jookia talks about electoral college

did you know that at US election time the votes are counted and some dudes (probably the illuminati but unconfirmed) go to a place and declare the votes on behalf of voters

except for some reason instead of just pooling votes together and declaring a winner they have a mini vote? and they can just vote whatever?

legend has it this is because ... it took a long time to travel? so votes don't matter then?

jookia talks about electoral college

@jookia our laws have already changed to say that states *can* require their electoral college votes to be what the state's actual citizens voted.

it's absurd. the original excuse for it was more to do with 'an uneducated voting populace' ... up to you if you think that's changed or not (lol)

re: jookia talks about electoral college
@purple @jookia this is a bad way at looking at history.

electors were supposed to be appointed by state legislatures.

nowadays, every elector is a party hack - of course the system is not working as intended.