what the heck claims my instance refuses to block any instances or servers when I do lol.

@amic Use the magical blocklist or you are TOXIC

@amic i remember reading that one time and thinking it was true for a while lol

was there ever a point when you didn't?

@amic you really think someone would do that? just go on the internet and tell lies?

ever since DK started that drama over on multiple instances have blocked mine... it sucks. I can't interact with users anymore from what I can tell because of this for example.

never got any reports from them, contacted, messaged, or anything. it suckss

@amic the Biden side of fedi

@amic why bother with CONTACT and SANE ADMINISTRATION PRACTICES when we can instead TRUST THE BLOCKLIST and HERD MENTALITY. clearly your instance is bad! how else would it end up on the epic BLOCKLIST unless people said you were bad?

makes me sick, actually. you're not the only one recently to be subjected to this nonsense.

@null @amic Pffffffffffft, who uses BRAINS anyway, lmao.

@amic I mean you don't have any blocklist up

@a_breakin_glass I don't have mine public, just like quite a few other instances.