apparently viomi is back again for some reason

she claims that her instance will not federate with pleroma, which honestly makes me sad my main is on mastodon

@waifu the best season rerun again

@waifu brb moving to a pleroma instance

@pony every year, on the clock, the worst people the fediverse has ever had reappear on the timeline and it makes you wonder if anyone on this social network ever learned something

@6a62 mood

anyways I try to keep this a comfy account, so, only one more post about viomi, for those that weren't around or whatever...

viomi is known to manipulate screenshots and crop DMs to make people seem bad. if she doesn't like you, she will call you a fascist and your girlfriend a fascist and your instance admin a fascist and, really, just save yourself the headache and don't interact.

that her second ever post on her new instance is reviving drama from years ago (about pleroma issues that are long fixed) should be as good sign as any.

@waifu @pony I can't wait for the charafan reruns. He's always a riot.