the one thing I need to remember is that people on Fedi are a terrible representative sample of the general population and 99% of people are not as insane as the canceldon crowd or Nazis who are on here


@mewmew this is true because most people are not as nice as the people on this instance

@sylveon yeah, but if you look around on Fedi there are relatively few instances with as many nice people blobcatthink and lots of extremists

@mewmew @sylveon it's because the fediverse provides outlets for such people. While they would just get banned on twitter, the worst you can do to them on the fediverse is to defederate them, but they'll still have their little localized brewing pot.

Naturally, you're gonna find all sorts of people with extreme opinions on the fediverse. It's an effective tool for that.

@mewmew instead, theyre boring and retarded