webassembly is cool but not in use with web

@Jain what

@Jain The web lost it long ago

@Jain even with web. but its to young it be used for anything good rn.

it doesnt support any progressive loading and its pretty huge with some compilers (go for example).

@Meeper @Jain you literally webbing right now

@bish @Jain

Http monopoly

@Meeper @Jain hey, noone is stopping you from NNTP'ing into usenet, but all you'll find is twitter screenshots.
wait no its fedi

@overflow the concept of having a self-contained closed virtual machine that can be translated to asm without having to worry about security is great. But it should not be used in web browsers.

@bish @Jain Alright pleroma can be accessed through gopher (if configured for it) but don’t mind that

@Jain hey did you know the ethereum community is trying to make it work on their b l o c k c h a i n?

because that's an ideal execution model for that rite guys?

@lunch no, didnt know that blobcatthinkOwO could work well for them

@Jain there's a lot of reasons it's a bad idea but their reasons for doing it are mainly:

* write smart contracts in Rust and Go (two languages ALSO not designed for writing smart contracts)
* get to execute contracts in the browser (why tf do you want to do this??? or write a jit if you want to do that)

@Jain they want people to take them seriously but then they go and do shit like this

@lunch funny, I would have rather suspected that you were doing it because of the concept and the translatability