@thatbrickster yes yes how much

@thatbrickster is this an @igel alt?

@cowanon @thatbrickster its fine shes proly just a somker when she on the prowl for dickin

@cowanon @thatbrickster oh we're in violent agreement then

@Jain @thatbrickster the women bricky posts look nothing like the angels I post

@phildobangnz @cowanon @thatbrickster I want her to put out her ciggies on muh tongue before kissing me 😩

@thatbrickster >smoking

reminds me of my first kisses' taste: tobacco and beer

@cowanon I'm not fond of smokers either. Whoever wants her can keep her.

@Jain Well, it's technically my fault for sharing Ai Shinozaki pics with @igel to the point where a bot was made to post them.

But nah, I'm not a filthy German who LARPs as someone who doesn't give a shit. queenlaugh

@RehnSturm256 £5 says you're not the only one with a fetish like that.

@phildobangnz @cowanon

@Azurolu You hired a hooker so you could brag at the school prom?

@thatbrickster @Jain >filthy german
>implying I pretend to not give a shit
>his own queen is technically a german

@igel >taking the bait

what a nigger


@thatbrickster @Jain 'my response was ironic so youre the nigger for taking it seriously HA

@Azurolu @thatbrickster What a waste for a first kiss.

@igel @thatbrickster Stop it! Or at least untag me

@Jain @thatbrickster ok I'll stop if you stop

@thatbrickster bruh, i was 14, went to a party, listened to a girl rant for half an hour then got laid

>i'm just pretending to be retarded
cool starry bra


@sim @thatbrickster doesn't have that much of a meaning to me

@thatbrickster @Jain no u no u no u

@Azurolu okay that's pretty based

@igel stay mad sunglasses_cowboy

@mangeurdenuage cute agnes

@Azurolu @thatbrickster I suppose it depends on how sentimental you are and what kissing means to you. I would have hated that to be my first experience for a kiss.

@igel @thatbrickster My friends, my friends, you're both niggers

@thatbrickster a mini skirt can only make something look so cute, that smoke killed that probale traps appeal

@sim @thatbrickster the only reason my relationships don't last is because i'm not sentimental

@awl we all real niggers here


@thatbrickster @awl we stand with blm by calling eachother niggers 😇 ✊

@Azurolu @thatbrickster Sometimes I think that is the majority of people these days. A lot more casual encounters or short-term flings.

@igel @thatbrickster @awl
Shut up nigger

@Kagekokoro hey you leave my nigger alone get your own

@igel @awl

@sim @thatbrickster yeah, which is why it's easy to get a gf, the issue is keeping her

i feel like most girls i went out with, only went out with me because they were hungry for attention and expected the relationship to be the focus of our lives

that only really works with sentimentalists, but i don't think they'd manage to net one either because themselves aren't giving as much as they want to receive

relationships are a pain

@thatbrickster is she gay?

@xj9 I hope she is, could probably wrestle a few tonsils.

@thatbrickster @awl @igel
As a huite man I am entitled to every Nigger, you nigger

@Azurolu @thatbrickster Is that not just falling in love? At the start, you fall in love, become blind to flaws and the relationship becomes the focus for a while. You turn towards each other, spend more time together... find something that works for you both. After a while, that settles down as you settle into the relationship and find your own pace as a couple. Then you find ways to come back together after doing your own things or dealing with daily life. You would also begin to figure out those flaws and work at them. A lot of relationships do fall a part at this point though.

@Kagekokoro Actually Great Britain pushed to abolish slavery, when it was still a >white country.

@awl @igel

@igel @thatbrickster @awl
I hope that list includes women's suffrage

@Kagekokoro Women experiencing suffrage in the year 2020 is wrong and I would support the end of women's suffrage.

@igel @awl

>i'm not sentimental
Yet you pretend to adore characters in an animation, with their flaws and all. You're just not looking to settle. Shinobu is real, you just have to look past the looks, Koyomi.
I'm sorry I'm the harem type, I collect them all.
@sim @thatbrickster

@rin @sim @thatbrickster eh, i'm not that invested into Shinobu irl