Remember when DMs were PMs and PFPs were avatars? And emojis were emoticons? RIP 199X-2012

@syd I blame twitter

@allison reject modernity, embrace tradition

@syd I will tell you one thing, I *do not* miss phpBB-styled forums one bit.

@allison i miss them a little bit. I was active on the official sega forums a bit.

I also miss imageboards but theyre way too ingrained with edginess and racism now 😔

@syd I mostly don't miss the cliquish aspects of them and the actual software. And yes, I miss imageboards terribly even though I can't endorse what they've become in the present day (mycroftiv probably put it best in his mantsifesto )

@allison @syd The racism isn't really an issue if you stay off /pol/, at least in my experience

@allison thats a really good write up. I really feel it

@izarella @syd Doesn't mean 4chan isn't a cesspit in other ways. (also not quite true, /pol/ crossboarders have a huge presence on places like /lgbt/ and even /g/, thus killing any residual incentive I might have to use the site outside of hentai. And even that incentive is gone these days)

@izarella @allison @syd /pol/ leaked out dont lie

@syd It's worse here because my childhood was spent on, wait for it, 8chan. But not the maligned parts of it! More of the small boards, which (aside from a few which I won't name here) have had an unapologetically positive influence on me to the present day

@syd Yeah totally, I just linked it in my bio so that people know *exactly* where I stand going in

@allison @syd damn that really hits it out of the park

@wowaname @allison @syd I guess a little.

Also now that I think about it my extensive filter lists probably are a large part of why the site is tolerable.

@null @syd He never misses~ (speaking of which, have you seen his blog? One of my favorite things on the internet, period)

@allison @syd na i haven’t

@allison oh lord I remember dabbling on 8chan and voat. For a hot second Voat was okay, now its purely antisemitism and I wish I didnt have an account

@null @syd hard to pick out where to start, I guess the 4 part history of ANTS is a good place to begin?

@syd I still call PFPs avatars