"banned for joking about being banned"

@mewmew "Banned for reposting post about being banned for joking about being banned"

@roka @mewmew I don't understand why Linux users are so militant about which text editor they use.

I'm over here on Windows and I just use Notepad for everything. It hasn't changed in like 30 years.

@mewmew banned for being a shit

@Ricotta @mewmew vim in particular is rather close to emacs in terms of being almost an operating system. Which is funny since vitards have always been poking fun at emacs for being a bloated pile of garbage.

@Ricotta @roka @mewmew I've been using Linux for over 10 years now and honestly a lot of Linux users really don't care. It's just people who want to be superior.

@roka @mewmew Why not just use nano as the gods intended?

@mewmew banned for being Banned

@polishlad @Ricotta @mewmew install the standard UNIX® text editor but not the GNU version, it sucks

@Ricotta @mewmew it's GNU, install pico instead if you want a visual editor that much

@mewmew tfw your profile looks more like a fucking stat list than a bio because you're too sensitive to take whatever the fuck the internet will throw.
grow some skin.

@roka @Ricotta @mewmew I've used Vim for a while. It's only really important if you're programming a lot.

@mewmew new user time

@mewmew @roka @polishlad Now I really want to change my display name to "Banned for $x".

@mewmew Shit who was it that took that username I swear I saw someone using it already. Show yourself and receive the last of my 10grans.

@mewmew hmmmmm blobcatthink

@polishlad @Ricotta @mewmew enjoy, I use it on rare occasion where I need a visual editor:
nvi is a good choice too but it's derived from a BSD clone which uses berkeley dbs for text buffers, and rubs me the wrong way.<p>Vim is bloated trash.

@Jessica @mewmew Pronouns include "it" so at least there's some self-awareness.

@roka @polishlad @Ricotta @mewmew not using notepad

@Ricotta @roka @mewmew Because Emacs is the best

@Ricotta @roka @mewmew Your wrong, ED is the standard text editor.

@roka @polishlad @Ricotta @mewmew at the end of the day you're just praising a program that moves letters, so honestly who gives a shit what you use.

@roka @Ricotta @mewmew @polishlad unless you're using carpel tunnel simulator (emacs) who cares :p

@Jessica @Ricotta @mewmew @roka emacs doesn't always play nice with some keyboard layouts though

@polishlad @Ricotta @mewmew @roka as i said "Carpel Tunnel Simulator"

@polishlad @Ricotta @mewmew @roka I swear some of the people who write thing for emacs are the same type of people to use fucking macros in MS office

@Ricotta @mewmew @polishlad @roka fuckin coded in chocolate syrup


i think the funniest thing is bannable offenses

by who? her? she's not my instance admin, she can't ban me. the instance is already blocked anyways

why does she knowing what's up with us anyways? does she have an alt? why is she constantly checking our instances? it's weird

@mewmew btw, I've been wondering; What is the story behind yours? Like who or what have you been impersonating?

@Ricotta banned

@roka Install vim but then `touch ~/.vimrc` to turn of the harmful "friendly" defaults and fall back to the barebones defaults, which make it more like Unix vi.

@clacke except it's still a waste of space and a shit program

@clacke @Ricotta wine notepad

@roka @Ricotta double banned

@roka Isn't using vim punishment enough? @mewmew

@mewmew Fuck this "luna"tic person. I wish unspecific, mild irritation in their future.

@roka @Ricotta @mewmew but vim though doesn't make slackware take up 25gigs

@mewmew @Jain And people have actually blockrecced you for it? o.O Or is it just ironically

@kazuma @mewmew found the reason, it's a power projection
>I don't wanna stop existing
>so I will "unmake" existence of others on SNS
>so powerful wow

@roka @mewmew
> markdown
> vim
> not using org mode and emacs' superior default two space indent.

@mysticCabinboy @mewmew he's also playing with Rust and writing angry demands for some devs on Github to take down their projects because >empathy my dude

@Jessica @mewmew I kinda want to do this now
HP: 1
ATK: 4
DEF: 8
CON: 8
LCK: 0

@mewmew now this become meta.

@mewmew the best part is that there's mastodon users I know who have also joined in on this.

She's just looking for an excuse to keep the "shit on pleroma" wagon alive.

@roka @mewmew lol pwned

@polishlad @Ricotta @roka it's about being able to take a joke
anyway, even on windows sane people have changed their editors to notepad++/emacs/etc

@Mikoto @polishlad @Ricotta sanity would be to use the standard UNIX&reg; text editor on Binbows as well cirnoBaka

@roka @kazuma @mewmew I bet schizophrenia is a pretty common comorbidity in trannies.

@roka @kazuma @mewmew oh, so that's why she couldn't deal with the gab joke on my about page

@deadheat @kazuma @mewmew if you assume those mental health posts are honest and not just attention whoring, maybe

@roka @Mikoto @Ricotta @polishlad I raise you this

‘sed 11q’

@mysticCabinboy @Mikoto @Ricotta @polishlad eh, listing lines in that screenshot was done only to show it works back when I snapped that screenshot. Source required adding only an ifdef because it had hardcoded temporary file paths and winshit doesn't understand what /tmp is cirnoShrug

@mysticCabinboy @Mikoto @Ricotta @polishlad however it doesn't compile natively because of signals, I had to build it against cygwin cirnoCry

@roka @deadheat @kazuma @mewmew Even if it's an attention-seeking grab, that's still pretty mentally ill.

@mewmew banned for giving instance block trolls attention

@mewmew it has come full circle


I feel the "hellsite" instance name is a symbol of drama now.

@roka @kazuma @mewmew of course nobody answers you when you've cancelled and banned everyone around you

@Mikoto @roka @kazuma next up: banned for voting

@mewmew >looking for bannable offenses
jannies really be like that 🤢