Excerpt from blog post I'm working on for tomorrow

Bonus: the footnotes clarify that this is an under-estimate

@sir For real? How can that be?

@sir the c++ spec is cheating. "implementation defined" copied and pasted for 200 pages is hardly a spec blobcathyper

@philipwhite @pizza_pal RFCs: 58M words; novels: 40M words

@sir @pizza_pal ahh, I stand corrected.

@sir what are you using as the source for C11 and C++17, the final ISO standards, or the open WIP documents?

@e the open WIP documents

@sir why screenshot text... blobsad

@sir that's some weapons grade verbosity.

@doenietzomoeilijk it's not verbose, it's complex

@sir well, yes, but I have a hunch the POSIX or several C specs aren't exactly light weekend reading, either. 😉 Or am I wrong and is the stuff W3C is putting out so mindboggingly complex? It never struck me as such, but then again I mostly stuck with the more basic HTML/CSS bits, so I might be completely off.

@doenietzomoeilijk it's complex because there's a lot of it. The POSIX and C specs are not especially obtuse, and neither are the W3C specs.

@sir and that's why whatwg came into being

So this was based on a preliminary estimate of the word count of the W3C standards, which I've spent the interim time refining.

I am using a more conservative approach (which, in theory, gives W3C more favorable results), and my word count is still being calculated and is approaching 200 million.