Force Your Terminal To Swallow

@distrotube that doesn't sound SFW tbh

@Jessica Nothing is SFW these days. 😜

@distrotube lol, poor Derek getting bombardes just because a hermit in the woods Luke Smith makes a video about "Swallowing"

@distrotube I beat you to it.

@distrotube This actually a super cool script, I sometimes am lazy while in terminal and need to search something and now I can just type in my browser and not worry about my terminal

@BrodieOnLinux Did you get blasted for requests for "window swallowing" too? My email got blown up with support requests for how to get this working in xmonad, qtile, awesome, etc. I didn't even know what "window swallowing" was. I should have forwarded all of those emails to Luke! 😜 🐧

@distrotube I actually thought that feature was pretty cool, I wasn't planning to make a video on it until I saw a bunch of posts about it on Reddit and then 1 of my subscribers sent me an email about it, the same guy who made the devour script, so I guess you can call it blasted but at a different scale.

@distrotube thanks to swallowing, i no longer need nvim for quick edits from the terminal when i can just have my terminal swallow emacs rms

@ayupak Emacs has a terminal client as well as the GUI. Just run emacs (or emacsclient) with "-t".

@distrotube My terminal has digestion problems


@distrotube Opening files from within the application? that's just ctrl+Odd. devour also kills output and you'll maybe end up with untracked windows if something doesn't exit nicely, so its not a great solution. mpv --x11-name and having the window manager deal with it seems much more sensible since that component is actually aware of windows and displays. I generally lurk in agreement or acknowledgement, just thought you'd missed something on one ;)