. Oh sure, you can say you dislike x politically on Facebook, but be at a scene of a crime and the knee on your back will cut your ability to speak real quick. There is no "freedom of speech" in a society with a power hierarchy, because to keep power, you have to keep the dissenters quiet. This happens obviously in China, and it happens through media propaganda in America.

@FloatingGhost @mewmew err to both of your opinions i mean

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@kaikatsu I'm not disagreeing with you there

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@kaikatsu @mewmew

sure, but there is a difference when you can make trump memes and say how much you wish trump and everyone connected to him was dead. you say that about xi jinping or don't fall into their song and dance and you get disappeared

there are things we need though, like stronger whistleblower protections

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@kaikatsu but acting like Americans don't have any freedom of speech is simply wrong. You can criticize the government, you can say who and what you like and hate, etc. Just because we're not perfect doesn't mean we're terrible.

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@kaikatsu @mewmew found the member of the 50 cent army

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@mewmew They only don't imprison you because America's too new of a country to lose the "rebel" factor. Give it a few years and the camps will fill.

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@kaikatsu this seems like some sort of conspiracy theory


@kaikatsu @mewmew Freedom of speech a crappy concept? What dystopian times am I living in?

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@mewmew America is the leader of the current world, and they're smart enough to know that "throw everybody we don't like in camps" won't work. Well, they kinda do, because they still regularly frame citizens to give them prison years in the double digits. It's much better to ease the population through media propaganda. Cute cop dog saves kitten from burning building! Evil antifa member throws concrete milkshake in act of *thunder roar* terrorism!!! 🤔

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@kaikatsu @mewmew america bad so free speech bad is the dumbest line of logic ive ever seen legitimately…

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@kaikatsu @mewmew Free speech isn't an American concept. It's been a concept since long before America and will be a concept long after. Even if we're just going by when it was outright stated as free speech, John Milton (author of Paradise Lost) was talking about it in the 1600s, but it was talked about and "a thing" long before; legalized censorship was a concept (more or less) originating with the Catholic Church.

For that matter, America doesn't have free speech.

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@a7 @mewmew Most supporters of "free speech don't actually support it, only the americanized version of it. Look at how quickly supporters of China are censored! It's not freedom of speech, it's an obsession with whoever the media says is the underdog.

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@kaikatsu @mewmew I don't even have a strong inclination to the concept, I think I've even made posts critical of it, but it's absurd to grant Americans the clout for such a universal concept.

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@kaikatsu @mewmew ya still doing the dumb argument, freedom of speech was supported by anarchist in the 1920s and people who fought for womens,blacks and gay rights through 1930-1960. Your view of related is stunted to the year of your birth making you ignore all implications of the practice of free speech and its essential function in moving forward society

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@kaikatsu @mewmew I don't understand what point it is that you're trying to make. So America is bad at upholding the principle of free speech/expression therefore it's a shitty concept. Seems to me to be an ideal that every successful society should strive to embrace.

@kaikatsu @mewmew >free speech = crappy concept Whelp, looks like we’re not going to be seeing anything more from @kaikatsu anymore. Since free speech is so crappy, looks like you’re not allowed to say anything anymore. Bye!

@cowanon @mewmew A supporter of free speech, yet can't handle an opposing opinion! Sad! Seems like free speech never really was about free speech, just less backflash for your own opinions!

@cowanon @kaikatsu your interpretation of kaikatsu's opinion probably isn't what they actually meant

@mewmew @kaikatsu Shh, let the tard taste its toes.

@cowanon @kaikatsu no need to be uncivil blobcatshrug

@mewmew @kaikatsu Shut up niggerfaggot.

@mewmew @cowanon I've had cowanon blocked on other accounts for just being really unlikeable. Believe me, it's not a loss lol

@kaikatsu @mewmew *visible confusion*

@kaikatsu @cowanon he's one of the most unlikable people on here but I have no reason to give him the satisfaction of being blocked

see: the time he sperged out at liaizon

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@mewmew @kaikatsu @cowanon the correct wording is "lol calm down"

@mewmew @kaikatsu @cowanon I like everybody with the exception of Jojo.

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Terry wants my blueberry (meatus)

@mewmew I have worked with a lot of Chinese nationals over the years and they generally did not care about freedom of speech.

@moonman yes, I'm referring in particular to recent social media trends

@mewmew oh ok.

@mewmew @moonman

cw: metametaposting.

@shebang @mewmew >reddit
What do you expect? satania1

I expected communism, and I got communism, but I'm still disappointed.

@shebang @mewmew ah, but you see. It wasn't REAL communism :^)

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@kaikatsu @a7 @mewmew I've never seen someone censored for praising China, nor communism or North Korea.

@shebang @kakol @mewmew But was it REAL communism?

@shebang @kakol @mewmew Wait, someone already made that joke. I didn't notice.

@kro @kaikatsu @mewmew we can take credit for it, if you want

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@kakol @kaikatsu @a7 @mewmew He's retarded and thinks people calling him stupid for saying stupid shit is censorship.