I've noticed a recent linguistic shift in some young people, referring to websites as "apps". Reddit is an "app". The college website is an "app". "Which app did you see that on?"

I don't know if this is just shorthand (they likely access sites through an app) or a genuine misunderstanding of what's going on.

I don't want to be dramatic, but I'd lying if I said it didn't concern me a little. The WWW is a great resource which is free and interoperable. (Well we're down to just 2 browser engines now, but that's another matter). It'd be a shame if the WWW withered away, replaced by "apps", because people didn't know what they had.

@ethicsperoxide it's because of mobile computing.

I access Reddit via an app. I access my college website via an app. etc etc. Yes, they are on the WWW, but they are apps. The terminology isn't wrong or shorthand - that's what they are to most people.

@mewmew @ethicsperoxide Add to this that there are still young nerdy kids who use computers who will grow up to be devs, the internet won't die

@izarella @mewmew @ethicsperoxide I'm more concerned with the direction of the Web itself than with apps culture. Not that it terribly matters anyway since at the end of the day I'm an old Unix hand and you'd have to pry it away from my cold dead fingers

@allison @izarella @ethicsperoxide "grandma alice, tell me about fore-tan"

@allison @ethicsperoxide @mewmew
Tech moves on, people always use different spaces, there are 8 billion people, even if only 0.05% of them still use the "internet" that's a healthy community

@ethicsperoxide misunderstanding? No, this is a propaganda payoff. The young people understand the propaganda.

@riking @ethicsperoxide yup, just like with the discord "servers" thing

@ethicsperoxide completely agree with you. But "website", as a word, does not really explain Gmail or Twitter either. Those being mostly obfuscated Javascript blobs sent in chunks to the browser.

Wikipedia is a website, for sure. Imdb also, maybe. But I'm curious what could be a good word to explain Gmail and Twitter web presence.

@ethicsperoxide Thanks 🍏

Software terminology. Now everything is an app. Thanks Apple.

@ethicsperoxide Technology will change. It always did. Maybe one of our core problems is trying hard to hold on to what we know rather than embracing and creatively shaping this change. This is one of my biggest pain points with FLOSS in 2010 and beyond. 😑

@Marty @ethicsperoxide
I agree that this is what is happening, but I wouldn't call appliances "tools".

It's either a tool or an appliance.
It either does what you want, or what the manufacturer intended.

@ethicsperoxide but they really are apps running in the browser, most modern websites. they're no longer a "site" with a defined static interlinked directory hierarchy

@ethicsperoxide Two or three browser engines depending on how you count it, but still *very* concerning... I'm seeing what I can do about it!

But there is something very concerning here! The mindset around "apps" seems to be that they are non-interoperable. The possibility of combining apps in ways not thought of their developers do not occur to normal people, or worse politicians.

That's what we software developers have taught them, it disgusts me, and makes my work harder!