Sometimes I think #fediverse is a community of coders...

@Snow I have an MA. But people here interest me.


What is MA?

@Snow Master of Arts, as opposed to an MS, which is a Master of Science, like computer engineering or something. I have a Masters in History.


I am always thinking about how people share the common interest can group each others on fediverse, otherwise they won't stick to #fediverse long time.

@Snow Oh, that's true. if you don't find something interesting, you won't stick around. I guess what I like best about Fedi is that I can find viewpoints that don't get mainstream attention and it gives me a deeper understanding of people and the world.


I see the potential of #fediverse can group the minority groups (like LGBT), but I can't find a proper function to do it as Facebook groups.

@Snow I don't think Fedi has an option to create groups. You could create your own server though with a theme for conversation on that particular instance. Fedi is a little more awkward that way, with having to create multiple accounts.


That is a technical problem…

I think I need a brunch of people who built the whole #activitypub to help…

I asked the same thing to @mewmew before…

@Snow @mewmew Yeah, I'm not a technical person so I wouldn't even know where to start with that. I know there are a lot of different ways to view Fedi content. I suppose something like that could be built if someone wanted to and had the time.

@Snow @starcake I’m trying! I keep searching for #ponies but no one’s there!


I wrote this for function request, please boost it.




I wrote this for function request, please boost it.


@cy @starcake


Boost the post I pinned...not this one.

@Snow It seems to me that many are, or at least computer nerds to some extent. A lot of fedi culture is made of software (and its politics).


I think I am not a computer nerd...

@Snow Based on your bio, you seem to be on fedi more for data politics reasons, which is part of the reason a lot of computer nerds are here. A mutual interest in privacy, decentralization, etc.

@Snow @mewmew @starcake Groups are being worked on as a matter of fact. There are already some implementations that use Groups, but there are different ways to go about it depending on the features that are desired. This may lead to incompatibilities

Here is the discussion between implementers (very technical):

Some impls with group support:

- Lemmy:

- Guppe:

- Smithereen:

@humanetech @Snow @mewmew @starcake

Please do also register at the conference. There are 10 seats left.
Will also propose a BoF session about groups and then we can **solve** things like incompatibilities ;)