This is the result of these people disagree the holy only fact that: **the ovens actually can open the portal through the parallel universe, therefore they can dispose 1 body per 1min. Thus, they can dispose 4400 bodies via 46 ovens per day. 5-6 dead bodies disposed in 90 mins.**

#freedomofspeech #fascism #auschwitz

@Snow do you seriously not understand that they could just... build larger ovens?


But I cannot find the history record of them build larger ovens.

@Snow that... you're literally disagreeing with the records and now you're saying you can't find the records? circular logic

@mewmew @Snow Didn't they dig big pits and fill with bodies and gasoline?


I didn't say I disagree with the records. I said I agree with it since supernatural technology.

Actually the problem I want to discuss is why some people have to go to jail for saying their own opinion.

They said #Nazis ruin all the evidence, right? Then where is the only holy true number? Why the government can be telling the only holy true number? And put people into jail if they said the "wrong" number?

The only record I found on Wikipedia claim the oven could place 2 dead bodies in maximum but without saying burning 2 dead bodies at the same time could slow down how many times of the disposition. I think we need some people from funeral industry for telling us this. It would be better if they were working at the funeral industry in the 1940s. I am quite sure the technology of burning dead bodies at that era should use more time to finish the burning.


@Snow why do you tag this shit with #freedomofspeech?

people don't go to jail for denying the holocaust - but it's really a dumb point of view. you really don't think an entire nation could figure out how to cremate a few thousand bodies a day? insane.

@mewmew @Snow you do tend to get banned and shunned just for saying "i would like to see the evidence for the holocaust, please."

@icedquinn @Snow 'cause it's a really dumb point of view. Ignore all the evidence and then say "well where is the evidence"

I'm not getting into another debate thread though.

@mewmew @Snow although an awful person might ask how could germany dispose of millions of bodies when the entirety of europe can't figure out how to burn a significantly smaller pile of covid corpses. blobcatthink

@mewmew well i wasn't 'ignoring' anything when i did that. i started from an empty table (well, the school propaganda of "believe this because we told yo uto") and asked for the actual records / trial papers and stuff.

@mewmew yes i'm aware it can be found. ended up concluding i don't believe the official numbers are anywhere near correct, but the reich certainly wanted to do it.

my point was that just asking alone is enough to get you banhammered in most places.

@mewmew @Snow they go to jail for it in Germany. Questioning the holocaust is illegal in quite a few European countries.

@Grandtheftautism @Snow I don't really have a problem with this. Though it isn't a policy I would employ myself.

It's understandable why they would want to ban spreading clear falsehoods.

@Grandtheftautism anyway muting this thread.

@Snow I hope you're smarter than this stuff. I don't generally ban people for having shitty takes but you really should use your brain more when considering these ideas.

@mewmew @Snow we should jail all the teachers who told me the Nazis made lampshades and soap out of dead Jews then

@mewmew @Snow wait, people all across europe absolutely do go to PRISON for years for denying the holocaust

you're sounding like a holocaust exaggerator >:|

@meowski @Snow I was referring to America and China where this person lives.

@mewmew @Snow they never used ovens. The entire oven thing was discredited during the Nuremberg trials. They used gas chambers.

@mewmew @Snow in china you go to prison for mentioning tiananmen square or winnie the pooh.

in america you go to jail for other things. i won't get into it but even here trust me there are things you can't say

@mewmew @Snow You do realize that many people in Europe have gone to jail for denying the holocaust, right?

@djsumdog @Snow see later post. was talking about America and China.

@icedquinn @mewmew Disposing of bodies is easy when, like the Nazis, you don't care about doing it in a manner that is respectful to the dead. Modern European states are understandably hesitant to burn bodies in pits en masse.

@mewmew @djsumdog

No. I was talking about Europe since the screenshot.

@Snow @mewmew Sorry I can’t help more. I read about there being designs for bigger ovens, but can’t find the designs. It would be wonderful if the whole thing was a made-up story, and humanity wasn’t really capable of such atrocities.


That's why I'm often looking for ways to back up my own accounts.



It's a joke. Seriously though you're better than a flat earther but not much better.

@Grandtheftautism @mewmew

@vivit @mewmew right, much more important to just let them sit there continuing to hold supposedly world ending pathogens.

@djsumdog @mewmew @Snow
>They used gas chambers.
For delousing clothing and bedding. Typhus was the primary killer of inmates.

@mewmew @Snow kinda sad that you're muting it. Holocaust denial isn't really my thing but there was definitely some questionable use of facts, figures, and propaganda going on well into the 1980s so I can see why some people are very passionate about the subject. It's not unreasonable to question some of the things we were all taught as facts, especially once you look into how shady the Nuremburg trials really were. Doesn't necessarily come from a place of anti-semitism although most people interpret it so.

I never questioned anything about the Holocaust until i found out the lampshades and the soap were a myth. I even remember news articles about people collecting the nazi soap and holding funerals for it when i was a kid. In truth, rather than being made from the rendered fat of Jewish victims, it was made without any fat at all due to wartime shortages. As for the lampshades, the story was that they would find a prisoner with a nice tattoo and kill them for their hide; or alternately, they would tattoo the prisoners with the patterns that they wanted on the lampshade and then kill them. To date, no lampshade or any other artifact made by the Nazis of human skin has ever been found; all suspected artifacts, once tested, have turned out to be goat skin, sheepskin, or some other type of animal hide.

Why would people insist that these stories of lampshades and soap, complete with vivid, gory details, were true, and tell such stories to children? Shouldn't the truth be horrible enough? IDK how long they wait nowadays, but i was shown film footage of bodies being pushed into mass graves when I was in 2nd grade, accompanied by the lampshade/soap story. Everybody believed it, nobody questioned it. Many people still believe it.

If it weren't for improvements in DNA testing in the 90s, people would still be insisting it was true and passing along stories about Jews having roses tattooed on their backs so that they'd make a pretty lampshade. And if they made up such a gross, disgusting lie and foisted it off on schoolchildren (giving many of them nightmares for weeks, i might add), what other huge lies might they have told an unsuspecting public in order to justify the brutality, the loss of life, of wealth, of entire cities turned to dust, of second and third generations still affected by the fallout from WWII?

If people question the Holocaust, it's the Allies' fault, for spreading falsehoods after WWII to justify their actions during the war. There's definitely a few things that don't hold up to scrutiny and certain numbers and "facts" that have been revised repeatedly over the years. And it's definitely a crime to question any part of it in Germany and a few other parts of Europe.

@icedquinn @mewmew If you think they're handling it poorly, that's fair enough. All I am saying is that the Nazis used certain methods for the destruction of bodies that are today considered ethically unconscionable, and that is why the Nazis could quickly dispose of that many bodies while modern European states cannot.


(Same with you, scared about the soap myth as a child)

I really want to discuss topic further, but I don't feel safe for discuss this topic anymore, I am going move to for a better discussing space.

(I saw the server of is in US...)


@Snow ok, i mean, i don't have much more material in that regard, but welcome to fse any time, the only rules are no spam and no CP


I moved to this instance therefore I can reply you here.

I think the reason they promote the soap myth to children is they want you to believe there is a nation in this world absolutely evil, you are born in a far better nation...

It's a kind of brainwashing from adult to kids: Although your nation/parent is not the great but there are absolutely far worse things outside, so just don't be picky for our behaviour.

I think this should consider as child abuse.

@mewmew @Snow

@Snow @Snow @mewmew that's a pretty decent explanation. A lot of morality tales are like that actually. Throw in a heaping spoonful of trying to justify why you would vaporize tons of innocent Japanese villagers in such a horrible way and raise their cities to the ground, and it explains a certain amount of exaggeration and propaganda too. And let's not forget Dresden, that was barbaric. Excuses needed to be made.

And yet, one still wonders WHAT ELSE they exaggerated/propagandized/lied about. The Russians know a whole lot more than they're saying, and they're not in any hurry to implicate themselves in some of the less civilized Allied actions.


By the way, child abuser love to use these kinds of myth the scare children and let them have no dare to interact with the real world whole life.

My story is a bit different with you.

I listened the story of about the 6000000 #Jews dead in #ww2 when I was a child, a question in my head is "how can they bury such a lot of dead bodies in a such short time?" But I cannot do my own research at that time.

Now, I have all the things I can do my own research and use the social media(which is fediverse) I can use to post it.

I always have a very different of viewpoint of #history with most people, that is if I listen a very ridiculous "historical" story, I won't 100% believe that version. Humans often demonize certain nations by those myths to let other people ignore the problems of their own nation, this is absolutely wrong.

If there are demons, it's human themselves.

@Snow @mewmew


Dig big pits is the way how people handle dead bodies in #massacre in #history usually.

But I cannot find any historical record to prove about there are any Auschwitz pits with human bones.

@mewmew @Snow