"I'm attracted to women, very feminine men/femboys, and closeted trans women"
God can you shut the fuck up and just say "feminine people" or something

@kaikatsu it'll happen when every non-binary freak shuts the fuck up about their "unique" gender identity

@marisa_chan Nonbinary is fine. But I am incredibly suspicious of the looming "uwu im so gay!!!! i hate men" spectre of the LGBTQ+ community.

I support nonbinary people. I don't support this entire tribalist supremacy fight

@kaikatsu it's hard to support them when all they do is list personality traits as genders or sexual orientations

@izarella @marisa_chan I am/was one of the gays so obviously I do lol

When it gets to neopronouns and gender abolition though, I just see a desperately clawing confused mass that isn't even sure of their own beliefs.

@kaikatsu @izarella it's just cheap means to draw attention to themselves, quite literally 15 minutes of dubious fame, then it's back to being someone nobody gives a fuck about

@izarella @marisa_chan It's... really not. Maybe like 10% of the time. It's usually people confused on how they feel because the LGBTQ+ communtiy heavily pushes transition to The Real You instead of improving your material conditions and seeing if you're really just unhappy with your place in life instead of your sex. I think there are a good set of people that are truly non-binary and trans, but I'm starting to wonder if the majority really is just peer pressure or confusion.

@kaikatsu @izarella i've mostly just seen people being obnoxious about their gender identity, the people who are confused seem to stay under the radar and then grow out of that shit, the way i see it at least

@izarella @marisa_chan I dunno what I believe anymore, really, but my current thought is: We should be looking into improving material conditions and alleviating people from poverty and 9-5 depression before making any judgements either way. Once everybody has similar material conditions, we can look at gender dysphoria dialectically and figure out if its caused by an outside source case-by-case or not.

@izarella @marisa_chan I agree. It's pretty undeniable that further classification of people helps form conflicts.

When I moved away from being nonbinary because I just didn't feel it was true to myself anymore, I got backlash. On my own identity! People saying like "oh you're probably just depressed you shouldn't lie to yourself" or "At least keep some feminine bits, I don't find masculinity attractive". Even though I socially transitioned because it felt true to myself, not out of attention, people acted like I was leaving a secret club. I still have trans friends and I feel bad for discouraging them by saying it's possible their choice may be a symptom of a larger societal issue instead of an inner truth, but that was just my experience.

@kaikatsu @izarella "At least keep some feminine bits, I don't find masculinity attractive"
sounds like someone was angry that a potential sissy femboy slave is slipping away

@marisa_chan @izarella Yeah kinda the vibe I got lol. I am a fairly decent target for grooming

@kaikatsu @izarella inb4 you get groomed by a member of the CCP and discover that CCP stands for china's child predators

@marisa_chan @izarella
>tfw no state-working mommy gf

@izarella @kaikatsu virgin coomer
chad celibate gamer

@kaikatsu @izarella funny e-thot paid to voice a meme

@izarella @kaikatsu if this was a tweet, i'd already be permabanned for not agreeing with some random ass tranny and getting reported by him

@izarella @Twelve @kaikatsu i think it's pretty obvious that you have to actually come to a hard, long-term determination to actually fuck up your natural body chemistry and be ready to suffer all the side-effects that come from it

@Twelve @izarella @kaikatsu because there are retards who peer pressure impressionable teens into it without showing them the entire picture, probably for ideological gain or grooming reasons

@Twelve @izarella @kaikatsu it's kind of a rhetorical question

@kaikatsu @izarella @marisa_chan > I still have trans friends and I feel bad for discouraging them by saying it's possible their choice may be a symptom of a larger societal issue instead of an inner truth

well, it probably is most of the time, so try not to feel too bad about it

it's generally better for people to understand a painful truth than build their lives on a comforting lie

@velartrill @izarella @marisa_chan
>it's generally better for people to understand a painful truth than build their lives on a comforting lie fast did you purge the American from your system to be able to believe this?

@kaikatsu @izarella @marisa_chan even living in the US, i learned this the hard way pretty early on in life

@kaikatsu @izarella @marisa_chan i think she's right about the numbers tbh. it's mostly a guess based on personal experience BUT also like if this stuff was at *all* common more human cultures would acknowledge and have more normalized ways of doing it, when in reality binary sex is a cultural universal and there's only a handful that even have (rare, often sacralized or stigmatized) alternative "third sex" roles for people who don't fit into either category (c.f. Hijra, Albanian sworn virgins, two-spirits, and so on).

you also have to keep in mind that our culture has made it *ungodly* difficult to survive as a man right now, even if you leave aside the constant psychological assaults, the demonization and dehumanization that boys have been growing up saturated in for over a decade now. a lot of men (sad to say, i think correctly) have made the judgment call that there is no way for them to thrive while living as men (either due to being unacceptably feminine, which in our culture starts at "shows emotional vulnerability, ever," due to brainwashing & terror of masculinity that short-circuits their ability to behave in appropriately male ways, or simply not being strong enough to cope with really unreasonable & burdensome societal demands indefinitely), and end up transitioning just so they'll be treated as a human being and given some access to sex they never would have had otherwise. (funnily enough there is precedent for this in the animal kingdom -- i forget which species does this but there's at least one that has "omega males" who effectively pass as females, even submitting to intercourse with dominant males, in order to gain access to that male's harem and fuck his women when he's not around.) there's nothing we can do for these people individually, except try and help them gain comfort and confidence with their masculinity where possible -- the only real solution to their plight is to undo the damage feminism has done to our culture and start treating men like non-disposable human beings with moral worth, and making more room in our society for feminine men to live comfortably and happily without being coerced into living as the wrong sex.

(there's also all the horrible things happening to lesbians, tomboyish women, and even just generally confused teenage girls -- it's very normal for women to have issues with our bodies growing up and normally we grow out of this, but the trans movement has hijacked the maturation process and convinced many young women they're experiencing dysphoria when they're really just experiencing adolescence.)