Mid-roll ads are going to get auto-enabled on all videos longer than 8 minutes.

@unfa can the uploader disable them manually?

@unfa Finally, YouTubers will stop trying to hit the ten minute mark and just go for eight minutes instead.

@unfa "This is the most critical moment of the surgery. Carefully make an incision in the artery, and then, quickly, move the-- BRRRRT BUY A FUCKING WENDEYS NEW TRIPLE POUNDER DELUXE ROYALE WITH CHEESE ONLY AT WENDEYS"

@mewmew I honestly can't see how that's gonna change the landcape :D

@wolf480pl Well, everyone will have to disable them manually. It's gonna be a nice revenue boost for YouTube I guess.

@unfa oof.
But still not as oof as it could've been if it was impossible to disable.

@unfa Google, as always. Good time to move to PeerTube

@PorrurenGrabatokia Well, sadly almost nobody watches my videos on PeerTube so far, so quitting YouTube would be a suicide for my videos.
Thanks to @gcrkrause the are available on PeerTube (and also on LBRY), but I think it's more of a backup than a real alternative right now. At least that what the numbers tell me.

@unfa @PorrurenGrabatokia @gcrkrause what about LBRY? they seem to be the most reasonable option to me

@mewmew @unfa and then we won't have to sit through nearly as much if you have premium or adblock

@mewmew @unfa Then there’s me, who likes 20+ minute videos maybe if they didn't yellow dollar everyone they would have to

@wolf480pl @unfa

Possible solution:

1. put up a couple of videos about QAnon, Trump and a few adjacent topics.
2. Get demonetised.
3. Noprofit!

@abloo @mewmew 40-minute ones are my favourite I guess :D

@stevenroose @fribbledom I think the biggest problem with right now is fragmentation and (un-)searchability of content.
It works great if you have a link to what you want to watch, but 99% of the time - you won't, and you'll need to search, and you'll not find anything. I am unable to find my own videos on PeerTube by any means - only think I can do is find my own Mastodon posts with links to the PeerTube instance my videos are in. This isn't gonna work. PeerTube needs to solve this.

@Jessica @PorrurenGrabatokia @gcrkrause I am mirroring my videos to LBRY :)

@unfa @fribbledom Global search is on the roadmap they are currently raising money for:
So gentle nudge to donate some (no disclaimer, I'm not related in any way)