a failed soundcloud rapper becoming a warlord in Seattle sounds like a onion headline but it's real

why is America like this? I blame the chemicals in their food

@NeikoCat America has it too good!

@NeikoCat this is the new american dream

@NeikoCat in order:
1. public education
2. television media
3. space lizards

@NeikoCat Europeans have been allowing muzzies to turn parts of their cities into "no-go zones" for years, America's just been behind the curve.

@NeikoCat we're just having a really bad time over here ok

@jeremiah @NeikoCat space lizards are innocent here

@NeikoCat yeah and he's a landlord too

perfect fit for the anarcho commune

@NeikoCat @lis I have actually been very concerned about that lately. It’s incredible how cavalier north america is about additives in food. Most of it is beneficial mainly to the manufacturers and in many cases the effects of additives are not studied over long periods of time or in terms of cumulative doses. Nitrates in meats are a simple powerful example of a known carcinogen that has remained legal as a preservative regardless.

I think America would be far saner overall with cleaner food.