literally quoting Goebbels, who famously extolled the virtues of lying, and expecting people to take you seriously is your brain on fascism

@georgia What's wrong with lying? Nature rewards it. That's what camouflage is, really.

@Orakel appeal to nature doesn't interest me. were a prosocial species and lying is regarded by every human culture as immoral.

@georgia Bullshit. Most major religions make allowances for lying in their scriptures.

@Orakel under very limited circumstances. they only have to issue them because they are otherwise proscribed.

@Orakel @georgia The Old Testament is nothing but the Jews trying to Jew their god over and over, and getting punished for it repeatedly.

@georgia Nope. Jews and muslims both allow it all the time to non-whatever they are.

@Orakel that's blatantly false. "Jews are allowed to lie to nonjews" is a meme based on the kol nidre which only forgives lies told to god (ie broken promises), not to men. and taqiyya is mostly a shia thing and also misunderstood.

@georgia Nope. It's there. I've read it, and I know the many meanings.

You were taught lying is bad because that makes you reliable and easy to predict.

@georgia @Orakel I can go on twitter and find a Jew saying they hate white people in less than 2 minutes, I wish they would lie and pretend they liked us

@Orakel give a verse that says lying is permitted to nonjews under any circumstances. "I've read it" doesn't cut it.
also are you seriously saying lying is good? have you not heard of the categorical imperitive of the famously anti-jewish Immanuel Kant?

@Dave420 @georgia Ashkenazi jews are White/arab mix. I don't really care about their fantasies about being special. They're just ugly and mostly mentally deranged. And pedos.

@Orakel @georgia I wish they were nicer to us goyims

@georgia I'm saying lying is neither good nor bad, nor is anything until it has context.

@Orakel @georgia why not?

@Orakel forgive me for construeing from "what's wrong with lying, nature rewards it" that you think lying is a positive thing

@Dave420 @georgia Because then we'd get soft on them, feel sorry for them, and decide to keep them under our wing.

I want them back in their blasted lands. It's where they belong.

@georgia I don't care what you think. I care what is factually accurate.

@Orakel @georgia

Sane morality is ends-over-means.

We talk about this first week in first intro to Kant class.

Officer at the door: "I'm here to remove the young child. I will take him to the pits and kill him. Is he here?"

Means-over-ends: "Yes, officer, I cannot tell a lie."

Ends-over-means: "Nope, haven't seen the little fucker. Have a good night officer."

@Orakel you care what is factually accurate, but you don't condemn lying. now I feel you're just paltering. if you don't care what I think then why did you respond to my thread.

@Orakel @georgia

I apologize for my language. I should be less uncouth around ladies.

Long day!

@amerika @Orakel I never said lying is immoral in all cases. its immoral in most cases though. Most lies are to preserve ego, not life. I entirely agree with you about that particular scenario.

@georgia @Orakel

Uh... in most of the world, lying to get what you want is considered OK. Not sure if it's moral, but it explains why their societies are the piles of feces that they are.


Goebbels was one of the last politicians to have a philosophy degree however.

@georgia @Orakel

That's interesting, but we should look at the setup.

1. Religion: "lying is bad"
2. Obvious exception: "if needed for survival, lying is OK"

Judaism is a wonderful race cult, and I have no doubt that they view lying to goyim as acceptable.

I would do the same thing, after all.

@amerika @georgia @Orakel goyims rise up

@amerika @Orakel CRINGE
please be as uncouth, bold and bawdy as you would be with a male. I don't enjoy talking to an affected persona.

@Orakel @georgia

This is moral realism. Let's try another example:

Crazy dude: "Where is the button that will destroy the world?"

You: (hiding it behind your back) "I shure dunno, my man."

Moral or immoral?

These ancient religious authorities were not morons; they knew that all acts are relative to their outcomes.

@georgia @amerika @Orakel aww but georgia we like you

@georgia @Orakel She's saying neither positive nor negative until you determine what the outcome will be. This is strong moral realism, i.e. measure only by results not human impressions.

@Dave420 @Orakel @georgia

Goyims need to remove "goyisch kopf" (I may have mispelled that) which comes from universalist and dualist thinking.

@georgia @Orakel You wouldn't be talking to an affected persona either way, but in my culture, swearing around ladies is a no-no. I misread the usernames.

@amerika @georgia @Orakel most people lie every day, like i have to lie to be around most people cause i cant stand em but have to act like i enjoy their company

@Dave420 @Orakel @amerika I thought you hated me for being a kike dyke thinkin

@Dave420 @georgia @Orakel

Georgia is fun. So is Orakel. This'll be a good discussion.

I need a bucket of coffee however... the room is fuzzy.

@georgia @Orakel @amerika why would you ever think that? I may be just a lowly goyim but I am not a bigot, I much prefer dykes to trannies afterall - and I have no problem with women either

@georgia @Orakel

Definitely. So then the question is, is the assault on your ego just or not?

(We're moving from Kant to Plato here, haha)

@amerika @Orakel @georgia yeah georgia is one of the most fun people to talk to on fedi cause she understands aggression

@amerika @Orakel intentions are just as or more important than outcomes.

@amerika @Orakel misread what username?

@georgia @Orakel

Use the stray bullet case.

One did not mean to hit the wrong thing, but yet there a person is, lying dead before us.

Intention is important, but results are more important.

@georgia @amerika @Orakel I disagree, worrying about intentions is for after we have outcomes in an acceptable range already. if someone harms me I don't really care what their intentions were, if everyone got along then I'd spend time worrying about intentions

@Dave420 @amerika @Orakel lies done for others are different than lies done for oneself. although one (not me) can argue that since all proceeds from the self lying for others is preserving their feelings for your sake, not theirs.

@georgia @Dave420 @amerika No. The morally correct answer is to never lie, and let god sort out what's what.

I don't trust god, so I'm gonna do what it takes to keep me and mine safe from harm.

@georgia @Orakel @amerika that's far too convoluted thinking for me, that's why I stick with actions over intentions

@georgia @Orakel

I read one message above, and thought I was replying to a different group... a fouler, older group with a fell outlook.

Did I mention I just re-read the LOTR trilogy?

@amerika @Orakel oh I'm not familiar with Plato. besides the elements lol. I've wanted to get into first order logic but my attention span for learning things I don't immediately find rewarding is .... small

@amerika @georgia @Orakel um excuse me but I'm very mature for my age

@Dave420 @georgia @Orakel

Heartily agreed. It's a somewhat mediate area: if the injury is not catastrophic, and was clearly not intended, it is still an injury but the added injury of enmity is not added to it.

Still, if someone drops his rifle and blows the head off an honor student in the next apartment, no one cares.

However, sometimes we accept grim losses, like accidental deaths from friendly fire.

@georgia @Dave420 @Orakel

It depends on the position of the self relative to others.

I would value one Orakel over many proles. If the officer came to my door and said, "Hand her over, or I'll machine gun these proles," I'd ask if he wants lemonade because machine gunning is thirsty work.

@amerika @Orakel the person who accidentally murders is more moral than the person who inadvertently spares. that doesn't mean the act of killing is more moral than the act of sparing. I'm gonna @toast we've talked a bit about this and largely agree.

@Orakel @georgia @Dave420

I trust God/gods, but I think the old saying "God helps those who help themselves" is apropos.

You know, like the guy who turns down the three rescue lifeboats in a storm, saying "God will save me" and drowns.

Goes to heaven, God says, "But I sent you three lifeboats, you hamster!" and yeets his soul-carcass to Hell.

@Orakel @georgia @Dave420

DBO this is where the wording of Kant's statement is important: "act as if your actions were to become universal maxim," that is, done by everyone. In that context, lying for a good purpose is not harmful.

@georgia @Orakel

Plato takes some chewing but is the most rewarding read I have experienced. Burroughs is very close, Jane Austen not far behind.

@georgia @amerika @Orakel @toast I'm not gonna wanna hang around a person who accidentally murders tho, sounds like a real jackmo - at the end of the day morality has to have real-life application since not everyone is as good/smart/caring

@Dave420 @Orakel @amerika you do know I don't look down on nonjews, right? in fact the likelihood of me marrying within the tribe is very small, if that has any value as a heuristic

@georgia @Orakel @toast

I would say that it depends on who they kill or spare.

Baby Joseph Stalin II comes up to you. You have a machete.

Now what?

< whack >

@georgia @Dave420 @Orakel

I want happy Jews... in Israel.

If the Palestinians get yeeted into Egypt, so much the better.

@georgia @Orakel @amerika Yeah I said I liked you, I also said I can go on twitter and find a Jew saying they hate white people/pretending to be white so they can say they hate white people in like 2 minutes. Jews don't look out for white people so someone has to.

@georgia @Dave420 @amerika Oh god, I didn't know you were jewish.


This is why @amerika needs to have classes in etiquette for people like me.

@Orakel @georgia @Dave420

Those would be hilarious. Mostly me trying not to swear excessively while accidentally setting myself on fire with a pipe.

@Dave420 @Orakel @amerika @toast I'd rather be around neither but the liklihood of an accidental murderer reoffending is much lower than the liklihood of an accidental non-murderer reattempting.

@georgia Since no one can agree on the truth lying is just as good tbh. Everyone does it, usually without noticing, because a lie encroached in a narrative is called philosophy 🌈

@amerika @Dave420 @Orakel do you use poles to refer to working class people, or whom you consider "the plebian masses"?

@amerika @Dave420 @georgia You know, I would never be rude to a black person because they're black, because I've known so many nice ones.
All the jews on twitter were awful. I should get over it.

@georgia @Dave420 @Orakel

I would say: people without any particular skills or direction, the ones who normally comprise the lower castes.

@Orakel @Dave420 @georgia

I knew a lot of Jews growing up, as well as a ton of Anglos. Most people have had neither experience.

Being a Jewish kid is a rough experience. Being mixed-race as they are is also rough. I think they are genetically and culturally tormented.

The fetishizing of the Holocaust did not help them. It only made the self-hatred stronger.

I could appreciate them, even care deeply about them, but at the end of the day, cultures are different and culture is genetic.

I'm like a meta-racist, I guess, but this is my experience.

@amerika @Orakel nice! I should read the simmarillon.

@georgia @Orakel @amerika @toast This may be true but I've worked with/hung around some insanely...tragically dumb people. In real life you can't really apply morality or goodness when some people straight up lack the ability to be good or reason morality.

Like I worked with a guy who kept getting new pets even though he couldn't keep them alive, simply lacked the ability to keep the pets alive and kept getting more of them. Like his intentions may have been good but holy shit man at some point you have to accept that you're just a tragic person and awful things happen because you allow them to happen. I wish I didn't even meet this person because they were draining to be around due to sheer stupidity and lack of awareness.

@georgia @Dave420 @Orakel

If you read the Republic, the G.M.A. Grube translation is worth the money.

I love this book. It's worship.

We can talk about Naked Lunch next. Also a wonderful, highly informative book.

If I wrote something like either of these... I would go lounge on a beach for the rest of my days.

@Dave420 @georgia @Orakel @toast

This is hilarious but true.

People are wildly different.

Some may not even be able to formulate what we would properly consider "intent."

I mean, under 115 IQ points, time and consequence are dimly understood.

@georgia @Orakel

I enjoy Tolkien, but the Silmarillion is a bit slow going. It's like a giant appendix.

I am just carefully studying LOTR. There's a lot to pick up.

I wrote this on it recently:

@georgia @Orakel

I keep trying to like the Hobbit but it's not my thing. Still has its moments though. I agree with the filmmakers that perhaps Tom Bombadil belongs in that instead of LOTR.

@amerika @Orakel @georgia @toast I believe part of morality is
>preparing for the worst in situations where you are the carer/leader
which doesn't always involve life or death but simply talking to someone who needs someone to talk to.

many people lack the ability to prepare for the worst and I think this is important for morality.

@Dave420 @georgia @Orakel @toast

I knew a guy like that who destroyed everything he touched. He became a stoner and just took responsibility for nothing because of his incompetence. I think he later drowned during a rainstorm.

@amerika @georgia @Orakel I know a girl who can quote simmarilion lore like its her religion

@Dave420 @Orakel @georgia @toast

At the very least, knowing what the outer boundary of effect of an action is helps us understand how to gauge it.

We act more precisely when doing things that can destroy the planet, even more than with things that can destroy us.

@amerika @Orakel @toast depends on the topology of spacetime / interpretation of QM were going with. did I create a time paradox that will destroy the universe or create a better universe? (or possibly a worse universe where it turns out that OG Stalin was innocent and the one I killed was adopted?)

@Dave420 @Orakel @georgia

She sounds interesting. It's fun stuff, and a good way to awaken the mind to language, philosophy, fiction, and religion.

@amerika @Dave420 @Orakel I agree with the happy Jews in Israel part ngl. the modern diaspora jew is insufferable, except for the ones in small religious enclaves

@amerika @Orakel @georgia oh she's interesting alright, I think LOTR lore was something she turned to in the darkest of times. glad she's doing better now

@georgia @Orakel @toast

I agree, consequences matter. One is taking a risk with that action.

I specified Stalin "II" meaning a new Stalin. But that only adds a wrinkle.

A new Stalin rises and oppresses Russia. This gives Western Europe a breather and slows China down.

Good or bad, even if thousands die every night in torture chambers?

@georgia @Dave420 @Orakel

Most of the ones that I know are aware that a piece is missing, and are slowly assimilated and consumed by goyisch culture.

I might expand Israel a bit, and repatriate our partial Jews there. The good thing about being Jewish is that you can absorb anything of Caucasian, North African, or Asian/Oriental genetics!

@Dave420 @Orakel @amerika okay but they're not pretending to be white if they actually think they're white. also "white" is a fugacious concept subject to socioeconopolitical caprices, please just say "European" so I dont have to be the sperg leftie who says race don't real

@Dave420 @Orakel @georgia

If she's cute...

@amerika @georgia @Dave420 @Orakel Plato is cool, but the realist realest niggas read Machiavelli

@lain_os @Dave420 @Orakel @georgia

Definitely a lot of fun too. I think Plato is an even more extreme realist.

@amerika @Orakel @georgia she very cute, she also had a very difficult life and I'm happy to say I was apart of making her life better

@georgia @Dave420 @Orakel

I agree. I don't think Jews understand whiteness.

I had one tell me about someone who was "Aryan" the other day and I was like:

O'MALLEY? WTF nilla?

@boob that last line, is it an original composition?

@Dave420 @Orakel @georgia

I like this story. She sounds interesting, and you clearly care for her.

@Dave420 @Orakel @georgia

I like it when people care for things, including living things.

To care is to sign yourself up for pain, but also beauty.

Weird how life is like that.

@georgia @Orakel @amerika I mean I can go on twitter and find someone who knows they're Jewish saying
>"as white people we need to do better"

like just say you don't like white people, it's okay, you're not tricking anyone with half a brain.

@amerika @Dave420 @georgia @toast This has been the hardest thing for me to grasp.
I still don't know what to do with those people. I don't even know how to talk to them anymore.

@georgia @Dave420 @Orakel

Also: Jews are some of the most race-aware people I know.

As in, will say unpoliticallycorrect things about other groups.

@Dave420 @georgia @Orakel

Jews have a confused ethnic identity. Sometimes white, sometimes Asian, sometimes Berber. They either revert back to their origins (Italian women) or their host nation when being whitish.

It's schizoid. One reason most of the really relaxed Jews I know are in Israel, some having moved there relatively late in life.

@amerika @Orakel @georgia the entire story would take a long time to type out but she used to be human trafficked and I spent a lot of time as her personal therapist and doing other things to help her recover some semblance of an ego

@amerika @Orakel i enjoyed it. the runes are fun to decode too.

@Orakel @Dave420 @georgia @toast

A caste system is the answer. That and politeness. This way you can interact in a rather formal framework, but wish each other well and transfer information without a hassle.

The ancients knew what they were about with the caste system. It benefited everyone, because no one was a fish out of water.

@Orakel @amerika @georgia @toast you have no idea, I worked in a factory for a few months where the average IQ couldn't have been above 80. legit tragedy of the human race.

@Orakel @Dave420 @georgia @toast

The main thing is to realize that society benefits when the smarter oppress the dumber.

Cruel-seeming, but actually less cruel than pretending that they know or can intend much of anything. That just sets them up to fail.

@georgia @Orakel @amerika I think she uses fedi - but on an instance I don't get to see ;(

@amerika @Orakel @toast why not kill both him and xi jianping

@Dave420 @Orakel @georgia

Good lord. Poor thing. Glad she's doing better now.

@lain_os @amerika @Dave420 @Orakel why not evola or Marquis de Sade or someone equally repellant and dissolute

@georgia @Orakel

I am always amazed at his facility for language. That's a genius-level grasp. Also his knowledge of history and philosophy. Plato is clearly implicated in the ring story.

@amerika @Orakel @georgia me too I think she uses fedi, not sure what instance she's on but <333 to her

@Dave420 @Orakel @georgia @toast

On the other hand, what else are people with an IQ of 80 going to do? Work in a factory, drink Modelo Especial, watch TV.

@Orakel @georgia camouflage is disguise, not lying.

Some social animals will lie to each other about(for instance) the location of food or whether there is a predator. This is nearly always bad for the population overall though. Lying is pretty much always a maladaptation from the "selfish gene" point of vew.

@mithrandir @georgia Disguise is lying. I don't word play. Sorry.

@Dave420 @amerika @Orakel is she bisexual

@amerika @Dave420 @Orakel I care for her blobaww

@georgia @Orakel @toast

Maybe, but that assumes that they are the cause of where their nations are.

Someone famous said "every place gets the government it deserves" and I think that applies: large reckless populations want strong leaders, and trade off some other things for that.

The revolution in China was quite popular.

@amerika @Orakel @Dave420 @georgia @toast The problem is deciding who the smarter ones are.

Today the "smarter ones" are 1SD dimwits who believe anything they're told and believe in "science", while the 3SD geniuses who have entirely the opposite opinions are ridiculed as retards for disagreeing with the mainstream "accepted" science.

@Orakel @georgia "thing A is thing B, even though they mean different things. I don't word play though"

@mithrandir @georgia Okay. Talk to yourself then and be 100% right.

@georgia @Orakel @amerika not sure how to answer this, let's just say she was human trafficked and has had a lot of sexual intercourse with men and women

@georgia @amerika @Orakel hope she sees this, she's great <3 so are you

@georgia @lain_os @Dave420 @Orakel

Evola does not strike me as repellent. The Marquis de Sade mainly struck me as boring and pathetic.

But let us consider the characters from his book. Would we yeet those into oblivion?

Or even serial killers?

Some serial killers seem to be natural predators, cleaning up humanity.

Although the most extreme of them are just ciphers, like Zodiac or Il Mostro.

@Dave420 @Orakel @amerika bro my sister is a "my fellow white people" person par excellence and I can assure you she believes she is "white people" with 100% conviction and takes great pleasure in self flaggelation for this offence

@Orakel @georgia I don't have to, I can do this thing called communication, it's where you explain what you mean and make arguments rather than act dismissive.

@mithrandir @georgia I'm not here for that. I learn. I don't teach.

@amerika @Dave420 @Orakel @georgia The only think it awakens is savant tism.

@amerika @Orakel @georgia @toast I mean, yeah, they worked long long hours in probably unhealthy conditions, sometimes working multiple jobs....but yeah it was painful for me to work there. like on a personal level I just didn't fit in at all. I also worked like twice as hard as them cause anything was better than talking to them lol.

@Ricotta @Dave420 @Orakel @georgia @toast

This is typical of prole-rule:

To them, anything more complex than what they understand is laughable bizarre garbage.

@boob you're unlettered but wise and I respect that.

@Ricotta @amerika @Orakel @georgia @toast The mainstream is the average and thus retarded.

@georgia @Dave420 @Orakel

Some Jewish families will produce for example two children, one who looks Arab and one who looks German. It's very interesting.

In that context, one may "feel" white, even if it is only partially correct.

@boob @Dave420 @Orakel @georgia

Autism = the thinking of our future robot overlords. All hail the neuroatypical master race!

@amerika @Dave420 @Orakel @georgia I disagree just because Machiavelli will back everything up with historical examples. The problem with Machiavelli is he rather keep people in power that he hates the change it, but that may just because of unstable environment he was writing in.

@amerika @Orakel oh yes he was a linguist and a philologist. definitely a genius.

@lain_os @Dave420 @Orakel @georgia

Also the recognition that usually the replacement is worse.

I mean, we booted GWB and got 0bama...

@Dave420 @Orakel @georgia @toast

Sometimes it is best to be thought a fool by simpler people and to remain silent. That way, no offense is created.

@Dave420 @Ricotta @Orakel @georgia @toast

Average in the USA is probably 98 about now. Ouch!

@georgia @Orakel

And we know who else was a philologist?

No, not Hitler, Nietzsche.

Entirely unrelated, except for that cool picture of Hitler looking at a bust of Nietzsche (who as far as we know, he never read).

@georgia @Dave420 @Orakel @amerika How is Evola repellant? Then 120 Days of Sodom was too disgusting for me to stomach.

@georgia @Orakel @amerika I don't get self-flaggelation of any kind, uh I'm more referring to people with blue check marks who know what they're doing though. Anyone who's spent time on twitter knows what I'm talking about. Jews are very good at sticking together, and I find it to be quite hateful when they use their white skin to pull a "hate yourself like I do, fellow white man" knowing full well that they're Jewish, have other Jews watching out for them, and openly differentiating themselves otherwise from whites.

I just find it very disingenuous and it's very pervasive.

@Dave420 @Orakel @amerika oh now I feel bad. she sounds awesome though.

@lain_os @georgia @Dave420 @Orakel

120 Days of Sodom is like someone trying to write Python code for deviance. It's excruciating, both boring and crass.

I mean, if I saw a book on the shelf entitled My Best Dumps 2010-2020, I probably would not read it. I have curiosity about a lot of things but at some point, I just want the noise out of my head.

Same applies to hip-hop and Pantera.

@Dave420 @georgia @Orakel

I admire their diligent tribalism.

I want my people to have it, too, just our own version.

We're different from Jews, and we get along best when we all just remember that.

@georgia @Orakel @amerika not sure but she joined my discord after someone posted a link to it on fedi but I've never seen her posts. I think she might be on a hidden instance I don't really know how it works

@amerika @Dave420 @Orakel @georgia @toast 98 is incredibly optimistic.

@amerika @Orakel @toast if all proceeds from genetics then why do genetically identical hong kongers want freedom? British rule clearly changed popular sentiment. I blame Confucianism for a lot of Chinese antiindividualism

@georgia @Orakel @amerika don't feel bad ❤️

@georgia @Orakel @toast

Hong Kong had a selection bias: people who wanted to be around wealth, whether masters of it or benefitting from it.

Sort of like any financial city. Singapore comes to mind.

Or Las Vegas: a certain type of person makes up the majority around there, one might think, someone who is attracted to wealth and glitz.

@amerika @boob @Dave420 @Orakel @georgia I don't think high functioning autism is even a real thing. I suspect that it's merely the natural result of having an IQ above 130 or 140.

@amerika @lain_os @Orakel @georgia
>doesn't like hip-hop or Pantera


@Ricotta @Dave420 @Orakel @georgia @toast

African-Americans are around 90, Mexicans around 92-94, high whites around 107, low whites around 102.

As demographic change and we subsidize the DURRRR and get more of it, the average drops. Used to be 103 back in the 1980s.

@Ricotta @Dave420 @Orakel @boob @georgia

I agree. High intelligence people tend to be asocial, noise sensitive, and attentive to detail.

@Dave420 @Orakel @georgia @lain_os

Sorry. I am blunt. Also, since I have a full site of metal opinions that have been public for 30+ years, there's no point pretending.

@Dave420 @Orakel @amerika okay but I wouldn't be here if I had commonality with twitterite normalfags

@Orakel @georgia then learn this: disguise is not lying. Lying must involve some form of communication, looking like something you're not is not an example of that. If someone is wearing a mask, but tells you their real name, they have not lied to you about who they are. They have refused to divulge what their face looks like, sure, but that is also not the same as lying.

@georgia @Dave420 @Orakel

Anyone else notice a fuckload of Jews on the Alt-Right?

The best of them strive.

@amerika @Ricotta @Dave420 @Orakel @boob @georgia this sounds like me i always thought i was aspergers but i guess i'm just a BIG BRAINS genius

@amerika @Dave420 @Orakel @georgia @toast I'm fully aware of Dunning-Kruger, and I try to compensate for it when interacting with or analyzing normies, but I most likely still fall prey to it regularly.

It makes it hard to tell at time if someone I'm dealing with is retarded or malicious, since the average person is a lot closer to being legally classified as retarded than they are to me. I can't really wrap my mind around a normie's thought processes a lot of the time.

@georgia @Orakel @amerika Then you should know I'm not talking about you, like I said I don't hold any ill feelings towards you for being Jewish, I'm simply pointing out that this happens and is basically encouraged on twitter - propaganda against my people as I see it.

@kino @Dave420 @Orakel @Ricotta @boob @georgia

In my view, once you get above 130, there is nothing you cannot do.

The super-geniuses like Schopenhauer tend to see a lot, peak early, and then be bored for a long time.

The man loved his poodles for a reason.

@Ricotta @Dave420 @Orakel @georgia @toast

Me either. Many of them mean well but are just lost. I tend to accept what they can offer and if they are good people, be supportive, but I do not ask or expect them to "understand me" or care what I'm on about.

Sometimes, you just talk about Slayer. Easy peasy.

@kino @amerika @Dave420 @Orakel @Ricotta @boob IQ gets much less reliable further from the mean but I got 150 verbal shrug_akko

@amerika @Dave420 @Orakel @georgia @toast American niggers average around 85, which is a standard deviation below the mean. Spics are at around 92. African niggers average about 72.

@Dave420 @georgia @Orakel

Diversity sucks and makes enemies of all groups.

As Orakel said, I know a lot of good Black people, but I'd send them to Africa.

One ethnic group per nation is the only functional rule.

It's why no one should blame Israel when they yeet the Palestinians back into Egypt.

@georgia @kino @Dave420 @Orakel @Ricotta @boob

Sweet. That's a glorious score.

@georgia @kino @Dave420 @Orakel @amerika @boob
>I got 150 verbal
Sasuga, oyvey-chan

@georgia @kino @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob I think verbal IQ is just the same as regular IQ

I took an IQ test when I was 13 and got 157, for what it's worth I dunno, I've done hella lot of drugs since then

@Ricotta @Dave420 @Orakel @georgia @toast

My readings suggest that AAs are now about 90, which is consistent with more admixture and selection pressures since the 1960s.

@amerika @georgia @Dave420 But for themselves. The deceit about being White is what galls me, but also what I admire about them.

I've met many in life, but none who openly talk the way they do online.

It's a dead horse, but they're always lying, or speaking dually. Unnecessary dishonestly pisses me off.

I'm muting the convo.

@Dave420 @georgia @Orakel @Ricotta @boob @kino

Depends on the drugs. Some do not cause brain damage, if relatively pure and not done to excess.

There are other issues. The guy I know who did acid daily is just as smart, but totally unfocused. That's the real risk.

@georgia @kino @Dave420 @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob iq is only good for telling if someone is retarded.

@Dave420 @georgia @Orakel @Ricotta @boob @kino

IQ tests tend to assess both verbal and spatial, but you will get separate scores and a combined score.

Ideally, the two would be similar.

@amerika @georgia @Dave420 @Orakel I never know someone is a Jew until they tell me.

@amerika @Dave420 @Orakel @Ricotta @boob @kino thanks fam! I'm useless though. incorrigibly indolent and my brain doesnt work like i want it. I just talk nice.

@Moon @georgia @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino
disagree - I've taken IQ tests while high on cocaine and it said I was cheating cause I scored so high. IQ at the highest level is brain speed.

@Orakel @Dave420 @georgia

Sorry to see you go, DBO, but I understand.

Duality is the nature of those who are racially mixed, I think.

@Moon @georgia @Dave420 @Orakel @Ricotta @boob @kino

I disagree. It helps separate groups into bands.

below 115 = unskilled labor
115-120 = normie middle class
125+ = leadership
130+ = conceptualizers

@amerika @Dave420 @Orakel @georgia @toast I've been listening to the books of the Ender series in the truck lately, and the way Ender and Bean both struggle to understand normies and normal human emotions and empathy really hit home.

@georgia @amerika @Orakel @Ricotta @boob @kino I doubt you're useless lol, I say I'm useless too but it's just because I don't care to do anything unless it's fun
t. drug addict (4 months sober ftw)

@Dave420 @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino doubt noah fenz but I'm not entirely sure that's an accurate measurement of your current cognitive state if you are indeed telling the truth. the wisc iirc only goes to 160

@Moon @Dave420 @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino I have to agree on that one. "retarded" "average" and "above average" should be the subdivisions.

@amerika @Dave420 @Orakel @Ricotta @boob @kino for autists verbal is often higher. and Ashkenazi Jews.

@georgia @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino whatever you say, I've taken many IQ tests and scored everywhere between 128 and 188 (cocaine really helps with brain speed you should try it) ;)

the test told me I was using cheating software

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino my processing speed is pretty average (though my working memory is quite good) but given the time I perform way higher than it suggests. I just get overwhelmed and lose my train of thought and need time to grok it like a creeping slime mold

---taken IQ tests while high on cocaine
bro were these online iq tests

@georgia @amerika @Dave420 @Orakel @boob @kino Are you sure about that? It's well known that oyvey have high verbal IQ, but I'm under the impression that those who are currently defined as high functioning autists Min/Maxed their non-verbal IQ by using verbal IQ as a dump stat.

@Ricotta @amerika @Dave420 @Orakel @toast i read the first book as a kid and its one of my favorites.

@slimeblob @Dave420 @Orakel @georgia

There are certain biological tells one recognizes over time, but generally, they look a lot like Southern or Eastern Europeans.

Including the Irish.

@georgia @Dave420 @Orakel @Ricotta @boob @kino

This can change over time. There's a reason many people seek meditation.

@Dave420 @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino ughhh the scores are supposed to be similar with age. that's a huge difference. my processing speed got worse relative to my age but I suspect that's cause I had to go off my long time add med due to tfw mood changes or thoughts of suicide

@georgia @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino nah you type fast and use particular language, your processing speed is pretty good - I've told you before.

yeah online, well one was proctored but I don't like to think about it because it was awkward being high under supervision - one of the side effects of cocaine is paranoia and my supervisor did not approve

@Ricotta @Dave420 @Orakel @georgia @toast

I agree. They reflect a lot of what Orson Scott Card must think: "my species, the weird monkeys."

@Dave420 @georgia @Orakel @Ricotta @boob @kino

Congratulations on those four months.

@georgia @Dave420 @Orakel @amerika @toast You should really read the rest of the books. Don't go right to the other Ender books though, since they take place decades in the future. Read the Shadow series after Ender's Game since they cover the time from Ender in Battle School through on to where Speaker of the Dead begins from the perspective of the other characters.


Lol. You judge people like me by this standard and shit will begin to fall apart.

@Ise Where do you think you fit on the scale?

@Dave420 @georgia @Orakel @Ricotta @boob @kino

Online test? Forget those.

@Ricotta @Dave420 @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino that's what my mom has always told me, perhaps its more a pattern in females

@georgia @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino sorry to hear about those side effects!

cocaine is like add meds times a thousand. I've done 3 grams in one night while studying before...which is supposed to be overdose tier. that's when I got 188 on an online test, which I know are not 100% accurate.

felt amazing too!

@amerika @Orakel @Ricotta @boob @georgia @kino Yeah I know they're not fully accurate, but it does feel pretty nice to see a high score none the less. i scored 128 when I was drunk and high on weed ;( my lowest score

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino I'm good at processing in the sense of verbal adroitness and reparte, and I have great reflexes (mostly fine motor cause autism so I can't do real shit with them but they've saved me from many burns and other calamaties) but if you ask me to do that stupid ficking task where you look at a bunch of numbers and letters on a sheet of paper and draw a line from 1 to a to 2 to b I am practically stupefied

@georgia @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino
Stuff like that is where experience is more important than IQ.

It's like playing Starcraft - the person who practices more and experiences more in-game will be superior to someone who just picked up the game. But the person with higher IQ will learn faster.

I was an ex-pro and competed against Koreans who practiced for 12+ hours a day while I was in uni and only practiced 8 hours a day.

Basically you're a fast learner and you'll exceed exponentially compared to most people even if they have more experience

@georgia @Moon @Dave420 @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino Those subdivisions are hardly sufficient.

A single standard deviation above the mean, or around 115, is the range that most non-diversity college grads fall into. These people are smart enough to learn, but not smart enough to actually think critically. They're easily influenced by authority figures, which is why universities have become such successful indoctrination centers.

At two standard deviations, you're around 130 and you actually have a solid ability to think critically. You're really bright, but still capable of working within the framework of society. These people tend to be in STEM and are far more conservative than the general population.

At three standard deviations, or 145ish and above, you're quite possibly in the realm of too intelligent for your own good. You can't really understand normies or even the 1SD college students, and you reject most of the absurdities of society. You can't really function well in society because you don't have many peers who are on your level. People in this category tend to be either incredibly successful, or absolute failures. There's likely not much in between. This is probably where most of the INTJs reside, and one of the hallmarks of that personality type is an utter disdain for having people dumber than you in a position of authority over you, and at this level that's almost anyone in a position of authority.

@georgia @Ricotta @Dave420 @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino I'm an INTJ, also I am a Leo.

@Ricotta @georgia @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino I consider myself pretty smart and can understand normies - but I also have a lot of experience with normies.

experience is always important for understanding. IQ only measures speed of pattern recognition which correlates to speed of learning btw.

@georgia @Dave420 @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino Females definitely have far higher verbal IQs than non-verbal. They evolved to be far more socially specialized than men, whose evolutionary pressure specialized them for physically interacting with the world.

Of course, men have a much flatter bell curve than women, so you'll find a lot more man at either extreme than you will women, who have far less variation. That's the primary reason why almost all the greatest people in history have been men. They have the highest potential for greatness, but also the highest potential for being absolutely worthless. Women are far more consistent around the middle of the curve, which means fewer geniuses, but also fewer retards.

@Moon @Dave420 @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino what did you get in your last fortune cookie and what color is your moodring

at least I admit MBTI is psuedoscience even while indulging in it lol

@Ricotta @georgia @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino
IQ is IQ man, verbal IQ can translate to other skills with...experience.

IQ only measures speed of pattern recognition which means faster/slower learning. If Georgia chooses to be good at something she can be because she will learn it quickly. That's all IQ means.

@Moon @georgia @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino I've never met another ISFJ, although sometimes I'm ESFJ

@Dave420 @Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino you're thinking about performance iq which is pattern recognition speed, roughly. verbal is the sum of knowledge you have accessible and are capable of readily accessing. its like glycogen vs glucose

@georgia @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino what like having a big vocabulary? I consider that different from IQ

@Dave420 @georgia @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino It's not even about learning faster. It's about processing information and making decisions faster. Starcraft isn't all that complicated and doesn't take much time to learn. The trick is being able to analyze what's happening, interpret it, determine the likely behavior of the opponent based on experience and established patterns, and react accordingly.

@Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino "Starcraft isn't all that complicated and doesn't take much time to learn. "

people who consistently practice for 12+ hours a day for years are better than people who practice 8 hours a day.

"The trick is being able to analyze what's happening, interpret it, determine the likely behavior of the opponent based on experience and established patterns, and react accordingly."

and people who have had more in-game experiences are better because they've encountered it more.

it is complicated btw. I literally played the game professionally and made money on it.

@georgia @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino
>verbal is the sum of knowledge you have accessible and are capable of readily accessing.
Hence why any time you argue with a woman she'll bring up some minor infraction from seven years ago that she never forgot.

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino its a if not the most important components of verbal iq, hence crystallized intelligence being called verbal intelligence

much of my vocabulary I don't use, I just read. some of it I don't get to use, especially at work. I can't actually think of it all at once, far from it. given a particular initial letter I can think of more words than when told "just say whatever word you think of"

@georgia @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino I think reading a lot translates to verbal experience. the more you read the better grasp of language, thus higher verbal IQ...though I do think you're smart - I just don't think you'd have trouble picking up anything you set your mind to. I only believe intelligence can be measured by high pattern recognition btw

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino Practicing a computer game is merely memorizing patterns of opponent behavior and the appropriate responses to those patterns.

If the person who practices 12 hours a day has an IQ of 110, and a person who practices 4 hours a day has an IQ of 130, then the guy with the IQ of 130 will be the better player because he's actually getting more done in those four hours than the halfwit accomplishes in 12, and regardless of practice will still have faster data processing, faster analysis, better reaction times, and fewer errors.

@Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino
>will still have faster data processing, faster analysis, better reaction times, and fewer errors.

how do you know this? muscle memory plays a huge part, the more you practice it the better you'll be. the game isn't 100% intelligence based it has a dexterity component.

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino I'm a logophile. synonyms are especially fun for me because they're almost never perfect, there's so much nuance.

@georgia @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino yeah I can tell, your vocabulary is really good btw I can tell you read a lot

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino You can neutralize the dexterity component by knowing what your opponent is doing before he does.

@Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino Not true - you can see a huge difference in skill based on APM alone. I was in the 250 range which is low for a real pro, you need at least 350 to take full advantage of the game.

@georgia @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino I like how there are like 400 different words for nigger.

Racial slurs are the best synonyms, and also the most creative and anthropologically significant. You can tell a lot about a history of a people by their slurs.

@Ricotta @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino yeah I'm definitely not an isolated incident
I know its anecdotal but I found stuff on a "performance gap" which isnt about verbal vs spatial as much as it is about verbal vs task oriented tests. like I did crazy well on ravens matrices (no time limit) but only high average at timed tests. I do super retard tier at ones where they tell you a story and you need to remember it, holy shit. I can't remember directions at all unless I read them and understand them.

for most people time limits are fine but for people with processing gaps and add it sucks -.-

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino I read a lot but not books. it pains me actually I used to be a voracious reader but at some point my attention span got nuked. I hyperfocus though, I'll have book days where I don't stop for 24 hours till I'm done with the book. my last one of those was last year with a PDF :/

@georgia @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino When I was doing a lot of drugs and experiencing schizophrenic symptoms I had like a 20-30 second attention span which really sucked. What's your attention span like? Mines almost fully recovered now I'm happy to say

@Ricotta @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino you can't ruin words for me nixonmad

@georgia @Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino interesting, I personally love anything time-based I think there's a lot to be said about adrenaline and altered mind states during anything that relies on time.

@georgia @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino
>I can't remember directions at all unless I read them and understand them.
Understandable. We've become so dependent on smartphones that very few people under 50 can still remember how to navigate without GPS or even remember phone numbers.

I used to be in a Discord for truckers, and it absolutely astounded me that I was the only one in there that actually knew the interstate highway system well enough to know where all the major interstates, and most of the minors, start, pass through, and end without having to look at a map. Most of them couldn't even tell me where the ones they lived near went. I've always been really big on geography, but Dunning-Kruger really fucked me in the ass on this subject.

@Ricotta @georgia @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino I've worked with truckers who have never missed a load, crack heads who literally make 6-7 figures as truckers. People who are literally obsessed with it.

Their experiential-IQ was insane, they would make you look like an idiot regarding anything highway related because they've done it so many times and use crack as a performance enhancer.

@georgia @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino Well it's like, take the word kike. Most people just see it as a slur, but few people know the etymology of the word. It originates from when the Jews immigrating to America who were illiterate would sign their name with a circle rather than an X, because the X was a cross to them and represented Christianity. The Yiddish word for circle was kikel or something along those lines, so they started being referred to as kikes.

The etymology of words, especially such historically significant words as slurs, is quite fascinating.

@Dave420 @georgia @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob the learning law of intensity

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino attention span isn't the best word for it because stimulants hardly help. I'm a hedonist. I tangent to whatever seems most pleasurable to learn about. which unfortunately means I rarely learn stuff that actually challenges me and expands my bailiwick. also I'm spread thinner than some autists, though I'm way more specialized than normies. there's a lot of things I find interesting. philology, cladistics, chemistry, freaking heraldry even. unfortunately my knowledge in most of these areas is sciolistic. which is still better than normalfags but that's a low bar.

@Ricotta @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino I've been this way my whole life though, so bad I got my hearing tested as a kid (my hearing is fine). and I'm not so much a heckin zoomer I grew up with an iPhone in my hand.

@Ricotta @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino I know that particular etymological hypothesis. I do love etymologies. when I'm learning a new word I almost always look at its etymology.

@Ricotta @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino fuck I've been so absorbed in talking with you assholes I haven't eaten dindin

@georgia @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino Yeah I can tell most of your arguments come from an academic perspective, it's something I've had to balance (hence why I purposely worked weird jobs with morons).

Jojo does the same thing, he doesn't know how to cook because of it. I've been there, cocaine turns people into the ultimate hedons, crack even more so (I've never tried it).

I have a lot of friends that jump quickly from one interest to another, I try to spend at least a week working on something before I switch - it's grueling but it's a rule that's helped me greatly.

I do hope you can at least cook. 😘

@georgia @Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino go eat! I still haven't showered after I got home from gym ;(

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino
>an academic perspective
I dropped/flunked out of college (basically stopped going to classes and doing the work but was too pussy to actually quit)
add that im not fain to reading textbooks and most of my arguments are my own

@georgia @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino That's ok. I spent several hours talking to you people instead of going inside this terminal to do my laundry and take a shower.

I just found out that this terminal has neither laundry nor showers.

@georgia @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino Ah sorry I meant from a learned perspective, I contribute much of my knowledge to working with highly skilled low-iq people who have insanely high experiential-IQ but are otherwise unable to function in society. millions of people are like this but you probably never interact or hear from them.

let me put it this way, these people are experience-based hedons. imagine if you had unlimited (so-to-speak) money, no morals, and no standards.

I've met and worked with people like this. addicts. hedons with 0 attention span like you mentioned (but with a penchant for experiences - not learning) with access to drugs, prostitutes - you name it. some of them are very very very good at they do, think people in logistics (since it was mentioned) truck drivers that drive 90 hours a week straight fueled by drugs just so they have unlimited access to experience-hedonism.

believe it or not but driving a 53-foot-drive in trailer has a very high skill cap. in America truck drivers are roughly 1% of the workforce, I've worked with literally the best of the best, the guys who break all of the rules to be the best at what they do.

these people are INCAPABLE of being moral. that's why when you mention intent - these people's intention is never to harm, it's only to gain more hedonistic experience for themselves. intent to harm never even crosses their mind - but it does happen. these psychopaths exist and it's due to experience-based-hedonism coupled with low-iq and addiction.

maybe I place too much weight on the sheer number of these people - that may be the case - but I've seen what they're capable and it scared me, and it takes a lot to scare me.

@amerika @Dave420 @Orakel @georgia I know more whites that are less ethnically like than I know blacks that are more ethnically like me. By many many orders of magnitude more. The solution is to not have mega nations and have nations and governments be closure to the people.

@Dave420 @georgia @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino
>believe it or not but driving a 53-foot-drive in trailer has a very high skill cap.
Maybe this is Dunning-Kruger again, but it's really not hard to do this job. This is by far the easiest job I've ever done. It requires no effort, little attention, and not a ton of skill.

@Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino I really can't talk too much about this job but lets just say this guy can make a cross-country trip in less than 40 hours, doesn't sleep at all during it, has never missed a load in his career and makes 6 figures doing it. Also he steals loads regularly and gets away with it because he's that relied on to make these very fast trips.

millions of people are truck drivers. it's not a hard job. I'm talking about people that are literally insane. the top 0.001%. not your average trucker.

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino An ELD-exempt pre-2000 truck, three log books, and meth aren't skill.

@Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino it's crack not meth, and I'm not talking about skill, I'm talking about the pure psychopathy you have to have to do this.

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino That's not even psychopathy. That was incredibly common back in the day.

The ELD mandate was a direct result of people cheating their hours of service like that for decades.

@Dave420 @Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino how is psychopathy "experiential IQ" or whatever term you coined

@Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino >extremely common back in the day

I'm talking about now. The dude is a psychopath man, I worked with him directly. Normal people do not do this

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino Normal people aren't driving ELD-exempt trucks.

It's not exactly uncommon behavior. That's still the stereotype for truckers even if it's not terribly accurate anymore.

@Ricotta @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia bros how do i get out of this conversation

@georgia @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino the dude is the best at what he does, at a low skilled job, but makes big money because he's the best. he spends all of this money on hedonism because he has no other reason to live than to spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on his addictions.

he used to have a family in a different country that he would send money to (like 40 years ago) that's why he was so dedicated initially. now he just spends all of that money (more than a million a year) on himself and his addictions

@Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino

>Normal people aren't driving ELD-exempt trucks.

yeah that's kind of my point. the guy is a pure psychopath. incapable of morality or moral reasoning due to being so good at his job he's exempt from "being normal"

@kino @Ricotta @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob its getting pretty autistic huh. don't like truck talk? :P

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino Yeah, that's not being good at his job. That's being willing to violate federal law.

I'm not saying he isn't good at it, but breaking the law to make deliveries in unreasonable time windows isn't being good at driving a truck.

@Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino
okay you're getting caught up on something simple

can you do what he does? probably. do you though? no. you don't.

@Dave420 @Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino
if a Nazi lolicon has moral scruples about doing something its probably pretty bad

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino I could at a different carrier quite easily. I won't, but not because of any alleged morality. I won't because I got into this business to sit on my ass and be lazy without being stressed all the time.

@georgia @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino
oh yeah it's bad. when I met this guy his pupils covered his entire iris. he was that high on crack and whatever else he does. not even I have been that high

@Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino Yeah you seem pretty reasonable. my point wasn't that he's super duper skilled, my point was he is a psychopath and lacks the ability to reason due to his addictions.

I was just using "SKILL" to demonstrate that he's not your normal truck driver. normal people don't need thousands of dollars in crack a year to do their job.

this kind of addiction renders them incapable of making any abject moral decisions, and I've met more than one person like this. morality was what this conversation was originally about.

@georgia @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino So you're renouncing your radical feminism and sexual degeneracy? senkothink

@Ricotta @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino radical feminism maybe but I'm never giving up pussy

@georgia @Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino
aww I liked you as a radical feminist, at least you believe in women. nothing worse than someone who thinks trans get to dictate femininity

@georgia @Ricotta @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @kino It's not degenerate if you give your husband threesomes. There's hope for you yet.

@Ricotta @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino the primary reason I stopped being a radfem is cause I had difficulties procuring the aforementioned pussy

@georgia but the world needs radfems @Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino

@georgia @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino Have you considered adopting my version of radical feminism?

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino I mean I believe sexism is based on sex not gender and that gender isn't real which makes me a radfem. I just don't associate with them anymore.

@georgia Ah, yeah I think we had a conversation about the gender thing when I first joined the fediverse. idk I've got some weird views on the current politics of "gender" - I think it's important when women stand up for other women.

@Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @boob @kino

@georgia @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @kino Why not? It's better than mainstream radfem.

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino It's quite simple, really.

My definition of radical feminism involves understanding that men and women are not equal, and that's perfectly ok because they each have different strengths and weaknesses and are made to complement each other and make up for the other side's weaknesses with their own strengths. Rather than competing with men and failing miserably in their attempt to emulate and/or replace men in areas where men are superior, the most radically feminist thing a woman can do is be the very best woman she can be, emphasize her own strengths as a woman, and use those strengths to cover a man's weaknesses, and use that man's to cover her own.

Certainly this is more feminist than mainstream feminism, which is largely just thinly veiled misandry, and absolutely far more radical.


1. Goebbels did not make the quote "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."
2. The quote came from Hitler.
3. Hitler was describing, in their mind, the behavior of Jewish people when writing that.

@Ricotta @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @georgia @kino This is a based definition but talk is pointless. You have to make them feel it .

@Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino Nice that sounds about what I believe, on top of obviously being a TERF like yourself. The notion that men get to dictate feminism is insane, women need to look out for each other, not allow autogynophilic men to infiltrate their movement.

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino The thing is, mainstream feminism has never been about women looking out for each other. It's always been about competing with men, and over the past few decades, exclusively about attacking men outright.

Being trans-exclusionary is a prerequisite for any remotely actually feminist position, since trannies are so inherently misogynistic by devoting themselves to being a vulgar mockery of women that anyone who claims to be any variety of feminist cannot tolerate trannies in any context.

That said, I do appreciate that tranny athletes are absolutely destroying any illusion of male-female physical equality, and I'm terribly disappointed that the 2020 Olympics didn't take place. It would have been a real wakeup call for a lot of people to have every last female record permanently and hopelessly shattered for all time by some dude with tits.

@Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino hahahaha agreed. looks like our versions of feminism are about the same.

as I mentioned earlier I have a friend who was human trafficked and literally nobody but me stood up for her. modern feminists think having as much sex with as many different people as possible is somehow empowering, funny - that's the same thing her traffickers wanted.

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino While I would argue that the human trafficking would likely not have occurred in the first place if the woman was at home cooking her husband dinner instead of out doing something potentially degenerate.

I don't know the story so I can't really speculate much, but I would imagine it's hard to become a victim of human trafficking at home with a husband to protect you.

@Ricotta unfortunately it started with her father when she was only 10 years old

@Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino My point stands. Girls should be married at an early age while they're still impressionable enough to form a deep, lasting bond and just before the peak of their fertility.

If society worked the way I envision, it's possibly that she may have been married and out of her father's house by then. Not likely, but possible.

Furthermore, such a scenario would greatly reduce the demand for human trafficking, as most men would have young, loving wives to come home to instead of going out to pay some piece of shit to rape some drugged up underage hooker.

@Ricotta I mean can't really say I disagree, there's a reason Islam is so successful - these kind of family bonds are way stronger than trying to wife up a western whore.

of course feminists think that I don't want women doing jobs. I think women make better therapists than men for instance. there are tons of jobs that good, faithful wives could be doing that are empowering.

@Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino The shit that Muslims are still doing today is how western society operated for a very long time. The current system is a complete anomaly in human history. Islamic attitudes on marriage were the norm across the civilized world for thousands and thousands of years.

Personally, the only jobs I want women doing are mother and homemaker. Those are the jobs that they evolved to do over hundreds of thousands of years. Not because of sexism or oppression, but as simple division of labor necessary to ensure the survival of the species.

@Ricotta Yeah that's a good point, I mean modern feminism is just an extension of Marxism anyways.

I actually disagree mother and homemaker are the only jobs women are capable in this type of society. we live for a hella long time now, way past child-bearing age. women could easily be nurses, therapists, early-age-teachers in your society.

@Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino
Therapists would be unnecessary, and I would include teacher as part of being a mother.

Historically, the responsibilities of a woman at home included far more skills and tasks than merely watching the kids, cleaning the house, and cooking dinner. She would teach the children, manufacture and repair clothes and many other tools and items essential for survival, and as the hunter-gatherers settled down to practice agriculture, help tend to the crops and the animals.

Furthermore, the modern nuclear family of a husband, a wife, and 2.5 kids is entirely unnatural. For almost the entirety of human history, the extended family was the norm with several generations all in the same house. This greatly eased the burden on mothers and allowed for far greater numbers of offspring, as now caring for the children and even domestic chores and cooking would be assisted by parents, grandparents, older children, and the wives of any brothers still living in the house. Nobody needed to plan for retirement, because they would be cared for by their children and grandchildren when they got too old to work or care for themselves, and in return they would help watch the kids and share their wisdom. Nobody had to arrange for babysitters or daycare for the same reason.

As a society we've completely lost our way. What was once normal is now disdained at best and reviled and criminalized at worst. Systems that have been in place since the dawn of man have been replaced with a system designed to destroy families and reduce birthrates and set men and women against each other.

@Ricotta I don't disagree with you but on two things:
1) we're not putting women working back into the box. they're good at some stuff, therapists definitely are needed still. nurses too. if you're proposing everyone homeschool their kids I wouldn't be opposed to it.
2) I am so not living with my parents forever. love em but hell no.

@Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino

@Ricotta @Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @georgia @kino You're not wrong that there are disadvantages to a Liberal society but you're also romanticizing the functionality of the system that we had in the Dark Ages. People are kind of shitty no matter what and there is no utopia. Better to live to your convictions the best you can in the real world than playing pretend social engineer on a scope that no individual actually understands.

@Dave420 @Ricotta @Moon @Orakel @amerika @georgia @kino Therapists are one of the biggest scam professions in existence lol. They're whores without any of the good aspects, you just talk about things that you could just as well talk to anyone else about and get better results for free.

@boob @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @georgia @kino
some people don't have anyone else they can trust.

sure in the perfect society they wouldn't be needed. but we're not there yet.

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @georgia @kino Some people don't have a girlfriend, that doesn't mean you go out and buy a whore once a week.

It's not that hard to find someone to talk to, people like being a confidant because it inflates their ego. The only way you can't find one is if you haven't looked or if complaining is literally all you do, to the point of toxicity. In which case you don't deserve it.

Whores are bad, don't indulge them!

@boob @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @georgia @kino
>It's not that hard to find someone to talk to, people like being a confidant because it inflates their ego

not every one is trustworthy with the information you tell them. finding people who are trustworthy, finding someone you can tell secrets to is easy - if you don't want them to be a secret anymore.

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @amerika @boob @georgia @kino
They will get back in the box eventually. It'll happen naturally after some major catastrophe. The natural order always restores itself when peaceful society is upturned. You probably saw the beginning of some of that during the lockdowns. Strong independent womyn were starting to seek out men and move in with them for pragmatic purposes. As millions of people get evicted, you'll start to see the extended family start to make a comeback as well.

Regardless of society at large, much of my philosophy can be implemented at the family level, especially several like-minded families all settle in the same place. It won't happen immediately, but it can be put in place over several generations.

Say, for example, that you and I both found wives and lived in the same area. Right now we're just a couple two person families. Eventually we both father children. As those children grow, we arrange betrothals between your daughter and my son. Ideally my son would be in his late 20s when he marries your teenage daughter, so that he's already established in his career and actually capable of supporting a family, and that she's impressionable and at or near peak fertility, but let's say they're roughly the same age. When the two wed as teens, your daughter moves into my house, and perhaps my daughter marries your son too, but either way our families are now strongly joined. The couples stay in our houses even as they begin producing their own children, as do our other sons and their wives. Eventually we'll have large families that can not only spread out the burden of labor among a lot of individuals in their own right, but our linked houses provide support for each other. When the two of us are old enough that we can no longer, or perhaps just don't feel like, continuing to work, we now have many adults who are contributing to our families to support us, and when we die our heirs will see that same benefit.

Eventually over a few generations the houses would get too crowded even if they were extravagantly large, so it would become necessary to establish branch families in their own houses, and the families would become clans. This is still common in most of the East Asian countries.

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @georgia @kino I can confirm to you with absolute certainty from experience and obviousness that confidentiality doesn't mean dick. Your therapist is blabbing about all your problems to their friends and family the second they punch the clock, and everyone is laughing about it. The only valid security measure is to zip your mouth.

@Dave420 @boob @Moon @Orakel @amerika @georgia @kino I mean you could probably buy an hour of a hooker's time and talk to her for a lot less than a shrink would charge.

@Dave420 @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @georgia @kino (Because I have therapist friends, I wouldn't be caught dead paying for a talk on account of having a penis.)

@boob @Moon @Orakel @Ricotta @amerika @georgia @kino
I mean neither would I but some people legit have nobody to talk to and have legit problems that they don't really have anyone to talk to about. Thank you for your input