Imagine being against police reform

@moonman Reform is a bit of a meme, I don't think the police system of the US could change in any meaningful way and still uphold American values.

Government reform under Xi Jinping Thought when?

Education reform first.
Can't fix stupid.

@kaikatsu I'm not against exploring alternatives to police.

you want to hear something funny?

A couple months ago I was talking to some people, and mentioned that I had wondered "where do police get their legal authority?" and had studied state and national law and the origins of American police. Are police a fundamental part of government? Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. Now half that group are screaming "abolish the police!" People are fucking sheep.

@_p @moonman In that case, the black community needs reforming but by other blacks. So they can build themselves up. Stop holding each other down.

@moonman what you need is a tropican president who will build mines, houseing and play latin beats on the radio all day.

@moonman I don't really think there's an alternative to police aside from militia's or civilians upholding the law which would require every citizen to be willing to die for the political system which just isn't true.

I think America's shitty police are a result of the shitty culture and government. Cops in China are recorded 24/7 and HK protestors are just waiting for them to fuck up, so they really have to uphold the law properly.

There is no such thing as the "black community".
There is a community which may be made up of black people. Also my comment was in no way about peoples skin, but their brains.
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@kaikatsu @moonman its American tradition to skirt the law. cops don't have to be good at they job, they just give you an authority figure to work around.

@kaikatsu I have to admit that to a large extent American police are more hard core as a direct consequence of very brutal crime present in the USA. The ubiquity of firearms here also elevates the threat level of every encounter.

@moonman @kaikatsu just legalize drugs and the threat level goes way down.

@xj9 @kaikatsu I'm in favor of legalization of some hard drugs. Opiates are not one of them.

@_p @moonman It was a shorthand in the way I meant it. Honestly, I think there is only so far that an education or police reform can go... this needs to be a community effort for the community involved. The whole neighbourhood needs building up just as they need to change the narrative they believe to one that will empower them. Generational trauma is holding them back. On saying that, I do think there needs to be reform for the police and the education system as well.

Anyways, you can't fix stupid if people are chasing after highs. They need to believe they can make something more with their lives but that is difficult while they are held down by trauma.

I can give multiple solutions to fix and prevent Floyds death. People don't want those solutions.

Which means the only thing left that removes the police but also doesn't let you have guns is a surveillance state social credit system. Commit a crime and you'll get banned from everything until you turn yourself in. Only solution that involves 0 police.

@_p @moonman And for what it is worth, I see this happening with whites who are stuck in poverty and chasing after highs as well. It makes them stupid.

@moonman @kaikatsu

yeha some of the details are complicated and i agree. this whole "war on drugs" thing has done a lot to create violent crime and militarize the police.

I think I just said the same things in fewer words ;)
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@moonman America cannot revoke firearms from the population and remain alive. Thus, police have been trained to be borderline military police because every single civilian could be packing.

America is just screwed as a country this way.

@_p @moonman Haha... that could be it! I wish I knew the answers to how to resolve all this... but it might be like fighting against human nature.

@moonman @kaikatsu Switzerland requires its citizens to own guns and doesn't have these problems. Try again.

@moonman @kaikatsu Don't you think the selection and training processes play a pretty big role in the way police view themselves? Most of the people I knew in high school who became cops hung around in their own little cliques ... some joined police explorer groups and did ride-alongs.

They were strange, hated, persecuted. One could easily picture most of them "getting back" at people once they had a little power. But most of their group got into POST courses or went directly to an academy. A few became security guards instead.

(I'll grant that I attended high school a number of decades ago, so the whole situation could be much different by now.)

@Ricotta @moonman Switzerland also has mandatory military service, where America doesn't. I imagine it's a mix of that and America's absolute hard-on for freedumb/rebellion.

@Ricotta @kaikatsu Gun ownership in Switzerland is heavily regulated and coupled with mandatory military service.

@kaikatsu @moonman It's not a cultural issue either. In fact, there's a single factor America has that up until recently no other western country had to deal with that if it were removed would leave the US with a lower crime rate than most of Europe.

@lnxw37a2 @kaikatsu yeah I think so. But I think that training is constructed around what we think policing should be. If we changed police, training would change, and different people would be attracted to it. I don't know or care where the bullies will go to find jobs if they can't become a cop. I assume they'll still beat their wives in high numbers, only now would be held legally accountable for it.

@kaikatsu You sure like to deep throat China a lot. @moonman

@bagofshit @moonman Yeah because they don't suck shit lmao

@moonman There is only one "security reserve" in a nation in case the Police is overwhelmed or, in this case, defunded by commies. It's the army. Pretty sure having your streets patrolled by tanks and law enforcement handed to people who are exclusively trained to destroy whoever they're pointed at is not a desirable state.

@kaikatsu Have you ever been to China? @moonman

>only holds popular opinions

How to these people live with themselves holy shit

@sim @_p @moonman I think the amount of crime they generated in the past several days is the best indicator that they need a time out from the wider society.

@nepfag @moonman it may not be desirable but it would certainly be very funny to read chimping about it online

@kaikatsu @moonman

It is the middle class that requires police and a state monopoly on violence. Millionaires have bodyguards. Billionaires build private armies. The poor form street gangs. Working-class folks join the mob.

You trust the government to do it right?...

@pupperipherals @moonman I don't see how this means we don't need the police. It just means we need police that work for the poor/working-class as well.