Hey, I am going to tell you this is the truth:

Hitler killed 60000000 #Jews.

What? Do you want to say that I typed more one zero? Never mind, if I typed “lesser” and I live in Europe, they might put me into jail.

Okay, then:

Hitler killed 6 billion Jews. Hitler killed 0.1 billion Jews. Hitler killed 600 million Jews. Hitler killed 6 million Jews.

Many of you folks have no freedom of speech to openly discuss this is true or fake, right?

Now, who are the real fascists?

A modern cremator takes 90 minutes to finish the cremation of a human body… And I saw this on PBS.

By the early spring of 1943, four huge crematoria became fully operational at Auschwitz II (Birkenau). They housed eight gas chambers and forty-six ovens that could dispose of some 4,400 corpses per day.

Let me do the math: Burning time : 46 X 1440 mins(per day)

=66240 mins (per day)

66240/90(Morden cremator takes 90 minutes to finish the cremation of a human body)

Which is 736 bodies per day if they working 24 hours.

How could be 4400 bodies per day?

Now I have to tell you, those Nazis must have supernatural technology to dispose of bodies like comic books and video games. They get helps form demons from the parallel universe to help them done the cremation. This is the reason why they can use 46 ovens to dispose of 4400 bodies per day.

This is the only holy truth. How dare you deny it?


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@Snow are you seriously posting holocaust denial stuff here? 🙄


No, I think they use supernatural technology to did it.

For sure.

@Snow modern cremators could certainly cremate faster - their goal isn't usually speed, so of course they aren't optimized for that.

@Snow There were 23 main concentration camps. Auschwitz was just one. Also, they drove tanks spewing poison gas through Jewish cities.

@mewmew @Snow need Mythbusters to test this out.

@Moon @mewmew @Snow
with real Jews. Cause According to history, Jews do self-combust and they also burn with different colored flames. So that would be good for TV

@Snow The ovens were probably big enough to heap a lot of bodies into them at once. Efficiency!


This is a photo of the oven.


That means those Nazis have to dispose 5-6 dead bodies in one oven in 90 minutes once time to reach the number on PBS. And the oven without a chimney to let the air convection for burning faster.

So I think the ovens can open the portal through the parallel universe, therefore they can dispose 1 body per 1min.


I had the same idea before, but I am worrying about they will be "suicided".


@Snow @cy the truth is far simpler, they just built a time machine and dragged vanilla ice into the 40s to destroy every single jew they caught


Quote from here:

**How long does it take to cremate a body?
It’s natural to be curious about this. The cremation itself usually takes between one and a half and three hours. Cooling, collecting and preparing the ashes for the family usually takes another one or two hours. The ashes are then carefully placed in a temporary container for collection.**


But I am talking about the #Auschwitz II and the PBS content of 4400 dead bodies per day, maybe I will focus on other ones later.


Disagree, I think the effectiveness of that one character can not handle all of dead bodies even he working 24 hours per day.


@Snow There are little flues in the back. You can see one in this pic. The Topf ovens were forced-air, so they didn’t have to rely on heat to direct the exhaust. I’d guess they piped the exhaust to the main chimney behind the wall. Hard to say for sure what they did, since the Nazis blew everything the fuck up before cheesing out of there. It’s a mystery to me why the anti-Nazis wouldn’t have added that piping in the reconstruction.

@Snow @cy he's a vampire, that's one, and two his ability is to erase anything, all he really needs to do is fly around the place as he destroys the jews, hell, they could literally just toss live jews into him

@cy @Snow Also important to bear purposes in mind. The nazis weren't interested in any particularly fancy memorial process. They just wanted sanitary body disposal.

Also remember that the majority of the dead were substantially emaciated, thus reducing the time necessary.

Also remember that they had trouble keeping up with their own killing, and that there was a backlog.

So, while the original poster's arithmetic is OK, the logic behind the analysis is flawed.


I would like to see you place 5-6 dead bodies there once time.


@Koekepan @Snow From what I can read in accounts after the fact, they were told to pair emaciated people with fat people, so burning all that fat could consume multiple bodies. Efficiency!

Don’t ask me where they got fat people, though.

@Snow I don't think that is technically true.....

First of all, actually Hitler did not personally kill any Jews at least as far as I know. He just ordered to kill them.

Second I think that is legal to say in any European country. What is illegal to say, is that the Germans did not start the war, and that the concentrations camps didn't exist... also it is not even illegal to *say* that stuff, but only to publish it to an open audience.