Okay, done testing. Schedule will now be every three hours.

@lightbot cc @PussySlayer, @djsumdog, you guys are both partially responsible for this idea.

@lightbot @PussySlayer @djsumdog Also @NGH posting the California hell photos. I guess ideas come from all over. And @georgia might be interested in this.

@NGH @PussySlayer @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot Also blitting it to /dev/fb2 on the little ODROID, which is collecting the data. It is like a little bonzai tree.
sensitive media

@p @PussySlayer @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot we manifested it thru psychic energy?

@NGH @PussySlayer @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot Well, you guys gave me the idea, so yes.

@p @lightbot @PussySlayer @djsumdog so do you read it top to bottom then left to right?

@lightbot cc @sjw cool thing @p made

@p @PussySlayer @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot praise the Father of Hell, Lucifer!

@e Yep. Sun rises on the east side of the image and sets on the west side of it.

@p @NGH @PussySlayer @georgia @lightbot What type of light sensor are you using? Is it just connected to the I2C bus?

@p @NGH @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot Ha Death Wish. I love that stuff.

@PussySlayer @p @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot how's it going? I heard there's lots of rioting and looting going on

@NGH @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot @p Not where I'm at. Things have been pretty quiet.

@PussySlayer @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot @p multiple countries entering a second lockdown phase. This will destroy whatever remains of the small business economy and usher in a new world order

@NGH @PussySlayer @georgia @lightbot @p and people are still cheering it. I go onto my city’s subreddit and people are still convinced it’s not safe enough yet. 😶

I don’t see how this is anything but mass hysteria at this point. Protect the old, everyone else should stop being fucking afraid of things they can’t control.

@NGH @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot @p Heh, Gab. Good times, man.

@PussySlayer @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot @p anyway we are now in the event horizon of the apocalypse. I'd suggest getting ready

@djsumdog @NGH @PussySlayer @georgia @lightbot Oh, no, nothing like that: I'm using "Node.js for EE", more commonly called "A free Arduino board". They allege that the sensor is a Broadcom APDS-9960. I have no idea how to get code onto the board without using their IDE.

@p @djsumdog @NGH @georgia @lightbot I hate node, And node hates me.

@PussySlayer @NGH @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot Zakk Wylde created the damn Odin blend, how do you not look at that coffee and go, "All right, *that* is some shit right there"?

@PussySlayer @NGH @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot Likewise. I just mean that Arduino is the electronics equivalent. To get code onto this board, I had to just swallow the fluoride pill and fire up their IDE and click "please turn this text into machine code and put it into this device's flash".

@p @NGH @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot Yeah I was trying to remember why I never got into Arduino, and Im pretty sure thats why.

Raspberry pi took over and I just stuck with that. Not that you cant do cool stuff with ardiuno but node...

Dont even get me started on npm.

@spaceman @NGH @PussySlayer @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot Yes, this is exactly the thing I was wondering about. I'd really prefer to just boot a minimal Forth environment on the thing and call it a day: when it boots up, it just gives the comfy Forth "ok " prompt, I send a program over the serial interface, the program runs until it gets a BREAK on the line, etc. Comfortable and easy to automate from any OS.

@p @spaceman @NGH @PussySlayer @djsumdog @lightbot forth is its own branch of programming language right. like there's lisp, apl, forth? something like that?

@PussySlayer @p @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot can you automate tranny porn spam with node? towards boomers of course

@PussySlayer @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot @p dont mess up with me, BoomerSlayer
Death Threat 6.png
Death Threat 6.png

@p @Johnny_of_the_swamp @PussySlayer @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot never forget what these demons took from you

@PussySlayer @NGH @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot Yeah, I feel the same way. So I think, like, Arduino:electronics::Node.js:software. It enables a lot of people that don't know what they're doing to build simple stuff inefficiently. So I hate Node, but here I am using Arduino because it was literally "mash together some chunks of demo code, click a button". I didn't have to read any pinouts or guess at why the chip doesn't act the way it's supposed to. (Did I wire it right? Did the datasheet lie about voltages or how long it takes to initialize the thing? Is this resistor bad?) Like, I could be doing this correctly, probably, but I did the electronics equivalent of downloading someone else's project and pasting things from StackOverflow until one of them worked, and that at least got it off my desk and measuring stuff.

@georgia @NGH @PussySlayer @djsumdog @lightbot @spaceman That's how I think of it, the main programming languages: C, Forth, Scheme, APL, and everything else is just bits and pieces of those.

@gopiandcode @p @PussySlayer @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot @spaceman it means one goes to poo in the damn loo

Classy, though AFAIK sml wasn't made by indians bro
@PussySlayer @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot @p @spaceman

@gopiandcode @NGH @PussySlayer @djsumdog @georgia @lightbot @spaceman

> what is sml?

A wart in my classification system, haha. I started with three, had to add APL, then the fifth is something like either ML or Prolog, I'm not sure. I'm inclined to make it Prolog, and then I could classify ML as part Prolog and part Scheme.


What about Smalltalk?

@lnxw37a2 Part C, part Scheme.

@p @kick @allison @djsumdog @georgia @gopiandcode >He doesn’t write every function as a macro and basically create his own language with macros to ensure job security

@lucky @p @allison @djsumdog @georgia @gopiandcode This didn't work for Bourne, I don't think it'll work for very many people. Surprisingly, offering other people money will magically make them willing to study any cruel and unusual code.

@lucky @allison @djsumdog @georgia @gopiandcode @p (The first IOCCC literally happened because some guys were really upset over having to fix a bug in Bourne's preprocessed dialect of C (called unlovingly by its enemies, Bournegol) for work and posted a rant on Usenet with a joke about having a contest to try and beat him at obfuscating C.)

@kick @djsumdog @georgia @gopiandcode

> You say C the language, but do you mean pre-ANSI C (which was how it was designed by the language authors) or ANSI C (which is the C in the book you recommended, and bad)?

I don't mean either; C the language, in the abstract. The Tao of C, the bundle of concepts. Think about the hero's journey as an abstract story (the C I'm talking about), then think about the old folk tale of Pinocchio (the concept of C in the minds of the people writing the standards, C half-reified), then a specific story, a telling of Pinocchio (a C standard), then the Disney movie "Pinocchio" (a compiler implementing C).

Like, what I'm thinking of with this five-branch thing is what you actually experience when thinking of C, if that makes any sense. When you are writing a C program, you reason in C, that's an abstract substrate for computation. The concepts you have in your head for reasoning about a C program, that's what I'm talking about, that's what I meant when I said C is a way to reason about the memory in a computer, it's the experience of C. You can't explain it without hopping down a level, making it a little less abstract, but if you write C, when someone says "function pointer", you will both be thinking of the same thing.

> Good luck with your mail server backup.

I'm eager to see how much of it actually *worked*. I'd only recently started shoving all my mail into venti, and lucky thing because the first thing that happened when I brought the server back up with everything empty was my offlineimap cron job deleted all the local copies of my email.