@mewmew I remember you saying not to use OTP if someone wanted to run a Pleroma instance, but the Pleroma gitlab recommends it. Why shouldn't people use it?

@galena I know I'm gonna get some snarky Pleroma dev jumping into my menchies for this, but it's annoying to debug, annoying to configure, and annoying to assist people with.

Everything exists but it's in a different place. You can do it but like, why would you? Because you wanna save a minute on compiling?

@mewmew I dunno why or why not, I just want to try running a pleroma instance and I don't know shit about it. You say don't use OTP, they say use OTP, and I don't know what difference it makes.

@mewmew @galena everything is in a more appropriate place*
/etc and /var/lib are unix standards
do you also manually compile your text editor and set the config, runtime and data locations all to /my/place?

@toast @galena for software I host, I prefer all the stuff being in one place.

@galena do what you wanna blobcatshrug

Welcome to the wonderful world of linux!

@galena (recommendation: join #pleroma on freenode)

@mewmew @galena the issue isn't your preference though
the issue is you tell people that doing it otherwise (including the *standard method for the platform*) is something they should actively avoid doing.

@toast @galena it's just my recommendation. i'm not forcing anyone to do anything, just is just my experiences.

@mewmew @galena when I recommend something, I don't usually jump at people that say they're doing it otherwise and blobcatglare until they start following my recommendation (or tell me to go away)
which is something I recall you've done a few times

@toast @galena I don't? Or at least I don't remember doing so.

When people ask for my assistance, I try to help them, then realize they're using OTP - that's when I tell them that I don't use it.

@mewmew @galena I'll call you out on it next time I see it then, time to bookmark this post blobcat3c
best-case scenario, it doesn't happen again and I get to look silly ^^

@galena @mewmew build otp releases yourself and package them for your distro