decentralization =\= privacy

decentralization = blocks are meaningless, abusers win, and those most comfortable here tend to never experience dealing with harassment.

so what choice is there? your info owned by a racist corporation (twitter, fb, etc) or your info owned by everyone including your gov and your abusers (masto). hmm.

@mo well, they don't own it, they can simply look at it.

people could still see everything you posted publicly on Twitter if you blocked them simply by logging out. honestly the block button there was only useful for pissing people off. instead of blaming the system, perhaps you should just not post things publicly that you don't want to be public.

if you want things to be private, use end to end encrypted chat, like xmpp with omemo or delta chat.

@sylveon not asking for advice

@mo well if you didn't want unsolicited replies from strangers you shouldn't have posted it publicly