being a human kinda sucks tbh, regardless of gender

@mewmew but aren't you a blobcat?

@kumicota ehhhhhhh


Nah. Being human is awesome.
I know of no better alternative. Enjoy your life.

yes, there are some rough parts. there are moments when you suffer. But I am sure that no matter the gender, you can enjoy your life.

@LukeAlmighty @mewmew this is so wholesome and true, I love it

@mewmew idk, I like being at the top of the food chain

@LukeAlmighty oh sure. and I do. but it's really not all that great

@vanillabean yeah like

imagine if we were quadruped hermaphrodites

More details would be nice, because without them, I cannot even truly empathise.

My life was hell. For 15 years, I was trapped. For real, I started living only 2 years ago. But I love it. I knew exactly what moment I was waiting for, and I will not let the rest of my life go to waste. I paid enough for it to get this good.

@LukeAlmighty @mewmew the beauty of life is that you carve something out of suffering, isn't it?