To all / users:

On which continent are you?
Sur quel continent êtes-vous ?
Auf welchem Kontinent sind Sie?
¿En qué continente estás?
Em que continente você está?
في أي قارة أنت؟
На каком вы континенте?
In quale continente ti trovi?
Na jakim jesteś kontynencie?
आप किस महाद्वीप पर हैं?
Je! Uko bara gani?
در کدام قاره هستید؟
어느 대륙에 있습니까?
Sur kiu kontinento vi estas?

@gerald_leppert fedi so western

@a_cat With regard to Asia / Australia, I assume that it is a timezone issue. When I posted the question, it was already night in many parts of Asia. Let's see what happens over the next 12 hours.

@gerald_leppert Altair IV.

@a_cat @gerald_leppert the biggest instances are japanese, so it probably reflects whos seen the poll more than the composition of the fedives

@gerald_leppert But the true question is how many languages you know from this toot.

@gerald_leppert Gestapo pls go

I am currently running a small Mastodon poll asking on what continent users live. Asia is currently just at 3%. I noticed that with its 600k users still runs on Mastodon 2.4.0. Does support polls at all? Do you consider updating to a recent Mastodon version (3.1.2)?


@gerald_leppert what about Antarctica??

@gerald_leppert I'm apparently on none of those because none of these emoji have my country in it.

You must be living in Pitcairn Islands. Are you?

Indeed, the emojis aren't that great. For example, there isn't even a emoji for Europe :earth_europe: . I used the Africa 🌍 emoji (also showing Europe) instead.

@radicalgraffiti @a_cat @gerald_leppert how many boosts will it take to escape the euro ghetto?

In the poll (above) asking "on which continent users live", the current results look strange and non-representative: / is just at 3% (!), although there was a great influx of people from in past months and there is a large community in ( 200k & 600k*).

* uses Mastodon v2.4.0, which IMHO did not support polls.

@radicalgraffiti @a_cat

here is what I think.

1) Indian user may neglect to participate on the poll

I found them non reactive to posts like, not liking, boosting, commenting etc

2) might be this post not reached massive Indians (non tect)


@noorul Thanks, interesting. Why, do you think, is it like that?

@gerald_leppert Iceland. The Americas emoji also doesn't show North America's largest glacier, Greenland.

@andrej Sorry, you are right that I forgot Antarctica. Are you tooting from there?

@gerald_leppert (Un)Fortunately not. But I can imagine some fediversies are actually there.

I done role as social media marketer.

for a period, I was seeking answer for why indian users tend not responsibe.

they tend to be active Online, view content but rarely engaging.

also it very depend on the type of content.

recent shifted users from India are left wings and tend to attracted towards politic posts


@gerald_leppert @poebbel @radicalgraffiti @a_cat @IndiasMuslims @tecoholic @noorul @scharada @dsno @munyumunyu @souji

In the case of Japan, if you do not provide a questionnaire in your own language, you will not be able to answer. Certainly the Japanese instance is very large and the momentum has weakened considerably, but it is still active.

@hide104 You are right, this would be better. Mastodon does not support multilingual polls. I added the question in several languages (as far as possible with 500char), including Japanese. The answer categories are unfortunately only in English + emoji.
@poebbel @radicalgraffiti @a_cat @IndiasMuslims @tecoholic @noorul @scharada @dsno @munyumunyu @souji

@gerald_leppert I'm at Asia region. But I'm not on any continent. 🇯🇵Japan is not continental country but is island one, like U.K. lol

why not, set an other poll in ?

@gerald_leppert @hide104


There is no deep meaning. Since the questionnaire system has been running, it has been implemented from time to time. It is fun to try various things

@noorul Thanks for your idea. If you set up two polls (one in multiple languages and one in Japanese) then it is not really helpful for a "global" question. You'll never know who double-voted. Thus, it is impossible to merge or compare.

By the way, @hide104 has set up a similar poll here asking about the closest ocean in Japanese, English, Spanish and French.


Thanks for the clarification. Yes, indeed, in the question I meant "geo-political continent", which is the same which you call "region".


this is tricky question for me too.

which ocean near by 🤔

@gerald_leppert @hide104

FR: Dans le sondage (ci-dessus) demandant "Sur quel continent sont les utilisateurs de ", l'Afrique n'est qu'à 1% mais on suppose qu'il y a plus d'utilisateurs en . SVP partager le sondage.

EN: In the poll (above) asking "on which continent Mastodon users live", is just at 1%, but assumingly there are many more users in Africa. Pls boost the poll.

@barijaona @nizarus
@Le_Blog_de_Madagascar @cybeardjm

@gerald_leppert Nobody in Antarctica?


Haha, there is high demand wrt Antarctica. @andrej has already asked, too. Indeed, I forgot about Antarctica. Are you living there?

According to German Wikipedia, there are currently 1106 people living, mostly researchers and (long-term (?)) tourists.

@gerald_leppert @andrej No, sorry, I don't live there.

@gerald_leppert @bortzmeyer i am keen on it bc I was tempted to go their to one of the stations as a technician once ;)

@gerald_leppert North America


Dankon por la Esperanto mesaĝo al la fino.

@gerald_leppert interesting!!

@gerald_leppert Thank you for using Pawoo.
Updating to the Mastodon version (3.1.2) is currently undecided.
Please send your request to Pawoo Support (@pawoo_support) with the "" tag. The development team will consider and respond at any time. Pawoo is made with an open source service called Mastodon, and there are things that cannot be done by the Pawoo development team alone. Please note.

: Please update to a recent version (currently v.3.1.2). The version 2.4.0 that is using is very outdated and lacks features. For example, users cannot engage in polls and much more.

@Gargron @radicalgraffiti

FR: Dans le sondage (ci-dessus) demandant "Sur quel continent sont les utilisateurs de ", l'Afrique n'est qu'à 1% mais on suppose qu'il y a plus d'utilisateurs en . SVP partager le sondage.

EN: In the poll (above) asking "on which continent Mastodon users live", is just at 1%, but assumingly there are many more users in Africa. Pls boost the poll.

@danie10 @tobykurien @crowd42 @nhaddag @kdj @elacheche @Byarugaba300 @Ousman

@gerald_leppert Why do you group Asia and Australia while separating out Europe?

@gerald_leppert tfw antarctica exclusive

@isi @gerald_leppert >mfw on a sheet of ice near the north pole

Checkmate, I'm not on any continent blobfox3cevil

@fristi @gerald_leppert antarctic is south pole and it has land underneath the ice

@fristi @isi @gerald_leppert …or are you? vsauce music

@isi @gerald_leppert Antarctica is a continent blobfox
The north pole unfortunately has no continent of its own, instead being composed of the northernmost bits of land from Russia, Alaska, Canada and Greenland (and maybe some others), with the rest of it being an ice sheet.

@Koishi @gerald_leppert @isi on the internet, nobody knows you're actually a dog 🐶

@Koishi @fristi @isi

Indeed, I simply forgot Antarctica. 🙄 Is anyone of you living there?

@mewmew Thanks for the question. Mastodon only allows 4 answer categories. Thus, I had to group 2 of the 6 continents (and I had forgotten Antarctica). I assumed that Europe has the largest share of users (but I didn't expect that Africa has just 1%, as of now). That's why I singled out Europe. Btw, I also thought that Asia has a larger share than the Americas.

@gerald_leppert América do Sul

None of the above. Central America ❤

@mousebot @Koishi @fristi @isi

Indeed, that's the case, generally a toot is not global. However, if someone boosts a toot (or this poll), then the outreach expands to other people and instances to whom the person is connected to. Boosted toots also appear in the local timeline of the person who boosts. So far, the poll has been boosted 288 times.

@gerald_leppert I wouldn't mind the possible double-votes. They are possible now too.

More skewy IMHO is who starts the poll. If your followers are mostly EURopean and boost it to their mostly EUR folks, it's no wonder that EUR sticks out.

Maybe have someone from each continent (or better: each language) post the same poll and merge the results.

That still won't wipe out the skew of cultural differeneces like some tend not to engage etc.

@noorul @hide104

@gerald_leppert Thank you for your valuable comments. Thank you for using Pawoo to share your opinions and requests with the team and to refer to future development and specification changes.
Thank you for your valuable comments. Your comments and requests will be shared with the team and used as a reference for future development and specification changes.
Thank you in the future.

@guido Yes, there certainly is some starting point bias. The poll started from those who follow me and then expanded to others through futher boosts. I noticed that Europe and the Americas were picking up quickly, but not Asia and Africa. To reduce that starting bias, I actively contacted some people from Asia and Africa asking them to boost the poll.

BTW, you mention that double-votes are also now possible. How? Only, if someone has multiple accounts or do I miss something?

@noorul @hide104


I have to think through your idea of multiple polls and merge them later to achieve better representativeness.

Here some comparison for the continents poll. Hide104 was inspired by my poll and posted this similar poll from Japan (as starting point):

Although the starting point was Japan, there is still some high percentage of people close to Atlantic ocean. Quite interesting.


Yes, for the double-votes, I was thinking of people with multiple accounts.

@noorul @hide104

@gerald_leppert how sad...

@gerald_leppert we are Europeans and we are fucked!
Long live to the Fediverse! (As long as we can, of coutse)

En quin continent estàs? Europa 🌍

Now also in Catalan!

@gerald_leppert Mi parolas Esperante.


Sample size: 1663 (296 boosts)

Snow-ball sampling: In a decentral network a toot is not global. Boosts expand outreach to other people/instances & local timelines

Starting-point bias: It started from my followers & expanded through boosts. Quicker Europe/America, later Asia/Africa. To reduce bias I asked 11 persons from Asia & 17 from Africa to boost

Potential double-votes by multiple-account-users

Question in 16 languages, answers Engl+emoji


Bela, ke vi legis la demandon en Esperanto 😃. Mi nur parolas iomete de Esperanto (mi forgesis multe).

Estas kelkaj esperantistoj en Mastodon / Fediverse

@gerald_leppert 😀 Ho, mi pensis ke vi uzis tradukilon. Kiujn lingvojn vi parolas?

Ja mi uzis tradukilon, sed mi parolas iomete kaj lernis Esperanton ĉirkaŭ 2 jaroj (sed antaŭ multaj jaroj). Kaj vi?


@gerald_leppert south america