2020/02/13 9:15:37 AM UTC

is it legal to host a pleroma instance in china

2020/02/13 9:16:22 AM UTC

@igeljaeger yes. But you must allow the party to spy on your users.

2020/02/13 9:18:09 AM UTC

By whose laws? Even by China standards, hosting the server is probably legal, but not controlling what users say and making sure no one does "hate speech" against the regime is probably gonna get you in trouble.

2020/02/13 9:19:05 AM UTC

@alyx so it would be the same as hosting in germany except I only have to delete anti CCP posts. Which are much rarer than holocaust denial on here

2020/02/13 9:21:40 AM UTC

@igeljaeger I don't think I've ran into any. Never would've thought had holocaust denial.

2020/02/13 9:22:27 AM UTC

@Cranmer the law doesnt care about federation. If somebody on gab posts holocaust denial and my website shows it, I have to delete it too.

2020/02/13 9:25:46 AM UTC

Oh, I'm sure people would express their displeasure for Winnie the Pooh more often if they knew you hosted an instance in China.

2020/02/13 9:30:54 AM UTC

@igeljaeger @Cranmer time to get a better country that doesn't have stupid anti-speech laws :blobcatscience:

2020/02/13 9:34:33 AM UTC

@icedquinn @Cranmer all rich countries in europe have them. And prob Japan and Korea too, who knows.

2020/02/13 9:35:30 AM UTC

@igeljaeger @Cranmer thats because europe is dumb and full of nanny states 🦅