2020/02/21 4:26:27 AM UTC

always fun when people call shota/loli stuff "child porn"


would you call playing CoD murder?

2020/02/21 4:27:19 AM UTC

not to mention that these people have caused actual legitimate harm by reporting such images as if they were actual child porn, distracting people who are trying to stop child molestation

2020/02/21 4:33:13 AM UTC


ohhhh spooky lines~~

just erase it lmao, you can't do that shit with abuse

2020/02/21 4:36:21 AM UTC

@kazuma @sylveon i'm trying real hard to understand your toot but i'm not quite there yet

2020/02/21 4:36:22 AM UTC

@kazuma b-buh someone could show those images to real kids! so they're bad now!

2020/02/21 4:38:21 AM UTC

@sib @kazuma oh

they meant that you can erase a drawing but you can't erase the trauma caused by irl child abuse

2020/02/21 4:40:57 AM UTC

@sib @sylveon

i'm trying to say that it's just a drawing and inherently unharmful unlike actual harmful things like rape or abuse ...or, fuck it, hate speech

2020/02/21 4:41:05 AM UTC


I thought he meant your toot and he was making fun of you but i know that's not @kazuma

2020/02/21 4:41:55 AM UTC


ngl they could show real 3d porn to kids so why not ban that too while you're at it?

2020/02/21 4:42:06 AM UTC

@kazuma @sib hate speech is fun because you cannot quantify it in a way that won't give the government the power to shut up minorities for dissenting

2020/02/21 4:43:38 AM UTC

@kazuma yeah, that's why i brought up the argument because it makes no sense lol

we need to ban the internet because pedos can use it

2020/02/21 4:44:01 AM UTC

@kazuma @sylveon because THEY like the porn so it doesn't work for them

2020/02/21 4:44:35 AM UTC

@sib @kazuma (((they)))

/s if it's not obvious enough

2020/02/21 4:44:53 AM UTC

@sylveon @sib


you know, thinking about it, books aren't really rated in the same way that movies or video games are,/and as long as it's not actual erotica, any kid could walk out with a book with explicit sex or horror scenes so we should just ban books while we're at it

2020/02/21 4:46:06 AM UTC

@sylveon @kazuma i'm trying real hard to understand your toot but i'm not quite there yet

2020/02/21 4:49:21 AM UTC

@sib @kazuma the triple parenthesis are alt right dogwhistle for jews

it's not really supposed to mean anything. i just like throwing them around to make jokes sometimes, to make fun of the alt right

2020/02/21 4:55:51 AM UTC

@sylveon @kazuma (((()))(((()))(((()))((()))((())))((())))((())))

2020/02/21 4:56:57 AM UTC

@sib @kazuma fuck we're just posting lisp now

2020/02/24 2:25:26 AM UTC

@sylveon you must concede that it is indeed pornography of a fictional child, but in return they must also concede that law does not recognize it as such or punish it as cheese pizza. This reduces their conflict to a purely moral one and not legal, which they are free to do.

2020/02/24 2:33:40 AM UTC

@sylveon Well, there are those who would like to outlaw violent video games as well, so at least those folks are consistent, if misguided.

There are countries where even written material about sex with children is illegal. I believe Canada is one. I believe Germany also outlaws images. I can see outlawing the airbrushed stuff since it makes it hard to investigate actual child exploitation. But not drawings or writing.

2020/02/24 2:36:23 AM UTC

@sylveon Outlawing loli drawings and not violent video games is hypocritical as fuck if you ask me. They're basically saying "I can kill people in video games without wanting to kill them in real life but you can't play a game or read a book or even look at a picture that involves sex with children without wanting to have sex with them in real life."

2020/02/24 2:38:57 AM UTC

@sylveon Did you ever see Sky News's ridiculous exposé on underage prostitution in Second Life? They managed to find one 13 year old who had apparently been working as a prostitute, but without any evidence that any of her clients knew, and talked about the "horrible conditions" she was "forced" to work under, showing a dark alley IN SECOND LIFE. And then they linked that to a place devoted to ageplay that had a picture on the wall they claimed was a child exposing herself.

2020/02/24 2:44:21 AM UTC

@sylveon I went and looked at the picture in SL. It was Ariel Rebel. Her name was right on the picture. But apparently lying to the public is just fine when your target is into something that is unpopular.

This is a big reason I roll my eyes when people talk about "the will of the people". The will of the people is garbage. Even when they have all the info they're still morons. But they're constantly being manipulated by people exploiting their prejudices, so it's even worse.