Rick Wilson and his butt buddies are starting a new Babylon Bee or something based on their posts:

@Jdogg247 their shit's scared, they never thought anybody would dare to fight back

@Jdogg247 Kyle would unironically be a better law enforcement option than anything Dem mayors are doing.

@Jdogg247 I'm guessing the Lincoln Project is some MAGA tards? It's not the worst, but it gets the message out that you need to use your right to bear arms and you won't even need police. 👍

@Jdogg247 I don't see anyone being robbed, murdered, or raped in the picture. I don't see any buildings on fire. I don't see any rioting or looting. Is this supposed to be a bad thing? It looks far better than the current state of the US.

@Jdogg247 Also Trump's policing would be a military force crushing any protesting, considering how often he threatens that. Not private individuals defending their communities of their own free will.

@rasterman @Jdogg247 They're Never Trump faggots who'd rather let everyone be disarmed and killed by Antifa than have a president who sometimes says mean things.

@Jdogg247 The Cuckshed Courier

@ArdanianRight @Jdogg247 You mean they are implying that cartoon is a bad scenario? It's leaving citizens to defend the town, so there isn't even need for police. What are they complaining about? Weren't they crying about police reform? Imagine the tax reductions if you just replace the police with Kyles.

@rasterman @Jdogg247 Yep. They're bitching about "muh vigilantes" while placing none of the blame on the Dem mayors who created this power vacuum.

@ArdanianRight @Jdogg247 I don't get it. More Kyles would literally eliminate fascists from the USA. Fascists, as the leftists like to call them, are a reaction to leftists. Add more vigilante, they kill all the paedophile rapist communist Jews, no more need to fascists. If this is not a win/win scenario, I don't know what is. shrug_kon

@rasterman @Jdogg247 It's a loss for Cuck faggot controlled opposition. They're on the same side as the pedo elites.

@Jdogg247 If anything good comes of year of the rat, it'll be normalized gun teens.