instance blocks

browsed the hashtag and grabbed a bunch of instances we hadn't caught up to yet; future blocks will be added to this thread. gab-affiliated harassment pedophilia harassment harassment harassment harassment scraping harassment racism racism racism racism

instance blocks context

I am really hoping for an improved blocklist sharing and management system in future versions of mastodon, even just a method by which to block multiple domains at once would be a godsend.

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@moderation,, and

never met a mean person on those instances, you should really verify before blocking.

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@mewmew could you link me to the code of conduct?

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@moderation sure. if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

re: instance blocks

re: instance blocks

@mewmew thank you. there was nothing there five minutes ago but a broken text tag.

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@moderation yeah, I realized that. A Pleroma update wiped it out.

@moderation why the fuck would you block spc

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@moderation til I'm a racist

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@Ox @moderation wait, aren't you? You look white enough.

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@moderation Fuck you too then prick.

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635 (1).jpg

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@Ox @moderation white women are inherently racist sweaty

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@Rude @moderation I am pretty sweaty

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@moderation i feel excluded, could you please block netzsphaere too and make something up?

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@snacks @moderation thank you snacks. had a good chuckle

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@moderation @mewmew >protected classes
So you deem them weak and unable to stand up for themselves enough for a strong superior white ally to conserve them?

instance blocks
@moderation any particular reason to add besides a block recommendation from some other people?

i know there was a disagreement with one user there a few months ago, but that situation was solved as far as i remember (i think the user in question deleted their account voluntarily to avoid more drama)

instance blocks

added for insufficient moderation. thanks for entering the mentions.

We're gonna be crystal clear here:

If your Code of Conduct doesn't specifically forbid harassment against protected classes, we are going to block your instance.

if your instance *does not have* a Code of Conduct, we are going to block your instance.

It appears a recent pleroma update has broken the links to terms and codes of conduct. Until admins resolve that we're going to assume the worst about your rules (or lack thereof).

Suspensions can be undone if there's reason to.


>only against protected classes

If the coc said "You may only harass white men" would that be acceptable to you?

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@snacks your terms don't forbid harassment; don't have to make anything up.

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"Try not to be too annoying"

@moderation >It appears a recent pleroma update has broken the links to terms and codes of conduct. Until admins resolve that we're going to assume the worst about your rules (or lack thereof).
This seems kind of extreme. It would probably be better to send a quick message to their admin(s), telling them their CoC is gone and asking them what it is, like you did with @mewmew earlier - it's very likely that many of them are completely unaware their CoC is gone, and might never even realize they're being blocked just because a bug wiped it out.

@moderation ¿what's a code of conduct?

@galena @moderation yeah.

Due to the way Pleroma manages that kinda stuff if you don't know what you're doing your ToS can easily get deleted any time you update. I've seen it happen to a lot of instances (including mine lol).

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@snacks not in the business of charitable readings. if it's made explicit, I'll undo that block you requested.

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@moderation how are you reading this if we're already blocked?

@mewmew @galena seems like cool software

@galena @moderation @mewmew >telling them their CoC is gone
>likely that many of them are completely unaware their CoC is gone
>because a bug wiped it out
…that's very lewd

@mewmew did you put it in priv again blobcatsipglare

@moderation @galena it is. just the way that works is unintuitive and poorly documented.

particularly, you're supposed to put the file in a separate folder, and leave the basic one as a fallback. but people just modify the basic one which is tracked by Git.

@lottev @mewmew I was just gonna ask the same question :D Either that or building a custom fe I think

@roka @mewmew @moderation I wish a bug would wipe my CoC out and turn me into a girl tbh

@lottev no, but I copied in my custom built Pleroma FE which overwrote it

@mewmew @lottev guessed it 😎

@mewmew ah i see blobcatthink bc man, that stuff's so common lol

@mewmew @galena anyway, if this policy is extreme, we're tony hawk's underground 2. it's easier and safer than the alternative.

@moderation @galena You can run your instance in any way you like blobcatshrug

instance blocks

@gaige do you have a link to their code of conduct? i can't find one.

instance blocks
@moderation i have no link to anything besides their general terms that everyone else can access, but you can hear with the admin @murabito, though i am not sure if he is asleep or awake at this time of the day

@moderation block us blobreachdrool

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@moderation @gaige do one-user instances even need a CoC? like i am not entirely sure

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@jeder @gaige an explicit explanation that an instance is single-user will do.

@moderation Imagine being this much of a faggot.

@moderation go to dick

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@moderation who are you

re: instance blocks

> we
If you think of yourself as multiple people you need a shrink

do you realise that your instance will die before its time if you cancel everyone who can join?

this retardation of yours only works in centralized media

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@moderation blocked Antisemitism

@moderation the tone this person used in writing this message really baffles me.

They're speaking as if they're speaking from a position of authority over everyone on the Fediverse, but they're just some random dipshit on the internet on a power trip.

instance blocks
@moderation blocked

instance blocks
@moderation why do we need a CoC? CoC doesn't solve a single problem, neither in software, neither on social media.

Can we just be a grown up people and moderate everything that leads to unhealthy conversation?

instance blocks

instance blocks
@moderation пидора ответ.

Are Awoos considered a protected class?

@Jack @moderation I hope so.

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@moderation Fifty bucks says you don't have big shoulders. @a1batross

@moderation I don't want to show people my CoC. very_lewd

@p I made the list without having to put in any effort! am I famous?

@benis Absolutely. venomsnakedemon2

@moderation ohhh noooo don't do that haha gosh that'd be terrible!

@roka @moderation @galena @mewmew
wait so could one make alts in those communities, and snitch each instance out to each other for sins, and eventually have ~50 instances that literally don't federate with any others?

@gaige @moderation It's crazy, because @murabito is like the nicest person.

@moderation PANTS UP DON'T LOOT

@ChristiJunior @moderation

> protected classes

He probably means, like, eagles, condors, pandas, white tigers, etc.

@Ricotta @moderation Let the fags block themselves into oblivion. But they better not come to my place and try to do it.

instance blocks
@moderation u forgot me

@lizdog @moderation of 8 active users lol

@Lainyboy @gaige @moderation @murabito You are often nice, Jojo.

@p I'm glad someone is thinking of those beautiful and powerful animals. @ChristiJunior @moderation

@p @moderation @murabito yes, i think so too, and i know that there are few things he hates more than people being mean to each other

@r000t @moderation @galena @mewmew that's silly, nobody would be this dastardly. Sounds almost like that totally never happened wwwwww

@gaige @moderation @murabito He's moe! ONLINE! It's right in the domain name, it's basically impossible to be mean *and* moe.

re: instance blocks
@jeder @moderation @gaige nobody needs a CoC

@p @moderation
drake_dislike CoC
drake_like Cock

@Jessica @moderation
This is a white male that openly blocks everyone that won't show him their CoC.

re: instance blocks

@p @moderation nah, he should be asking for cock, not CoC

@Jessica @moderation That was the joke, though.

Maybe if everyone started calling it a "Code of Conduct/Kindness".

@mewmew @moderation @galena oh, is that the way we're supposed to do it? we haven't updated our pleroma yet, but i'd like to not have to re-upload the ToS each time. where ought the ToS go?

@roka @galena @mewmew @moderation coc isn't real its all in your head. no rules is good

@kino @galena @moderation instance/static/static/terms-of-service.html

@moderation cya, nigger 🖕🏻

re: instance blocks
@moderation instance blocks
added for hating anime

@moderation trans women are men

@snacks @moderation not enough virtual signalling m8

@moderation @a1batross "no we cant be grown up"

appreciate the honesty cirnoHeh

@moderation So because your instance doesn't have a privacy policy, everyone should assume you're collecting personal information and selling it? Got it blobthumbsup

@amolith actually, yes, so thank you for this reminder to implement one ASAP.

re: instance blocks context
@0x00 @moderation but he can't hotpocket on twitter because he'd actually have to be employed by them first

@roka @r000t @galena @mewmew @moderation shhhhhhhh keep it low

@wowaname @a1batross Adult @moderation still spends Saturday morning watching cartoons and eating cereal... now he just adds a small twist

@mewmew @galena @moderation <3 thanks mew mew!

@Lainyboy @galena @mewmew @moderation dude i live in hellthreads

@Lainyboy @galena @mewmew @moderation i'm allowed to enjoy sexy things outside of her

@Lainyboy @galena @mewmew @moderation then she'd be controlling and toxic or whatever

@Lainyboy @galena @mewmew @moderation i worked like a 13-hour day and slept poorly last night. i was trying to nap this afternoon and everyone kept bothering me and waking me up. i'm about to go to sleep.

@gaige @p @moderation this is true. there is little i hate more than people being mean to each other. it is definitely not allowed on my instance and i will take action if i see any sort of harassment or hostility coming from my instance.

@murabito @gaige @moderation @p mura why are you so cool ablobcatheart I wanna hug you blobcathug

@mewmew @gaige @moderation @p hehe you flatter me /blush/ but i love hugs! hugs

instance blocks context
@moderation Maybe this feature is not needed because most people don't block instances in bulk, it's destroying the federation.

re: instance blocks
@moderation thank you for your hard work 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

@p @moderation show coc

@wowaname @moderation because they are racist to shitposters

@1iceloops123 @Ricotta @moderation you like lots of dicks?

@kekservative @Ricotta @moderation can you give me the sauce?

@1iceloops123 @Ricotta @moderation I don't have exact source, just google "InCase art"

@Talloran @moderation I FEEL VIOLATED

@Talloran @moderation I FEEL VIOLATED

@p @moderation i do not care!

a previously-unknown nazi instance boosted this post, so I'm adding more blocks as the replies to this account increase.

going ahead and blocking any instance with a "windmill" (swastika) emoji.

so-called "loli" content will be treated as indistinguishable from child pornography for the purposes of moderation.

@karolat @moderation we stand and fall together

@p @moderation

You have your own Chamber of Commerce?


@Prodigal @moderation Ancapistrano has *everything*!

re: instance blocks


We do, it's not some kinda weird legal disclaimer though...

A.) I'm not a lawyer nor am I going to get one to draw up an exhaustive list of things.

B.) CoC doesn't prevent any of the things most of them cover, it wouldn't be binding in court, and is more or less guidelines rather than actual rules. I could kick anyone off the instance at any time and my sole discretion.

C.) Whoever thinks they are the police of the fediverse, recommending blocking for stuff like no CoC should feel bad about their life choices...


re: instance blocks

@PFreak @0x00

I'll add it's beyond silly instance blocking, not only is it quite obvious everyone on PMN has accounts on various servers (many or even most don't directly link back to here), but PMN itself owns hundreds of domains, with corresponding infrastructure, on literally thousands of IPs not even counting the ipv6 infrastructure. We could spin up a new instance a day for the next 3 years, and not even care, the blocks, useless, the iptable filters equally useless.

This is all aside from how easy it is to get around instance blocking anyways which is a whole other conversation.


re: instance blocks

@PFreak I get a discount for 50 plus at a time... :P @0x00 @moderation

@moderation can you explain to me how the blocking works.

if i federate the block list.
will by instance block other instances?

or is it a list of people who have blocked other people.
i would not block entire instances but i'd be fine if it was individual accounts on instances blocking other individual accounts on other instances.

i might disagree with an opinion but that doesn't mean i want to completely block them out.

@moderation i tried looking up the option in the documentation "Outgoing blocks"
but they don't give a robust description of what the option actually does.

"Whether to federate blocks to other instances"
i'd say (true) to this option if its sharing blocks from other instances to basically respect individuals blocking other individuals
but (false) if its instances blocking other instances