Conservatives: police are useless which is why I own a gun
People: ok, let's defund the police then
Conservatives: but then how will we be protected?

@mewmew Defund the police. Now I get to kill everyone who trespasses on my lawn.

Conservatives don't need the police.

@Orakel if you kill everyone who trespasses on your lawn, you are an objectively terrible person.

@mewmew You shouldn't trespass on objectively terrible people's lawns.

I don't mind being an awful person. I do like being the kind of person who has control over their own property and safety.

Defund the police. They do not serve taxpayers. They protect criminals from taxpayers.

@mewmew @Orakel get off my lawn, mewmew. I'll point a little .22 at you like i'm holding a bottle of windex so you know i mean it

@Grandtheftautism @mewmew @Orakel I wouldn’t want to get shot by a .22 all the same.

@mewmew Tru, they don't thunk herd enuf to realize real retardation is that removing the means by which state sponsored gangs feed their families makes them *more* violent, not less.

@shebang @Orakel @mewmew me neither, and the way she was holding that pistol was as scary as it was hilarious. You can still get killed by a .22 if you're very unlucky or can't get medical attention in time.

Honestly, i had one of those exact same pistols before, and it's a 50/50 chance if she'd tried to fire it would have jammed instead. Ken needs to buy Karen an upgrade and sign them both up for a firearm safety class because it's a miracle no shots were fired and nobody was hurt in that incident.

@Grandtheftautism @Orakel @mewmew He seemed to know what he was doing. She was bad, yeah, but everyone already brought that up. Even so, yeah its very easy to kill someone with a .22.

Frankly, its not about “trespassing on someones lawn”, thats a violent mob. They would have fucked those people up and burnt the house down if they didn’t have those guns.

Enough of the “peaceful protesters” nonsense. These are far left agitators, and that’s plain as plain can be. They’ll kill you if you let them. Its the M/O of all extremists.

That’s why we call them extremists.

In my case, if someone was going to destroy what I had earned — sorry fella, but better you than me. I’d sleep like a baby, I’m not here to be someones victim.

@shebang @Grandtheftautism @Orakel @mewmew It's actually breaking and entering. Which is a more serious charge.

Trespassing only applies if they hadn't broken the lock off the gate first.

@shebang @Orakel @mewmew it stopped being a peaceful protest when they totally wrecked that wrought-iron gate. Idk how they even managed to bend it that much without hitting it with a car or something.

And yeah, i'm not planning to sit around and wait for somebody to beat or even kill me (although i probably would have gone inside and confronted them from the balcony, just seems safer that way). You can't count on the police to protect you, you have to defend yourself. And if you die trying? At least you went out on your feet instead of on your knees. Bury me standing.