These are your birthing years why are you playing animal crossing ...? Take that ring out of your nose and find your self a man to explode inside you (deep) and have IRL baby crossing . Hope this helped .

@kaikatsu Is this directed at @Mitsu ?

@kaikatsu i'm good being gay and smoking weed thanks

@kaikatsu why not keep the nose ring? Nose rings are hot as fuck. Have you considered that maybe you just have poor taste in women? There's no reason a cute girl can't play animal crossing while also having children - a single pregnancy takes about nine months so that's plenty of time for her to play all the animal crossing she wants.

@astolfo Shut the fuck up lil white boy

@astolfo @kaikatsu that settles it i'm getting a nose ring

@kaikatsu okay first of all I'm quite large if you know what I mean, second of all I identify as a boi, not a boy.

I will always my ring nose

@Mitsu @Ricotta @kaikatsu Nose rings are goofy. You should take it off and get baptized to redeem your basic bitch white girl edge.

@Mitsu @kaikatsu Degenerates like you belong on a cross.

@astolfo @kaikatsu when it's time to give birth, surely the baby could get stuck on the ring and experience harm, no?

@roka @kaikatsu It deserves to be harmed for choosing to be an infant instead of choosing to be something useful to society

@astolfo @roka Yeah I was born 6'4" with a forklift certification. Why would anybody choose to be bornt a baby?

@Mitsu * nose ring

@kaikatsu @roka For stupid 100% longplays. Fucking losers can't even utilize the most basic speedrunning timesaves, absolutely 0 skill