ugh, when I see people on LinkedIn they have all accomplished so much.. makes me feel I am nowhere in life. Thanks linkedin

@stux these folks' lives are so empty all they have is work. Let that sink in

@Antanicus perhaps... blobcathearthug

@stux It's a padded résumé. Good on paper does not equal good in person.

@stux Well you are not inside that workaholic cage. U got a lot of points and well behavior, you got a new leash and food. Enjoy your freedom!


Don't mind the resume, you don't want to become a robot do you?
beep boop bop!

@stux if you are ever worried, just look at your bank account 😉

@fluffy that makes me even more wanna cry bloblaugh meow sad_cat

LinkedIn is almost as authentic as Instagram. I deleted my account almost a decade ago. I haven't gone hungry without it.

Because they have nothing else but their jobs. They live to work

@stux Or, most of what they put in their profile is bollocks!