Meanwhile on vox dot com

@thomasfuchs as someone living on an arguably authoritarian country, it is "boring" and "tolerable"

not that anyone in their right mind likes it. we just "tolerate" it

@thomasfuchs it’s weird that everyone at vox is both repugnant and stupid while so many people at the other vox site, sbnation, are good and smart even about politics

@thomasfuchs the headline is true though. When reading US comments it seems as they believe that the opposite of democracy is some kind of freedomless hellscape where people suffer daily from just existing in that society.

The fact is that quality of life seems to be orthogonal to the type of government

@thomasfuchs What the fuck


testing the water.

@thomasfuchs imagine having a tolerable life :D

@thomasfuchs actually advocating for tyranny. Christ.

@thomasfuchs what the fuck


"The fantasy of authoritarianism distracts Americans from the mundane ways in which the mechanisms of political competition and checks and balances can erode."